Forever buying buttons...

15 April 2010

If you are a fashion intern in NYC, then you can bet your mother's Fendi bag that you'll be spending some time in one of the numerous 'trimmings' stores in the Garment District.  In London I got a small taste of the trimming world (cue the stories of slightly bemused visits to London Trimmings in Whitechapel), but New York has taken things to another scale. M&J Trimmings was one of the first places of this kind that I had to visit and although pricey at times, it remains my favourite due to its clean layout.  I used to be pretty overwhelmed in the beginning but now I know where to look and how to find what I need slightly faster (though I'm still rather indecisive), amongst the various other interns in the midst.  There's so much choice here and each aisle brings so many possibilities ripe for DIYs and customisations, so here are some of my favourite parts of the store.

Trimmings are all the 'extras' that make a garment special, think buttons, ribbons, fringing, lace, beads, sequins; the list goes on...

How about a pretty corsage to brighten up a plain cardigan?

Or new buttons to replace the ones that have mysteriously fallen off?  Some of these styles could also make decent earrings with the help of a glue gun.

Studs to toughen up some shoes?  I know it's been done to death, but you're bound to create some new studspiration with all the styles on offer here.

I can see this blogger creating something wonderful out of the cord featured on this wall.

Obsessed with shoulders and Balmania?  You definitely won't be disappointed with this wall...

I love the fact there are little trolleys for all your purchases...

You know I love lace; Rachel also has a post here, with far superior images

Of course, my internship is not just about buying buttons, but I visit this store so often that I've become quite blasé about finding so much incredible stuff under one roof.  I'm planning to pick up a few things for future creative projects or maybe to just decorate my room with as many free cuttings as I can carry.  There's also many similar and even more specialised shops in the Garment District, in which I shall continue my spree very soon; what would you create out of the trimmings you see here?

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  1. I think I may have a photo of the store window when I was in the city a few years ago. So cool!

  2. Thanks for linking to my photo post! : )
    I can't go in there with out spending like $50, easy. M&J never ceases to amaze me! Have you been to Tinsel Trading yet? It's a few blocks away, and is just as good. They focus more on vintage trims, and antique-looking things. You should check it out!

  3. OOh Perfecto. WHY WHY dont we have shops like this in Norway..

  4. Holy crap! This place looks like a DIY maven's dream.

  5. Ahh I love a bit of ribbons and buttons. I really wanted to start adding little fixtures to my bags and stuff after watching the last series of Gok Wan's Fashion Fix, but I'm still too scared to pick up a sewing kit after school textiles lessons!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  6. I am crazy about these buttons!!!

  7. OMG that looks like my idea of heaven. I would spend an absolute fortune in there, shove the stuff in a drawer and never do anything with those amazing buttons and embellishments! Did u customise anything?

  8. great post thanks for sharing x

  9. I love M&J! They are pricey, but always on my hit list! I love your quote, "If you are a fashion intern in NYC, then you can bet your mother's Fendi bag that you'll be spending some time in one of the numerous 'trimmings' stores in the Garment District. " haha!!! SO TRUE!

  10. Im so jealous of you being in New York for 6 months. What are you doing over there? Im planning on going over for 6 months or so once im done with uni :) Wow I could completely see my getting into all this! Trimming stores look amazing! But im no good at DIY fashion! Great read though!

  11. i seriously wish we have a place like MJ here in INdonesia !
    the place seems heaven for DIY-enthusiasts !

    hope you have had a nice weekend !!

  12. Oh my god! I would have soooo much fun here.. I must go to somewhere like this! Its bascially Topshop in a shop, just waiting to be made!

    Check out my giveaway!
    Love, Ruth xoxo

  13. this place looks like somewhere i could spend hours!
    my blog is having a giveaway if you're interested- great topshop and dvd prize!

  14. OH. MY....... This is amazing. I'm heading to NY in August and will definately be stopping by here. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I would make a military coat, some headbands, and a button vest! Looks like an amazing store I would get lost in and spend hours in.

  16. Oh my bloody god... my jaw dropped... I...must...go!!!

    We don't have anything like that in London, do we? I don't think I've been to London Trimmings in Whitechapel though, I usually go to Kleins or MaCulloch & Wallis.

  17. omg, why don't we have m&j in the UK??? this store is on my to do list when I hit NY.

  18. =O
    'Oh my!' sums it up quite well.
    How fabulous, I could get lost in there for hours.

    Florrie x