The Jewellery Project, Part 1

29 May 2010

Have you ever felt extremely overwhelmed when walking into a shop, so much, that you had to pretty much leave 5 minutes later?  This is a true story, though this may have been due to the dire need to go back to work; this fleeting visit made me determined to make a return trip to Metalliferous as soon as I possibly could.  It was tricky due to it closing an hour before I finish work and not being open at the weekend, but I made use of a rare half day to get started on my jewellery making aspirations.  

A wall of inspiration shows the possibilities this shop could offer

A stone's throw away from Bryant Park, this store is like an Etsy lovers paradise; not only is there chain in every size or colour (including some fancy silver plated stuff) but gorgeous charms, antique watches and various knick knacks which in combination could make something really special.  My original inspiration were the pieces seen at Fenton Fallon or Subversive but after some careful consideration, the sky's really the limit.  I can see my luggage being seriously overweight due to some of these trinkets; London suggestions for when I return please?

I've been playing around with knotting some chains I picked out and will start to assemble it with the jump rings and clasps I bought.  Hopefully it doesn't all fall apart once it's made!

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  1. I am definitely going here next time I'm in town! And yes, I'll be buying a lot of unnecessary rubbish...

    and yeah, the photos are from my last day at sixth form (:

  2. I feel this way a lot actually when I go into stores. Unless I know specifically what I'm getting and where it is, I feel incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated and either leave with nothing or a whole bag of this I didn't really want or need. HA!

    Can't wait to see the final result!


  3. where is that shop it is amazing :O
    i love the chains too!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Man, i so want to go there. these little guitars would be perfect!


  5. Wow, I would go crazy in a store like that. I would be buying so many charms and chains, so lucky!

  6. I wish I can be as crafty as you... I really want to learn to make accessories. xoxo

  7. Such a great post! I have never found a store like this before but I would actually die if I went in there! So if someone lets you know an replacement store for when your back in London let me know! Hope your still enjoying New York? Up for the link exchange now? Ill add you now :)

    - Adele

  8. Hey I just found your blog and it's very interesting...besides "a London girl in New York city" you're so lucky they're two of my dream cities :)
    Follow you!

  9. wow this looks like the perfect shop! i used to spend hours in a similar one called La Droguerie in France, making necklaces that no one could find!!
    the guitars are fab!

    really nice blog!#

    margaux from Boro, stop by sometimes ;)

  10. Great post! That shop looks awesome.
    love the chains too!

  11. aw man, that shop looks amaziing! yay for diy jewellery x

  12. omg i wanna go to this place! i ant some mini envelopes!

  13. Oh wow, that shop is heaven! And love your necklace :)

  14. Yes I get that feeling :/

  15. I like where this is going! xx

  16. ♥cute blog ♥

  17. ohh, i totally get that feeling. i also hate when you go into a shop and love everything, so you end up leaving with nothing.

    this shop sounds amazing, though. and cheap! i just love the envelope and letter :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  18. Wow! It looks like there is so many cool stuff in there... quite overwhelming, right, but, oh, those little envelopes! Totally in love.