Online Shopping Addicts Anonymous

24 November 2010

Houston we have a problem, I appear to be addicted to receiving things through the letterbox.  I don't really need an alarm these days, as I am woken by the sound of the postman banging on the door (alas we have no bell) to alert me to my latest parcel.  It's become so bad that I rarely allow myself to visit shops for fear of becoming totally destitute, but mainly because I prefer the online shopping experience.  I'm pretty much a solo shopper; years of retail experience mean that I can go into a store, scan the rails quickly and sum up the offerings before leaving if the stock isn't to my taste.  I like to know what's available quickly and get the best deal.  Online, I can view several sites in multiple windows and make a decision, but in real life I have to traipse back and forth from shop to shop, comparing and weighing up the options, which is when moments of indecision take hold.  I don't mind trying clothes on at home, chucking them (neatly) on the floor and commiserating with a fry-up if they don't fit, instead of looking slightly disgruntled whilst handing it back to a shop assistant.  I realise these aren't the thoughts of everyone and it can be nice to see things in person with friends, but I'm quite happy buying from my Internet High Street in the comfort of my own home.

Asos 60s style knitted Peter Pan Collar dress

Close up mustard tights and brogues

Dress - Asos
Tights, bracelet, socks - Topshop
Necklace - Brooklyn Charm
Brogues - Office
Ring - Forever 21

Familiar territory here, with yet another buy from Asos.  I used to have a love-hate relationship with the site due to questionable quality and non-free returns, but now everything I feel for the site is pure love and perhaps slight obsession.  The minimal Asos White collection is a particular fave and the sale is one of my main haunts, but I just so happened to land on the page featuring the 60s knitted shift dress one day and place an order due to its chic simplicity.  There's just something about a Peter Pan collar this season that I love and even though I went for 'boring' black, it means I can wear the craziest tights to accompany it.  It's also my first knitted dress, which I normally steer clear of as they can be quite shapeless, but this design bucks the trend (plus you can get a Heattech involved underneath for maximum warmth).

Asos Strapping tights

Speaking of crazy tights I ordered these strapping tights that are supposed to be in the style of Cheryl Cole, but I actually bought them after seeing them on Yishyene.  That's the power of blogging for you!  I realise I have sheer tights in abundance but this pair is just dying to be layered up with vivid colour.

forever 21 Envelope

Burgundy Velvet Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 ring

Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Angels Sale
Boots - Asos
Bracelet, Underskirt - Topshop
Lamp - Ikea!

After waiting 24 hours, I finally managed to place a Forever 21 order due to the site repeatedly crashing.  This velvet(een) dress caught my eye during my usual blog reading and I was wondering how to get it across the Atlantic, but luckily I found it on the UK site. I was slightly disappointed with the shape, as I thought the skirt would be fuller, but that was quickly solved by wearing another underneath to give a little more shape.  I also really like the colour and am rather proud I managed to buy something a non-black item that's also festive enough to please my mother on Christmas day.  Velvet can be a tricky fabric to buy in shops and it can often look cheap, but I think this dress might just scrape by.

Forever 21 Jewellery

What Forever 21 really excels in is its jewellery, with pieces comparable to Topshop but at more of a Primark price.  I managed to whittle down my order to a statement ring, layered chain necklace and horse pendant.  To stay true to my knitter roots, I also bought some Fairisle knee high socks.  Despite this initial order, I haven't really seen anything else I like so I will quite happily wait until I can visit the store in Birmingham next month with Winnie.  Have any of you seen it yet?


So who else out there is an online shopping addict too?  I even made a Google Boutique, which is sure to be taking my money when/if I'm making the big bucks.  Maybe I should start a support group...

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  1. I am horrendously obsessed with shopping online. I'm actually going to have to ban myself from going on the internet at lunch time at work. It's got so bad that I'm getting things delivered to work so my parents don't judge me! Ha! I'm moving out into my own place soon and when I told the postman he actually said "oh, i can sell my van then, I won't need it anymore for all your parcels". THE SHAME

  2. I made a Google boutique too but then quickly realised that I could aford absolutely nada on there. It was fun though!

    Also love the online purchases. I'm a sucker for peter pan collars and the ASOS dress is amazing! Also F21 buys are nice too, my sister has been quite taken with the accessories!

    Also looking forward to seeing you soon!!! xxxxx

  3. Love the peter pan collar dress (esp. with the yellow tights!) and those socks look so cute with the wing tips. :)

    I am almost exclusively an online shopper. The highstreet usually leaves me cold and when I do I am a hit and run lone shopper for sure :)

    Unfortunately that means I am on a shopping ban now too because I don't want parcels to go missing in the Christmas pile at the mail depot. Something always seems to so I just hope some of the items in my wishlist will still be available in January.. the postman will be knocking once again :D

  4. Hahaaa, I think it can definitely become addictive- something about receiving stuff in the post is so satisfying...moreso than buying it in the store! Though I gotta say that the F21 store wins hands down for me against the website. The Brum one is amazing!

    I love the velvet dress, that colour's so perfect on you. My fave has gotta be that horse pendant though... there are no words <3


  5. Hi Love,

    In love with your Forever 21 finds!!

    Those necklaces WOW WOW WOW!

    and your tights are gorg!!

    Hope your well!!

    Char x

  6. That ASOS dress is gorgeous i love it.
    I like a mix of online and shopping in person. Sites like ASOS are brilliant but i do love a good rummage around in stores too xxx

  7. LOVE the velvet dress. I really want one but I can't find a great one - might check this one out for myself!

    I'm definitely an ASOS addict. I ordered three dresses this week and they're already set to go back tomorrow - I'm getting two of them in smaller sizes and keeping the other! I love how quick and easy it is to exchange/return with ASOS.

    Sometimes I find myself getting agitated while I'm shopping on the high street, whereas if I order online I just order a few bits at a time, which means I'm not getting stressed out about the fact that what seems like 100 dresses don't fit me just right. It also means that I really consider what I buy, because I have to think about the postage, can I really be bothered?, do I really want it that much? Things which are great for my purse and mean I don't have as much rubbish bought on a whim!

    I still love a good day out shopping though...


  8. GIIIIRRRRLLLL i know your pain! I was talking to Laura (ontheracks) and Erin (calivintage) about how great and AWFUL online shopping can be. I love it cause you can like you said view everything. Hate it cause I feel like it's forever till stuff actually arrives, AND I often forget I ordered stuff and end up ordering more stuff. YIKES?!


  9. I love your oxfords they are so cool..I really like all the stuffs you bought too ^^

  10. I have so much love for those yellow tights!

  11. i'm lusting after your brown brogues, which are must nicer than my black ones. Now you've driven me to online shopping!

  12. That horse necklace is a winner... I only like horses when I can wear them, I got bitten by a real one!

    I ordered from Forever what feels like aaaages ago and still waiting for my order. I'm visiting the store next week though so might just have to stock up then as the online store seems really slow on delivery... Hopefully it's just due to the volume of orders!

    Penny x

  13. I'm an online shopping addict, and the addiction's only going to worsen now that it's cold because I have no desire to leave the house.

    I've got a google boutique too. I'm trying to use it in a way that will help me cut down on my spending, but it's only exsposing me more things to purchase.

  14. We'll put our hands up to this.... but ssshh x

  15. the second outfit is simply stunning!
    loving the necklaces :)

  16. Love the preppy touch with the yellow tights that gives life to the outfit. The velvet dress is beautiful, I love the accumulation of necklaces !

  17. oh!nice pictures!!!
    thanks for your comment!!

  18. Your shopping habits sound identical to mine! I've been so busy with work and studying I just don't have time to go on a proper shopping trip, and my online obsession has consequently grown! I even ordered new underwear from M&S online the other day because actually gonig to the shop was too much hassle!

    I am in love with that peterpan collared dress, and the ASOS tight too - gorgeous!

  19. Ditto with the online shopping habit... I've actually now made friends with my mail man because I sign for packages practically everyday...I might have to start offering him cups of tea soon...

  20. I'm an online browser but store purchaser, with the exception of ASOS and Net-a-Porter...only then is it that I don't have the choice. Love the post!

  21. I really love your outfit!
    you have a lovley blog

    peace x

  22. stunning pictures


  23. great collar and velvet dress!
    love this!

  24. Haha I hear your problem ! But nice stuff you got there :)) the yellow tights and the shoes are AWESOME !

  25. great style! I love everything you're wearing! Especially the peter pan collar dress and the yellow tights :D
    check out our fashion illustrations at :)

  26. Same here! I'm so addicted to online shopping too.

    I love love love the peterpan collar dress!!! It's so pretty and looks great on you!


  27. my addiction is awful, the thought of getting packages makes me so happy!
    Asos i am the worst for!
    You look amazing love the "K" necklace xx

  28. i just discovered your blog(i'm new) and i have to say i really love your stuff... so great i'm gonna follow. that horse necklace is so cute!!

  29. love the velvet dress!!
    I like a mix of online and shopping in person.:)
    thanks for comment on my blog; also
    looking forward to seeing you soon!!!
    xx Marina

  30. Ah, I have had that peter pan collar dress saved in my wishlist for a while! It looks really cute on you :)

  31. there is so much i love here:
    THOSE blue wedge boots
    THOSE socks and brogues &
    all those necklaces stacked high !
    hell yes !

  32. mustard tights socks and

  33. Oh dear, I've just ordered that peter pan collar Asos dress after seeing it on you! Oops. Never mind, I need some cosy clothes to see me through this snowy spell. xx

  34. I like a mix of online and shopping in person.:)
    thanks for comment on my blog; also
    looking forward to seeing you soon!!!
    xx Marina

  35. i love shopping online as well.. mostly i just browse b/c i need to try stuff on. But, if there is a super awesome return policy, i'll order and return if it doesnt fit. :-)

    Love all your crazy tights in this post and the others. I especially like the black ones with the zig zag. You should check these out. They are right up your alley!

  36. Love that peter pan collar dress. I'm addicted to mail too; get so excited with every package.