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18 October 2010

London Fashion Week Press Room Wall Photos

Currently I'm snowed under with Uni work, but lets cast our minds back to the more carefree time of mid-September.  One of the things I miss most about London Fashion Week is the amount of bloggers in the midst.  It's hard to get us all together sometimes, what with education, employment and location playing havoc with any meet-up plans, but most can make a bit of time for a slice of London Fashion Week.  Our conversations mainly take place online so when we meet up, the awkward 'getting-to-know-you' phase is made redundant, as random subjects like stalker neighbours and tights collections have already been discussed on Twitter.  Even the bloggers I hadn't 'met' before and previously just read, seemed delightful in real life and I truly feel you can tell a lot about a person from their blog and whether you could actually hold a conversation with them.  Here's a trip down memory lane with some previously unpublished photos documenting some excellent style as well as personalities.

Jen from Styleeast at London Fashion Week

I need me some high waisted skinnies; I've always been rather scared of them but Jen's relaxed styling with the loosely tucked in shirt has convinced me.

Geneva from A Pair and a Spare at London Fashion Week

Geneva sported some excellent vivid red trousers and is a thrift and DIY fanatic (I love the tutorials on her blog). I snapped her whilst she was also being snapped by Vanessa Jackman!

Shini from Park and Cube at London Fashion Week

We watched Shini consume her first scone ever in the press room, what an honour!  However there is no photographic evidence of this fact so you'll just have to trust me.  I passed on this skirt at the yard sale as I was bewildered by it.  Silly me.

MJ from Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres at London Fashion Week

I loved how simply yet chic this outfit was on MJ, with a nod to Autumn's key trends of knotted belts, ankle boots and vintage satchels.  It's a shame that bare leg weather is but a distant memory at the moment (unless I can end up in Jamaica again), but I can't wait to sport a variation of this look with colourful tights (of which I have a plenty) and a mannish coat (of which I have none...grrr).

Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary
Jazmine always looks great and it's no wonder she was snapped by Italian Vogue in this outfit; I love the ease of the knotted tee over the maxi.

Fiona from Save our Shoes at London Fashion Week

I just love Fi in general.

Winnie from Diamond Canopy at London Fashion Week

The way I've taken this photo makes Winnie's tights look slightly ombre (Topshop please sort it out), though despite the imaginary effect, the wine colour suits my mood perfectly at the moment.

Yishyene at London Fashion Week

It's hard to pull of various patterns at once, but Yishyene pulls it off with aplomb combining a D&G style knit, leopard print skirt and some fabulous booties.

Reena from Fashion Daydreams at London Fashion Week

I touched on this earlier, but you'll never meet a more photo-obsessed bunch, of people with the perfect location for outfit and destination photos always in the back of our minds.  What I found even more interesting was taking photos of people taking photos or having their photos taken (same thing really), for a behind the scenes sort of shot.  In fact I was snapping Reena, when a random guy approached us and wanted to snap her too, so I decided to document how the situation unfolded.  Interesting fact: I've now known her for just over a year which is quite a milestone!  Here's a few more candid snaps of random Fashion Week moments.

Winnie and Jazmine admiring Felicity Brown's dresses
Winnie and Jazmine admiring the pretty dresses of Felicity Brown

Somerset House

Gem Fatale among others
Jazmine, MJ and Saskia taking a picture of Gem sorting her shoe out

Random trees at On/Off

Shini being snapped by Jil of Street Style London
Jill taking a picture of Shini in an awesome Masha Ma coat

Adele from Moltocuriosa at London Fashion Week
Adele taking a picture of Reena; she's currently in Italy as part of an Erasmus year, but hopefully we'll cross paths again and she can help me translate Italian Vogue!

Black patent and tan brogues

I'm extremely glad that I could to meet so many friendly people in such a random way; bring on February!

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  1. That group shot of us all near Jen with her messing with her shoe is hilarious! Dear me... well it was lovely to meet you there!

  2. that is a lot of people! quite weird that everyone knows everyone before they have properly met

  3. It's really great and slightly surreal to meet other bloggers! Love that shot of Gem being 'papped' haha! xx

  4. Oooh great post Kristabel! Very sneaky one of me and Jazmine checking out the Felicity Brown dresses! I think I've almost known you for a year too! Wow!

  5. i wanna meet more bloggers! i love seeing what other bloggers wear and where they draw inspiration from


  6. I love LFW street style photographing around Somerset House almost as much as I love your blog design. x

  7. This is such a fun post; there's something... About snapping picture of someone; taking a picture; lol! Does that make any sense?!

    Anyway; all of you look amazing! And I totally agree with you that you can almost tell; what kind of person someone is; based on the way they write!

  8. amazing pictures, great blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  9. ahh, i adore the last shot of our brogues, hehe! goodness i look rather miserable in the first picture of me, i must learn to smile more! i absolutely love what geneva was wearing, i can't believe she hardly puts any style shots on her blog, she's beautiful.

    hopefully i'll see you again soon! i won't be at lfw in feburary, such a shame! :(

    jazmine. xx

  10. i wish i could've gone! such a load of stylish people in one place would've been so much fun. next year...?


  11. Gorgeous pics of loads of my fave bloggers. Hope to meet you at LFW in Feb! xx

  12. This is a great post! Really interesting, and I love the photos :) now following! xx

  13. So many faces I recognise! Great pictures, great outfits :)


  14. I love seeing what inspire others bloggers - id love to go to a meet up! Love these outfits too. Cant even pick a fave - glorious!


  15. Great pictures! Love all the outfits. Wish I'd gone to London Fashion Week! x

  16. I loved the second outfit and always The outfit of the third picture;)

    <3 i love my k'bell too!

  18. Love these! I love blogger meets in general. I've met so many seriously lovely people from them - you included, of course!


  19. Wow Geneva's trousers are incredible... we want a pair!

  20. I find photo's of other people taking photo's really interesting and totally have to agree with the person above... those trousers are amazing!

  21. I love this post! So many great fashionistas and inspiring styles! Gorgeous photos and faboulous article to read!

    Ra xo

    If You have some couple minits, please come visit my blog and drop me a line, if you like it, please follow me! I would so appreciate it!


  22. "i love Fi in general"...quote of the week! Lovely trip down memory lane of all the wonderful things and people at LFW x

  23. love how these shoes are displayed! Such treasures x