Stripes, Tights and Bare Legs? OOTW!

21 March 2010

After a month long hiatus, Outfits of The Week is back meaning that you get to see my face on a regular basis!  Within the time it took for me to locate a tripod, I moved out, the weather warmed up,  and I bought some new bits and bobs that are sure to make my luggage overweight when I eventually return.  I'm now waking up a whole 15 minutes earlier so that I don't end up being late for work due to my own narcissism; this is what I wore this week.

Cardigan - Mbym via Joy
Top - Pimkie
Shorts - Topshop
Spot Tights - Mary Quant
Socks - American Apparel
Necklace - Pema Boutique
Brogues - New Look

I'm starting to get into the knee high socks again, but preferring a longer, almost thigh high version.  This American Apparel style probably arrived at the wrong time, since they're rather thick but still a nice contrast over anything sheer. They also hid all the ladders my tights have suddenly sprouted....

Top - Splendid
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Primark
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklaces and Bracelet - Topshop

Normally I check the weather forecast before I get dressed, but neglected to on Thursday and chucked a leather jacket and two scarves over this outfit.  This was on a day where it was 22 degrees (Celsius, I still don't understand Farenheit) and we sat on the baking roof terrace for lunch; a sweltering lower half is not a good look.  Need to rethink summer hosiery options.

Leotard - Vintage via Ebay
Skirt - Vintage via Angels
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklaces - Forever 21

Friday saw me sort out a suitable outfit for work and the weather, as office rules mean that miniskirts and shorts with bare legs are a no-no.  I'm thinking I need to invest in some cropped trousers and  cycling shorts (to wear under mini dresses) to get around this regulation; does your workplace have hemline rules?  It was a good thing that I picked up the sandals here, as it was the perfect sunny day to test them out.

Cardigan - Vintage via Franny and Roey
Dress - Forever 21
Skirt (worn underneath) - H&M
Belt - Vintage via Angels
Necklace - This Charming Girl
Bracelet - Topshop
Shoes - Steve Madden

I never wrote about this vintage cable cardigan I bought while wandering around Williamsburg, but it was a $20 steal from Franny and Roey, a small yet perfectly formed vintage boutique.  I've posted some pictures of the store here, let me know if anything takes your fancy. My new Forever 21 dress also arrived, a $12 bargain; I find it easier to shop online as the stores stress me out too much and I can perhaps control myself more.

I keep getting Vogue issues mysteriously in the post.  I think it had something to do with my Steve Madden order a few months ago which had some kind of complimentary subscription that I wasn't sure if I took up.  Not complaining. 

I also order Forever 21 owl earrings (which come with a matching ring), to add to my quirky jewellery collection.

I was so eager to use this; I haven't even taken the tags off!

And finally, the tripod that makes it all possible.  No longer will I have to balance my camera on chairs, shoe/tissue boxes, CD racks and shelves; any camera will just screw onto the top, you can adjust the angle and away you go! 

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  1. I love the Monday outfit and the owls! Free Vogue...goldmine. Is Tina Fey on the American Vogue? Dammit! I miss American Vogue, especially if my hero's on the cover.

  2. I love all the stripes you've been wearing. I'm also loving the owls, i'm getting quite a big owl jewellery collection now x

  3. thats so cool about the vogues! i love steve madden! i definitely have to order something from there now! x

  4. love the cardigan in the first photo

  5. Oh! So many things I love about this post.

    I love the Friday outfit, that skirt is gorgeous! I am itching to go to the Angels sale one of these days.

    Also love those owl earrings and ring, so cute!

    Definitely feeling the tripod love, My dad's tripod now permanently lives in my room! Also, saving a bunch on those free Vogue mags. Get in!

  6. I really love Friday's outfit. That skirt is so cute :)

  7. The second photo is very nice...

  8. I need that owl jewellery in my life.

    LOVE wednesday's outfit x

  9. Oooh I wish that it was warm enough outside where I live to have bare legs!
    Love all your outfits :)
    And I am so jealous of that gorgeous tripod, it must make it so easy to do self style shoots!

  10. Friday's outfit is my fave! :)

  11. if your luggage is overweight then maybe i could help lighten your load... i LOVE your friday vintage skirt and would be more than willing to do you a favour and take it off your hands! ha ha!!!

  12. You look chic in tights <3

  13. Oh Kristabel...I miss you so much!! Seeing your outfit posts makes me think of the times we would hang out. We need to email, I will be in the US soon but not NY :(

  14. Your striped dress with cardigan is my favorite outfit, so glad to ssee the ootw back again!!!

  15. I love those angry owl earrings. Outrageously cool and cute.

    Your outfits are lovely and quirky as always, and I love the look of those ripped and distressed shorts in your first look.
    Love all the stripeage as well!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  16. Aren't tripods awesome? They're the best invention since indoor plumbing! Haha.

    Love your looks! Yay for spring :)

  17. love all of these - especially saturday's outfit - and those amazing sandals! you look so beautiful :)