A Jewellery Update

25 June 2010

Long time no see/post!  With all the hectic happenings that a week brings, I somehow managed to finally finish my handmade necklace I wrote about previously.  There was some procrastinating, minor indecision and a lot of losing various the parts that I needed but I eventually decided to just try something simple and plait some random chains together.

30 degree heat = hair not so great

I'm pleased as punch with the result after trying something so simple and stayed true to form by layering it with my other necklaces.  Here's hoping it doesn't fall apart due to my questionable putting-together skills.

Another jewellery purchase was unfortunately not handmade, but still interesting nonetheless; a necklace/bracelet hybrid. I found it on one of the random jewellery stalls on Spring Street (near Broadway) and thought it was a unique, one of a kind thing, until I saw it on almost every other stall in the vicinity after purchase (slightly cheaper might I add).  Maybe you can find them in a city near you?  I'd never seen anything like it before, plus I liked the way it can morph and be twisted in numerous different ways.  At least I know where to go if I need to find another colour! 

Now here's another store model that needs to come to England (or perhaps it's already there, I'm really out of the loop with what's happening in my own country); the do-it-yourself jewellery store.  Brooklyn Charm is certainly prettily packaged and allows you to pick all of the elements of your own necklace or bracelet, from chain to charm and you can have as much or as little bling as you desire.  They can even put it together for you for a small fee and everything is easy to find.   

I will probably treat myself to a letter charm as Metalliferous has failed me on that front!

Does this count as a new hobby?  Certainly beats just putting 'shopping' on your CV/resume.  I intend to keep this up as I gain more and more inspiration and will stock up on some random bits just before I leave.  The above tray seems like a perfect start.

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  1. High five on the DIY necklace! And your hybrid find is spectacular ;)


  2. It looks cool! Great work ;)

  3. Hmm the bracelet/necklace you bought looks like a giant leech or work or something. Haha

  4. the first necklace is awesome<3

  5. Absolutely love this!!! Best DIY chain I've seen. I reckon it would totally could as a hobby, u should do a jewellery course! See u soon, when are u back??? xxx

  6. Amazing chains, darling!
    Love that necklace!


  7. love that necklace and your new background! hang on, is it new or am i just being unobservant? actually, don't answer that :'')
    yeah diy jewellery counts as a hobby. and how on earth does it work as a shop? sounds very interesting.
    x x x

  8. Love the handmade necklace, the finished look is pretty awesome! The sheer tee is fab too. Also...they used to sell the memory bracelet/necklaces in Oasis....but they are still pretty cool and fun to play with!

  9. The DIY necklace is gorgeous! I have one of those snake necklaces - I bought mine about five years ago in the Oasis sale but they've been around for literally ever! My mum used to have one in the 70s, apparently.