The London Look

1 April 2010

This post title will forever conjure up images of Kate Moss in the Rimmel adverts (where I heard her speak for the first time), but regional accents aside, you can't deny the creativity that comes out of London Fashion Week.  I was gutted to not be putting my press accreditation to good use this year (though Y-3 kind of eased the pain) so was delighted to receive an invite to The London Rooms press event at the swish Soho Grand hotel.  Perhaps running there after work, negotiating the subway and arriving somewhat dishevelled wasn't the best idea, but I made it there before the end.  Here's what I managed to take in after less than an hour...

A colourful, crafty explosion by Louise Gray; I love how each piece seems like it's been taken directly from Louise's wardrobe itself.

'Think outside the box' knits by James Long; apparently womenswear is in the pipeline, but I quite fancy these jumpers as they are.

'Erase all traces of the box' knits by Mark Fast; I believe some pieces were from his more affordable Faster collection and I hope I can stretch to some grid-like garments for some layering experimentation.

Love, love, love her illustrations

Bold lines and graphic prints by Holly Fulton, who I have a new found appreciation for after seeing her pop-art inspired designs.  Click onto her website and see the shoes she styled the lookbook with - perfection.

Skyscraper heels by Atalanta Weller; note the lovely view from the penthouse suite.  When can I move in, à la Chuck Bass? 

Twisted classics by Todd Lynn; there are no words to describe the leather jacket except that I would feel about $20,000,000 wearing it.  How can I make this happen?

Kaleidoscopic prints by Mary Katrantzou; sound waves and blown glass were used as the basis for the season's hyper-real prints.  I hope accessories are in the works soon as I'm dying for a silk scarf (or even tights) featuring one of her designs.

Signature angular structure by David Koma; nothing says power-dressing like stegosaurus-style spikes and multiple zips.  I need the above skirt in my life, somehow.

Patchwork delights by Michael Van Der Ham; I loved the way he used vintage elements  (such as the cute ditsy print) in his work while remaining current.  The quirks in his collection remind me slightly of Charles Anastase's thrown-together looks. 

Woven and wonderful details by KTZ; I want to be wearing crazy motorcycle jeans now!

An impromptu bit of modelling by Jean-Pierre Braganza; unfortunately he was just packing up when I got to his stand, but he kindly showed me a few of the pieces.  There's a gorgeous cutaway dress I've seen in the lookbook, that I must try and recreate come Wintertime. 

You'd never guess this place was round the corner from Canal St, where hawkers kept trying to sell me fake bags.  I want the real thing, dammit!

And finally, a view of the surroundings.  LFW from afar; done (as usual I'll put all the extra photos here for your perusal). Which designers will you be wishing overseas success?

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  1. ohhh myyy goddd! I LOVE EVERYTHING! ssriously, I'd wear every single thing in this post :)



  2. Love these, everything looks different when put into another environment. I didn't spot any of those KTZ woven bags at LFW...but I love that little denim woven clutch, yum!

  3. I am so crazy for everything here but I have an everlasting obsession with Louise Gray she is such a legend in the way she designs.

    From Dolly

  4. The sketches look gorgeous <3

  5. Kate Moss, emm I love her accent and these photos - just makes me fall in love with clothes all over again!

  6. You a re so very very lucky! These look familiar as I've seen some of these over at Susie's blog but I loved seeing them all over again :D

  7. Thanks for directing me to shopnastygal - love it!

    Some of these pieces are so fabulous and quirky - I love the outfit featured on the bedspread - I need that clutch!

    Btw, didn't Mossy speak in the Virgin outfit where she was on the phone wearing nothing but an oversized jumper? It disappoints me that she sounds like an 11 year old as opposed to a ravishing vixen.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  8. Wow, you are so lucky! I especially love the Kaleidoscopic prints and the angular work of David Koma. So great!

    Passport Smiles

  9. Awesome pictures, love those items!

  10. Amazing photos, thanks so much for sharing.
    Where do I start?? The Todd Lynn jacket, the Mark Fast pink and black dress, or the KTZ jeans. ALL PLEASE!

  11. Loving so many of those pieces I don't know what to comment on. Lucky girl ;)