6 May 2010

I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that I had a ticket for Rodarte in Conversation with Valerie Steele at FIT on Tuesday night.  The bad news is that I had to stay at work and miss out on this fantastic oppurtunity.  Luckily a friend managed to film some of the interview and returned my camera complete with two mini-excerpts, though a bizarre twist of fate means that the file is too large and none of the smaller videos I've created will upload! Plus I have a flight to catch to  Jamaica in less than six hours and I'm still frantically sorting things out!  I was pleased enough with the film but my friend went to even more trouble and managed to get me an autograph and present it in such a lovely way! 

I arrive back in NY early on Tuesday morning, so normal, sporadic blogging will resume probably from Wednesday and I'll try and sort out the video for then.  I don't think I'll have internet access but I'll see if I can Twitter a bit.  See you next week!
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  1. What a shame you missed out but how lovely is your friend for framing it like that for you? Wow.

    Also, have fun in Jamaica!!!! Jealous! :)

  2. Oh how sad that you missed it.

    Enjoy Jamaica x

  3. oh! that's so sad... but must be happy you have a good friend!! can't wait to see your pics from jamaica!!! (and your beach outfits!)

  4. How great :)
    Adding you to my blog roll.
    - Adele


  5. have a fantastic time in barbados!

    ps you can have an audience with me anytime, im way better than rodarte (ish..not really)

  6. Aww too bad you missed the show. But that is a nice gift. What are ya doin in Jamaica?:)

  7. such a sham you couldnt go x

  8. this is so bad...but another great things will come ;)

  9. aah such a shame! but at least you got their autograph :) (wow!)