Midi vs Maxi vs Mini

16 November 2010

H&M Striped boxy top draped skirt red tights Doc Martens

H&M Striped boxy top draped skirt red tights Doc Martens

The Scarlet Room Draped skirt Red Uniqlo Tights
Don't ask me what I'm doing in the second photo, the joys of posing in front of a tripod...

Top - H&M
Tights - Uniqlo
Boots - Doc Martens
Jewellery - Brooklyn, Gogo Philip, DIY, Topshop

Another attempt at trying to inject a bit more colour into my life through the medium of hosiery.  It's tricky as I'm always buying things in black, white and grey (practical colours) and then wondering why everything I have is so dull.  Even most of my tights are sheer black, which is all well and good but I do love a bit of colour!  On a recent visit back home I found a long-lost mustard pairs which I'm determined to start wearing again, but I want something a bit crazier, maybe like this?  Another addition for the Christmas list methinks.  Do you tend to veer towards neutral colours subconsciously? 

Vero Moda Leather Lola Jacket Vintage Grey Pleated Skirt

Vero Moda Box

Vintage Grey Pleated Skirt Zac Posen Tights and Ebay boots

Vero Moda Lola Suede Leather Jacket Closed

Jacket - courtesy of Vero Moda
Tops - Oak, Uniqlo Heatech
Skirt - Charity shop
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Tights - Zac Posen for Wolford
Boots - Ebay
Jewellery - Brooklyn, Gogo Philip, DIY, Topshop, Primark

Don't you just hate it when leather jacket weather passes you by?  I'm determined to hold on by the skin of my teeth, due to this offering Vero Moda so kindly sent me.  They recently opened a flagship store on London's Oxford Street, which boasts the directional Very range that unfortunately doesn't reside in my local branch, so a trip to the shopping mecca is definitely needed (if only to feel these leggings). Back to the jacket, it's a gorgeous suede mix and looks pretty decent when open in a waterfall style or closed like some sort of Matrix character.  Luckily I made it warm enough with a vital Uniqlo Heattech layer underneath and I will continue to wear it until some sort of flu prevents me from leaving the house.  The pleated Maxi skirt is a recent charity shop find and was a bargainous £3!  I'm pretty glad as I've been looking for a light coloured maxi for a while and had previously been coveting this number.  Covet no more.  I do wish I'd worn it with heels, as I didn't really like the full length photo, but hopefully you get the idea.

Baggy Topshop Jumper Knee High Socks

Close up jewellery

Jumper - Topshop
Shirt - Weekday via Beacons Closet
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Thigh high socks - H&M
Shoes - Office
Jewellery - Brooklyn, Gogo Philip, DIY, Topshop, Marc Jacobs
Ring - Primark
Nails - Models Own Purple Ash

I stupidly only brought one jumper up to Uni and the knitting machine did attack it slightly on the sleeves, though it's barely noticeable and if anything adds to the grungy look.  I'm tempted to revert back to my multiple tendencies and go for a lighter version as well.  Everyone always asks why I don't knit my own clothes but the truth is, there's not really the time (or desire) for it when doing lots of coursework and a it's just a lot easier for me to find something in a shop.   I hope to make a few items for myself once I've finished my degree, since I now have the skills to do so, but until then the questions shall continue.  My friend even asked me if I had to knit a jumper for my dissertation!  If only!  I'm surrounded by marketing books at the moment and racking up library finds galore.

Barry M nail effects and Models Own Polish

Cardigan, tunic - H&M
Shirt - Brooklyn Flea
Nails - Models own Grey Misty Grey and Barry M Nail Effects

I couldn't keep away from the Barry M Nail Effects for long and went back to one of my favourite combinations of light vs dark.  Again, I seem to have bought a lot of muted nail polishes recently but they are ideal for being jazzed up with the topcoat or even these nail art pens.  Who else has ordered them?  I'm going to wait a few weeks as my online shopping addiction is getting a bit ridiculous now, with Asos and Forever 21 parcels coming soon.  I ordered two dresses and will definitely let you know how I get on; hopefully that's the festive wardrobe sorted...
I am also selling a dress here, I always go a bit crazy when shopping at TSR...

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  1. your nails are awesome!!!

    and i think i prefer the maxi look. i know on myself the midi would make me look stumpy. haha


  2. I've loving midi and maxi at the moment,
    though you pull of mini brilliantly, something I fail at!

  3. oh you and your internet shopping addictions.
    you look awesome my love. and i hope you intend to knit me something? cause you know, i love knitted things and you, so it would be like having my own knitted k'bell.
    don't get swallowed up by all the gifted packages and marketing books!
    x fi

  4. i really have to get my hands on some of that amazing barry m nail varnish, look so good! i'm huaage fan of the maxi and at £3? what a beaut! x

  5. Haha i love how you say you're trying to inject more colour when I'm trying to do the opposite! Must tone down hehe
    I love your terms such as 'bargainious' Hehe. Like the maxi skirt, Hooray for charity shops! X

  6. Oh wow, I love the stripes on you Kristabel! Also the Vero Moda jacket is fab. Good luck with the disso too. I totally wish I had some good Charity shops near me. They are too many on my local highstreet and unfortunately just full of old m&s and c&a cast offs...so not always the greatest for cool finds!

  7. I love all your outfits - the striped top really suits you. You've got great taste in women's clothing Kristabel!

  8. aw, all of the outfits are really awesome! <3


  9. i love the barry m too! you look fab as always! xx

  10. I love adding bright coloured tights to an otherwise grey outfit - those tights are fab! I really must visit Vero Moda as I'm definitely feeling the love after all the blog posts I've read about them!

  11. I've ordered the nail art pens. Can't wait for them to arrive! I had that mustard dress in my saved items for ages. Went to order it earlier and it was sold out! Devastated!

  12. You look awesome! Loving the first two looks!! Esp that chunky striped sweater!

  13. I love all of these - I can't pick a favourite!


  14. Aah great outfits! Really love your Monday tights :)

  15. Wow we are seriously coveting your style in the office. one of the best british fashion blogs weve seen !

  16. Beautifuk outfits! I love all of them:D
    You've got a great taste!
    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

  17. All of your outfits are too good! I dont know where to begin to comment! The maxi and leather jacket is PERFECT and I love the grey drapey skirt!