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31 October 2010

Tabio Polka Dot Tights and European Diamond Style Crew Socks

Topshop dark red shrug, Primark lace dress, Office Loafers

Close up of Tabio Diamond Style Crew Socks
Shrug, vest (barely seen yet still vital), bracelet - Topshop
Lace dress, ring - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Spot Tights, socks - courtesy of Tabio
Loafers - Office
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Necklaces - random Brooklyn

Now I'm back to keeping things feet related (don't worry, no fetishes in sight) with a delightful surprise from Tabio.  I've been following their tweets about the new slideshow and an envy-inducing trip to Japan and recently received the e-mail of my dreams asking me to choose some of their fabulous tights and socks. How could I resist?

Assorted Tabio Socks and Tights

Tabio socks and tights
Some picks for the Christmas list, need to remind my Mum of this blog address...

I used to think of Tabio as being on the pricey side, though through logical realisation their offerings are pretty comparable to some of the House of Holland and Topshop styles I've bought already, making them a worthy future investment when looking to increase my stash.  I am in love with the quality and attention to detail as well as the unusual patterns and colourways pushing me out of my sock comfort zone.  I wasn't always an ankle sock fan but was slowly convinced after absorbing numerous street style and runway images.  Now I see them as a way to make tights even more exciting, whilst keeping the tootsies nice and toasty.  I can't wait to style up the other pairs!

Asos Suede Hiking Boots and Calzedonia Tartan Tights

Forever 21 Velvet leotard and Topshop Skirt
Velvet leotard - Forever 21
Skirt, bracelet - Topshop
Necklaces - random Brooklyn
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Asos

Me and the Asos clearance section seem to get on very well indeed.  Almost too well; I can spend many an evening searching from low to high, with the knowledge that eventually everything I love manages to go in the sale. I love online sale shopping; there is none of that rummaging on the floor, struggling to find your size before realising that the perfect cream blouse is actually covered in someone else's fake tan (online sales present the illusion that the clothes are brand spanking new and not tried on by thousands).  Precisely ten weeks after these boots were first spotted at the budget breaking price of £110, they had since plummeted to a far more reasonable £36 (with the magic NUS number) and were swiftly added to the virtual basket before doubt set in.  First of all they were suede, so could be ruined easily by the elements.  The colour scheme was unusual and could limit their styling possibilities, plus they seemed like a day shoe and I rarely wear heels during the day.  So far, so confused.  After some frantic tweets (and the anxious wait because they went completely out of stock, only for one size 41 to emerge) I ordered them. Once they'd arrived, I started to pair them with various different patterns; I think the fact that they don't necessarily 'go' makes them work and quite versatile with neutrals and other shades.  They are fairly comfortable (given I'm not the best at lasting multiple hours in heels) and secure, so hopefully the elements will spare me and keep them in good nick.

Asos Suede Hiking Boots close-up

Do you have happy feet this Autumn?  Which shoes, tights and socks have you bought recently?

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  1. My feet are very happy right now, although tabio have converted me in to a sock addict as well as tights!

  2. this is all just so cosy but chic looking! x

  3. I just ordered two pairs of shoes from the Bertie sale and am definitely considering investing in some Tabio so I am feeling the happy feet this autumn! I get really cold feet in winter (bad circulation) so I really need Tabio sockd for health reasons....!

  4. oh tights how i love thee :)

  5. Gorgeous boots - what a great bargain. I recently bought some Clarks Originals boots with a similar wedge heel. They're sooooo comfy - I love them. xx

  6. I could never pull off socks and tights, but you make it look amazing!
    I love those wedges!

  7. I love all the socks and tights!


  8. pretty sure i need to go buy lots more socks and tights now. loving your plaid ones - were they crazy expensive??


  9. Yay, you bought them! So worth it, no?
    Really loving the printed ankle socks with the loafers <3

  10. Loved the berry cardigan and the sweater you made in the previous post was INCREDIBLE! Seriously; if I saw them in a rack somewhere; I would make a dive for it! The color; the design and the length is just perfect! You're incredibly talented Kristal!

  11. Longgg......... skinny.......... legs......... tights....... it's awesome

  12. thank you! it opens on the 12th! i'd love to meet some of you bloggers!! i'm really jealous of the tights and socks, i'm deffo paying the website a visit. i didn't know asos did an nus discount (shows how long i haven't logged onto their site) but i don't even have an nus card :(

  13. ee love the Tabio stuff! That dress is amazing I love it!
    thanks for following on twitter too! i thought i was already following your blog but well i am now! xx

  14. Thank you very much for dropping by my blog! You have such a cool blog!

    Love this post! I'm a great fan of Tabio. Their socks and tights are a bit too pricey even in Japan too, but I love and trust their quality and buy most of my hosiery from them.


  15. Gosh I am going crazy for your outfit, it looked like it was all velvelt on velvet at first! Also you lucky girl with the Tabio gifts!

    Really loving this space for your outfit pics too, we bloggers love a good blank wall!!

  16. I commented on this post already but who says I can't do it again, right


    but I have nothing to say



  17. loving the layered jewlerry :)
    great blog!

  18. i am loving all the tights and socks!! i cant help buying them at this time of year!! its like an addiction. ps i absolutely LOVE your knitted jumper in the post below! so cool! i want one!! :) lol x