Goodbye London...

2 October 2010

ceiling near London Bridge

Fashion and Textile Musuem Flooring with stars, glitter, brogues

miu miu shop window new bond street london orange collar flowers

Vintage Yard in Bermondsey London

Acne Store on Dover Street
Some recent London images, taken in Bermondsey, New Bond Street and Dover St during extreme weather conditions.  I'll be popping back now and then for exhibitions and meet-ups.

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm off to Uni this weekend and may not have 'bloggable' internet access for a while.  I fully intend to abuse the free wi-fi somewhere so I can try and post a little and catch up on a few blogs but it won't be with the ease I'm used to, so bear with me.  I haven't even scheduled anything as I'm that disorganised and left a lot of non-blog related stuff until the last minute!  I blame fashion week...  Hopefully some time away from constant internet will allow me to spruce up my room and do some much needed final year work.  Is anyone else making the dreaded Uni trip with an overloaded car this weekend?  I hope my parents forgive me for the inevitable tyre damage...

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  1. Oh the mirrored mannequin is really beautiful. What shop window is that from?

    Also good luck with the trip back to uni tomorrow. I guess the weirdest feeling is when the parents drive away and you're left in your new room with lots of boxes to unpack! But final year of uni! Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

  2. Gorgeous pictures,
    I hope the trip back to uni goes well for you x

  3. good luck honey! Let me know wen you are next back in London again, it would be nice to see you :)


  4. ugh.... I love miu miu!

    also, the first pic is really lovely.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Good luck in Uni, and get back to blogging as soon as you get the internet! :)

  6. love the pictures! I'm back at uni now too! miss my summer already!


  7. Good luck with being back at uni, look forward to hearing from you again soon!

  8. we'll miss you! i've heard your blog mentioned a lot so it's good get the face to the name, hehe xx

  9. Have just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say - I love your little drawings on the header/background! Would love to see more.

    Also we must have crossed paths countless times at Fashion Week!

    Miss B xx

  10. love all your london snapshots. there are so many beautiful and magical little places to be seen around london. good luck at uni! hope you had a safe trip. xx

  11. Ahh I started Uni two weekends ago, could barerly fit all my stuff in the car! Good luck with your journey :) Beautiful shots of London btw

  12. The photos look amazing!And I love the shot of the starry, marble floor! And cute shoes btw! Good luck at uni!

  13. Such gorgeous pictures - im a sucker over london! Good luck at uni x

  14. Woohoo school time! Everyone seems to be going 'back to school' and I'm sitting home moping about having no job bahaha... luxury, I guess.

    I really love that first photo, and then having that mirrored mannequin just underneath it - great juxtapositioning!

    It was so lovely meeting you at LFW too, when you're down in London again you have to let me know ;)

  15. these are the types of pictures i want to take next time i travel :)

    follow me <3