Little bit obsessed with lace... (OOTW)

5 April 2010

Lace can conjure up all kinds of scary images, namely curtains, doilies, weddings and underwear, yet there's something about this fabric that never fails to attract me.  Perhaps it's the fact that the result of such an ancient craft can be juxtaposed with modern styling to look feminine and pretty with a definite twist.  After all, it's a partially transparent fabric ripe for layering over solid colour, especially when in  the form of shirts, jackets and even trousers (but I wouldn't mind having a lace print on a loose t-shirt to create some kind of illusion).  It wasn't really a conscious decision to wear so much lace this week, but I guess I'm the kind of person that goes through obsessive phases with regards to clothing (I'm a great collector of things).  Have you found a love for lace this season?

Cardigan, necklaces - Topshop
Lace crop top - Vintage via Ebay
Blue tank - LF Stores
Leggings - Forever 21
Boots - Doc Martens

It rained 'cats and dogs' on Monday so donned my trusty Docs, as I haven't yet got round to buying some wellies/rainboots.  They've served me well so far, though I do wish I could've picked up another pair in this sale.

What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?  There was some lace worn but the photos just didn't make the cut...
Denim shirt, jewellery - Topshop
Stripe Tunic - Zara
Lace trimmed shorts - H&M
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Doc Martens

I was slightly nervous about the first lace shorts outing, but tested the waters by pairing them with a recent tights purchase and my much loved striped tunic. Seemed to get away with wearing this at work, though the look requires careful thought and planning.  Now two of my friends want to buy a pair....

Cardigan - Vintage via Beacons Closet
Tank, skirt, lace tights, jewellery - Topshop
Brogues - Office

My beloved lace tights have a hole in the side!  Luckily they aren't the kind to ladder, so can be repaired to preserve their longevity; the weather was slightly warmer on this day, so they were the perfect pair to wear.

Top - courtesy of Wildfox
Cardigan, socks - H&M
Necklace - Pema Boutique
Shorts, Bracelet - Topshop
Brogues - Office
Bag - Vintage via Milan

Unfortunately there was a distinct lack of lace on this day (though shoes like this could have changed that).   I wore this to the beach at Coney Island but seriously misjudged that the weather by the coast would be a lot cooler than Manhattan.  The OTK socks helped slightly but a jacket was definitely missed. 

Denim shirt, lace dress, bracelet, black tank- Topshop
Belt - Vintage via Amacord
Bag - Vintage via Milan
Boots - Steve Madden
Skull necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

The weather kept its promise and the bare legs were out again, with the trusty lace trimmed shorts just peeking through underneath the dress.  You might have guessed I am pretty obsessed with these shorts now and had to buy another pair, so that I don't have to wait between washes (the journey to the laundromat is always a traumatic one, with the amount of clothes I get through).  I might sound like a wannabe H&M employee, but their main benefit is versatility; you can make them the main feature of an outfit or just wear them for piece of mind under things. I'm sure I can come up with some new combinations soon...

Macy's is kitted out in flowers and butterflies at the moment and is looking amazing; I'm very tempted to buy some for myself to brighten up my room.  I also hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter Weekend!

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  1. i have these shorts too- for £3, who can say no? you're right they can be paired with so many things and make the perfect transition from the cold to warm weather, which is exactly what we all need right about now!

  2. i love lace. very versitile feminite and can add a real strength to what ever teamed with.!!!

    great posts!!

    please check out my new blog.

    its a work in progress.

    much love.


  3. you are rocking the lace, lady x

  4. The lace shorts look fab! I love how you managed to work them into your outfit so seamlessly!

    Also love those thigh high socks, amazing!!

  5. I love love love every single one of these outfits. I have a MASSIVE lace obsession at the moment too! My biggest trend obsession to date... I own way too much of it



  6. i love the white lace dress/denim combo. :) and oohhh, all of the flowers and butterflies are making me SWOON!

  7. I've always loved lace! It's so feminine. Cute outfits <3
    & the art gallery in my post was this small, two room gallery we just came across while walking. I believe it was on Broadway, between 21st and 22nd street. It's called Milavec Green and I'm pretty sure it just opened in March.. I will definitely be returning for future exhibits.

    xx, Melissa

  8. Uh oh. You're feeding my incessant search for a lace dress. Hahaha

  9. It all started with Prada's lace dresses... First I was 'What's this?!?' Now I love it. But it has to be good quality, nice fabric lace.

  10. Loving the different takes on lace, especially the shorts!

    tweet tweet tweet


  11. Love that yellow cardi you're wearing in your Friday outfit and you're rocking those thigh highs! I love em! I need to get a pair soon myself.

  12. fridays cardigan is abit excellent!

  13. Great outfits!

  14. where do you work that you can get away with these outfits?! that's what i wanna i can the lace too!