Going East

14 March 2010

Trying to cover the numerous districts of NYC is no mean feat, but I'm gradually starting to build up a mental map of the city and understand where places are in relation to each other.  I guess it's the slightly obsessive nature of my personality coming across; I like to know where I'm going and the fastest way to get there.  I still hadn't managed to explore the Lower East Side properly during the day, so I set aside some time to tackle the small streets with a friend.  Miraculously, I was early to meet her due to a speedy commute, so I had a little wander and what did I find?  A massive Steve Madden shoe sale.

You don't need a currency converter to work this out; it's a bargain!

 Could not get these to fit for love nor money....
Meet my new sandals...now it's time for a pedicure

The prices were extremely tempting and I set about trying to find my size in the cute white loafers pictured above.  Of course when I got to the section with 9's and 10's, I could only find a few dubious pairs of heels and some platform ankle boots, far from the low prices pictured.  I was almost about to give up hope (and get even more jealous of my small-footed friend), when I spotted some gladiator sandals in my size and popped them on.  Although I'd originally wanted them in black, they've definitely grown on me and were only $20 (as my friend also got a similar pair); a perfect price to start off my Spring/Summer shoe collection.

You may (or may not) be wondering what happened to Outfits Of the Week...unfortunately my room has nowhere to really balance a camera and I still haven't bought a tripod.  Promise to sort it soon.

After many months of internet stalking, I finally visited Pixie Market and was extremely tempted by an oversized sheer blouse

Luckily I didn't spend too long obsessing over shoes (unlike this occasion) as was able to wander around and enjoy the lovely weather, which I wasn't quite prepared for.  I've been told many things about the climate here (like how it can still snow in May) but it's nice to see the seasons finally change for myself and adjust my wardrobe accordingly.  I decided to wear the Forever 21 dress previously sought after here to brighten things up a little and two lightweight circle scarves (instead of my knitted version).  Hows the weather where you live?

Was very pleased to find a knitting shop on Avenue A...look at all the pretty colours!

I just love a random assortment of stuff

I'm still obsessed with external staircases, but also this building; reminds me of a box of colouring pencils

Remember that interview I told you about?  It's up now, listen if you want to hear me speak (I forget the voice I have of myself in my head is different to how it actually is) and see some crazy facial expressions.  Fast forward to 5.19 for the Kb action.  Have a good Sunday; It's Mother's Day back in England and I've sent a card, but it's not quite the same....

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  1. Wow, what a great shoe sale! Love the sandals...but I love the outfit you're wearing, pretty!!

    Just watched the youtube video too...I know what you sound like anyway but it's always a novelty to see bloggers on 'TV'!!

  2. Fab post and awesome new shoes !!

  3. Awesome shoes, and what a bargain! I'm loving seeing NY from your posts x

  4. Oh happy shopping! I've never seen a great knitting shop like this in London and absolutely envy your shoe sale. Loving your pics from NY!

  5. Those sandals are gorgeous. I wish i'd been at that sale! xxx

  6. Oh wow, great prices! I love love your NY photos. :)

  7. Love the shoes you got, gorgeous! And I too prefer the brown colours to black: so much more interesting!

  8. hello! i have just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you i think it's great! ive been browsing your archives and am loving seeing your adventures discovering new york (and am rather jealous too). i have added you to my favourites list on my own blog which is very new but reading yours has given me some inspiration for improving mine, so thankyou! you have a new dedicated reader here.

  9. I find it quite hard to buy shoes as well and considering I am quite young whenever I go in to a shoe place aimed at my age I either don't like the shoes or they don't fit me, I end up having to go into shops aimed for people in their 20's the shoes are much more stylish and they fit!

    From Dolly

  10. how cheap are they shoes, you have yourself a right bargain there.

    love that building!

  11. so jealous of all the bargains!

  12. oooh those seem the perfect sandals, more steve madden in the uk pleeeease!! and great responses on the video! looking forward to meeting you again in the future!