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29 October 2010

Machine Knitted Jumper

Knit Close up

Knit sleeve close up

Machine Knitted Jumper

Now I'm back to my regular student guise, I've been trying to absorb all things knit. There's no shortage of designers specialising in knitwear at the moment or dipping their toe into the tangled waters with the odd knitted piece and it's great to see (or in my case study at length much to the dismay of non-knitters).  However as a student, it's no use trying to replicate what has gone before  or compare your work to others and that's the challenge I'm finding when trying to create my own designs during my final year.  We were set a four week project to create a garment and to be honest, I was confused and slightly distracted  for the first two (I blame the internet), but luckily things gradually started to fall into place.

Bambu Sculpture at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art

Jackson Pollock One Number 31 at the Moma close up
Gotta love a bit of Jackson Pollock, especially close up where you can really see the layers of paint

I decided to create the theme 'Chaos' (some might say this represents my personality) and look back at some of my New York photos to single out inspiration.  I really loved the Big BambĂș sculpture at the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and tried to translate it's complexity into my design. 

Brother Chunky Domestic Knitting Machine

This is one of the machines that makes it all happen (and ruins my nails).  People tend to associate knitting with those pointy needles and balls of wool but most garments  tend to be produced by industrial machines rather than a factory full of grannies (though the latter is also possible).  The machine pictured is a domestic knitting machine, which is temperamental at times, but probably my favourite way of working due to the ease of manipulation.  Basically, if I disappear from the blogging world for a while, this is where I'm most likely to be!

Is anyone else on a creative course or a knitting fan?  Would love to know how you keep yourself motivated and inspired!

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  1. That jumper is amazing - I'm so so impressed and massively jealous!

  2. I love it! It looks really good. I wish I had taken up knitting as an elective when I had the chance.
    strut mode

  3. omg i love it!!!
    it makes me want to take up knitting but i really am too lazy!
    but seriously this is impressive :)

  4. woah this is amazing!! your so talented! xx

  5. so can i order my very own "kb knit" now? or do i wait till you put em in an online store??


  6. i seriously wanna learn how to use a machine like that.
    wow your knit jumper is way cool. seriously. the sleeve detail is so cool.

  7. You seriously need to start selling your stuff. I want to buy that sweater you have on. I'm happy I stumbled on your blog. Visit mine when you have time. And set up a web shop soon!


  8. Oh wow that jumper is amazing seriously impressed, and such a lovely colour x

  9. I like that there's both order and mess in your jumper design; the deliberate pattern and the random threads. It's reflective of how chaos generally comes to be; more the decay and destruction of different things together than pure randomness. If you know what I mean?!

    I crochet a fair bit as a hobby, it's generally something I have on the go and can pick up when I want to be idle but occupied for a while. :)

  10. gorgeous!
    your very talented & I'm incredibly jealous :p

  11. I hope that, if you ever have a day where you doubt yourself, you'll look back at the comments people have made here and feel better.

    You are obviously quite talented! I looooove the sweater -- the intricacy of a chaotic mess that somehow, still comes together to make a garment. Wonderful!

  12. O wow you make things too!! I wish I could knit! But the 'granny' way for something to do on trains and stuff!

  13. wow you made that beauty?!?! you are so talented it's gorgeous!

  14. Kristabel...that jumper is AMAZING!! Seriously, cannot describe how awesome I think that is. You must have got so many compliments!

  15. wow i love it its awesome! looks so comfy, u have great style
    come follow xo

  16. Hey i am myself a knitwear design student. And even we have a project coming up where we have to make a ensemble using the manual flat knitting machine. I love your work and i feel motivated now! I was just wondering what stitched did you use for the criss-cross pattern on the sleeve. I love that textures!