Shoes, Glorious, Shoes!

23 October 2010

Selfridges Shoe Galleries

It took me a long time to become excited about shoes, which probably stems back to many an anxious Clarks visit as a child, where my feet would seemingly grow longer and wider between each visit, meaning the pretty 'Girls' section was often out of bounds.  If the The Shoe Galleries at Selfridges had existed then, the feeling of dread would have been replaced with wonder.  Normally I'm prone to admiring shoes online, but this emporium is like Asos, Yoox and Net a Porter combined, with several rooms housing housing Chanel, Opening Cermony, Office, Rick Owens and as well as far more obscure brands (and even those darned Uggs).

Tory Burch Shoes

Viktor & Rolf Shoes

Office Tapestry Heels

Nicolas Kirkwood for Rodarte
Shoes pictured, Tory Burch, Viktor and Rolf, Office, Rodarte x Nicolas Kirkwood

I guess that my current shoe relationship status is 'The Ugly Shoe', the antithesis of  the coquettish narrow heel, serving to make my feet as alien as possible.  The perfect example are my Alexa wedges, boosting my average height by five whole inches as well as making me feel somewhat badass (at least for an hour or so).  If I had unlimited funds to update my collection, I'd definitely go for the Viktor and Rolf tyre-like creations above, though a more likely pairing are these Office desert boots.  What's your current shoe obsession?  Are you devouring desert boots, wishing for wedges or flat happy?  I think I might just be all three.

Grey Christian Louboutin Heels

Shoe Last Sculpture

Repetto Flats

Opening Ceremoney Shoes at Selfridges

More Louboutins

This is far from your typical shoe department, with several rooms full of character for the High Street, mid-range and designer product.  Although I would have to go without food for several years to buy most of what was on offer, it's worth coming to observe the conceptual styles in these accessible surroundings, as opposed to a snooty boutique elsewhere.    Have you visited the Shoe Galleries yet?  Maybe next time I'll try some on, as opposed to salivating! 

Selfridges Shoe Galleries Photobooth

Couldn't help indulging in a few photobooth pictures of my new shoe friends and I (it was the flattering lighting that sold me), before I got all teary-eyed and had to leave them on the shelf.  Before asking my Mum for Selfridges vouchers for all future Christmases and birthdays, I dragged her and my little sister in for a quick picture as a cute memento.  Although my sis at nine years old is the same age as Willow Smith, she's previously shown zero interest in fashion (or music for that matter), but my heart was warmed when I saw she'd chosen some patterned Marc Jacobs pumps for the photo.  Is this the start of my sibling's shoe obsession?

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  1. i need to go... no wait... i NEED to go.. so i can try on those rodarte x nicholas kirkwood shoes - i want them! (not sure when you'd ever wear them though)

  2. I haven't been to check it out yet, so excited for when I get a chance to though next time I'm in London!

  3. So you are back in London. I will have to hit you up for a visit the next time I'm in your neck of the woods. Gotta love Nicholas Kirkwood.

  4. Ugh this has made me sad. I immediately went 'those are niiice" and then realised they were Opening Ceremony shoes...waaa.

  5. I definitely feel you childhood shoe pain - I had the same problem as a kid - the pretty girls shoes I wanted so much never fitted right so I was always stuck with the ugly clompy shoes :( Your pictures here definitely make me change my minds though - they really show off the shoes fantastically, and the photobooth looks so much fun!

  6. i was so excited about this! great shots here :) i can't wait to go have a look for myself xxt

  7. you can really never have oo many shoes! these look amazing! and hold the phone you lined in NY for 6 months how come and what did you do? Ive been 3 times its where my heart belongs !! xx

  8. This is super duper awesome, did you go to an event or just pop down in general?

    Thanks for saying nice things on my blog too, I'm trying to shake off my rut as we speak...

  9. Oh, I used to dread those shoe fitting sessions as well - that weird machine you had to stand on, yikes! xx

  10. Oh my, those tapestry wedges! I need them in my life.

  11. Gorgeous shoes <3 It's even fun just to look

  12. wow i want them all thanks for sharing xxxx

  13. ohh myy goodness. i love the oxfords that look like a couch. what a miracle.


  14. My god i need those taoestry wedges!!

  15. ohmygod this place is a wonderland!!

  16. I do not want to visit this place. I will quite possibly spend my entire life savings here...steering well clear! x