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5 November 2010

The Bullring Birmingham

Vintage Camera Necklace seen at the Bullring

The Show at the Bullring

As a self-confessed Londonite, I must admit my knowledge of the rest of the country isn't as great as it could be (I once thought Exeter was up North, safe to say I stand corrected now).  Perhaps I am missing out on some hidden gems in the way of flea markets, charity shops and quirky boutiques due to my inability to leave London (and Nottingham come to think of it).  My limited knowledge of Birmingham comes from Winnie and Selina and I'd always been meaning to pay a visit to Britain's third largest city to rectify the situation.  Luckily my wish came true when I was invited by Emma to observe The Show at the Bullring, showcasing the high-street trends as part of Style Birmingham Live (like a regional version of Fashion's Night Out).  Intrigued, I hopped onto a train and met Winnie at Moor Street for a day of shopping fun.

Faux fur jacket and white lace dress

Irregular Choice Heels

Tartan Cape and High wasited camel shorts

Little black dress and cape

I've never actually managed to see a fashion show in a shopping centre before but I'm pretty sure this would be up there with the best, due to the styling and concepts involved.  It was a drastic change from London Fashion Week, but great to see pieces that I could feasibly buy at that moment in time from the good old British High Street.  My favourite look was the cosy cape and high-waisted shorts combo, slightly Topshop Unique in the way it was put together, but on a smaller budget, all practically from Zara.  I am also really wanting a faux fur jacket this season, albeit not in such a pristine white.  Very jealous of Gem's thrifted find!

Forever 21 Birmingham Bullring

We also saw the location of the first UK Forever 21 store, which sources say now looks far more ready than this and will hopefully be opening in a matter of weeks which is actually opening on November 12th!  Who's planning to pay a visit?  Be prepared for what it will do to your wardrobe...

Vintage Handbags in the Custard Factory

Bead Shop sign

Vintage Knitwear at Cow

Next was a visit to The Custard Factory, a sort of creative complex for entrepreneurs situated in the outskirts of the city centre. I didn't visit on one of it's busiest days, but could tell this is the perfect haven for vintage shops, small boutiques and design studios with tremendous potential.  The Chaos sculpture below also had a hand in informing my recent design project, and I can imagine the space becoming a hive of inspiration in the future.

Chaos Sculpture


Birmingham Architecture

Zellig Birmingham Custard Factory


Ever being the optimist, I was extremely drawn to the industrial feel of the city (The Custard Factory used to be where Bird's custard was originally produced) and the history within the dilapidated factories and warehouses.  I can't wait for my next visit to explore this area a bit more, especially when the flea markets are on and there's a bit more of a buzz.  Have you ever been to Birmingham?  Here's to seeing more of the UK!

Bento Box
This photo is Winnie's and her posts are here and here

The day was topped off with some yummy bento in one of Winnie's favourite Japanese restaurants,  which I definitely need to visit again.  I love how the food is so neat and organised and gives you a chance to taste various elements of the cuisine.  Have you ever tried it before?

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  1. Ahh this seems so long ago now! I should deffo take you to another sushi place next time...since it's all you can eat sushi for £10. Really good as well...none of that machine made melarky you get at yo sushi!

    I love your photos from around the custard factory, especially the one of the zellig door! I feel all inspired to wander round there with my new instant camera and get some fun shots!

  2. I've been to Birmingham many a time - I'm not a Londoner and I think all the London centric fashion blogs tend to forget the rest of the UK exist from time to time! Although I'm now living dahn Saaarrth and I know nothing about the Geography here (or like it very much). The Bullring is great, I miss being close to it.
    I've visited most of the major cities in the UK - I like to travel around!

  3. I haven't been to Birmingham for a shamefully long time considering I have family there and it's hardly that far from me!

  4. I've been to Birmingham twice, but I've never seen the city! The first time I went was when I was about seven. I love love loved cats (still do, really) so my Mum took me to this national cat show thing and I got to look at all the pretty kitties for a day! Simple pleasures...

    The second time I went for a friend's 18th in August, so the only parts I saw of the city were the route from the station to his house and then apparently some of the outskirts of the city, near the uni, but I don't remember!

    It strikes me as a really interesting city - I really wanted to apply to uni there because of the city but sadly the course I wanted was no good there! I might make a special trip soon. You've inspired me!


  5. Yay, as an almost-Brummie I'm pleased you really liked your visit. There's definitely something special about Birmingham, and the shopping is amazing. Can't wait to visit the new Forever 21 when I get back for Christmas!

  6. Being a greedy girl, I would travel beyond these walls of London JUST for the sushi.

    It's making my tummy rumble... ;0)

    Sarah x

  7. Hello Mrs! Was most wonderful to chat with you last night and do a little boogie!
    What lovely little places you've captured here.. I haven't been able to explore Brum really but if it has these cool little areas It looks like I should!
    Food looks deliiiish at the end there too :)

  8. I wish I could reach through my computer screen and into that photo to pull out that beautiful bag next to the shoes... le sigh


  9. i love the bull ring! and bento looks good, what is it exactly? xx

  10. Waheey! My neck of the woods!
    Looks like you had a fab day :)

  11. I love that camera necklace! I really hope there is going to be a Forever 21 store opening nearer south soon!

  12. mmmm, that bento looks lovely! I am so guilty of being completely London centric, I love it when blogs show me what's gonig on in the rest of the UK!

  13. lovely photos!

  14. I want to go to the shop with the bags!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea