Shades of Red

21 December 2010

buttoned denim shirt and leather shorts

marc by marc jacobs wishbone necklace

leopard print diy wah nails

Cardigan - c/o Next
Sleeveless denim shirt, ring - Forever 21
Shorts - c/o Very
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet - Topshop
Socks - c/o Tabio
Brogues - Office
Nails - Models Own Misty Grey, Black and White Nail Art Pens

So I'm back in London for a bit and attempting to take outside outfit pictures in sub zero temperatures with a broken tripod.  As per usual this outfit contains a thermal layer plus double tights and I'm very much glad that buttoned up shirts have made a comeback since they're so practically for these chilly times.  As the last picture shows, I finally managed to spend a bit of time on some nail art, using Gem's tutorial as my guide.  I'd heard numerous things about the pens and was slightly apprehensive, yet I found them relatively straightforward to use, my preference being the end with the fine tip to create fine details.  Over the holidays, I think I will try a new design every week and I'm feeling quite ambitious now after this first attempt and a few random compliments.  I'd love to try this tartan design but it will probably end up being a disaster knowing my luck!

maxi skirt and velvet bodysuit

horse and chain necklace

asos hiking boots and red tights

Cardigan - Charity Shop
Velvet bodysuit, horse pendant, cross ring - Forever 21
Maxi Skirt, Hiking boots - Asos
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Chain - Gogo Phillip
Tights - Uniqlo
Socks - New Look

Back taking snaps inside after the Great Snow Takeover, don't you love how the weather loves to create chaos in the UK (had to walk half a mile in the snow in highly inappropriate footwear due to being abandoned by my bus)!  During less snowy times I managed to nip into one of my favourite charity shops and pick up this baggy wool cardigan for a fiver, made by an old Lincolnshire company called Straven.  I love finding clothes with a bit of history and have been trying to find out more about the company to no avail.  I definitely prefer the charity shops where I live as there isn't the student competition of Nottingham and I've been able to find some great things, the best being this book for £2.50 a few years ago!  What's been your best charity shop bargain?  On a less charitable note, I'm really glad I brought these boots home with me; I had to be quite selective when I was packing but I'm determined to wear them more and prove their versatility. 

spot top and and asymmetric skirt

horse pendant and chain

Top - Yard Sale
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Asymmetric Skirt, grey tights, bracelet - Topshop
 Socks - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Cross ring, horse pendant - Forever 21
Chain - Gogo Phillip

I have been gradually weaning myself off Topshop due to the demise of my staff discount but as I'm a sucker for anything asymmetric, I had to buy this skirt back in October.  I hadn't managed to photograph it up until now but it's been worn quite a few times and I especially like it looks with thigh-high socks.  This is the Urban Outfitters pair I bought in the last post, as I'm very much obsessed with dark red hues at the moment and this style keeps everything pretty with a touch of lace.



newspaper sculpture

I recently went to a Blogger's Christmas Party hosted by Carrie and Lucy and I can't express enough that their house is the best student digs I've ever visited!  Forget dirty dishes, pizza box towers and baked beans on the carpet (a true story from first year), their house was decorated with old photographs, handmade Christmas decorations and beautiful floral china.  I couldn't resist some sneaky snaps of a few details I loved and I can't wait until I visit again!

The House of Holland tights giveaway ends tomorrow (my that's gone quickly) so make sure you get your entry in!


  1. I genuinely thought those last pics were from weheartit. Asif they have such a lovely student house!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time- and I've seen some of the pics in Carries post - beautiful!

    I really love the button up trend but I must completely repel it or always looks horrendous on me! You however have got it down to a tee, and I think that first outfit is my fave :)


  2. I love all these outfits, especially jealous of your leather shorts! I want a pair so badly.
    Most of my local charity shops have tried to become "mainstream" but one is still nice, I found a great velvet blazer the other day for £2! :)

  3. yaaay our house!! haha i love the shot of the cabinet <3 thanks for randing us the best student house - my what a title! *bows and applauds Carrie* hehe
    love your asymetric skirt - i like how yu texture up everything :)
    just finished editing my pics of the party - theyre like carries but a few others too :)
    see you soon lovely! p.s come back sooon!! xxxx

  4. Love those leather shorts and the amazing horse pendant x

  5. Ooh I've just discovered your blog via Carries party post and it's a-mazing! Can't wait to make a cup of tea and read all the back entries, your style is swell! x

  6. loving the outfits :0
    gorgeous post!! x

  7. Please stop being so damn stylish!

  8. do my nails please!!!! and i think im going to have to get some red tights now :)


  9. those shorts are gorgeous, i want i need! great pictures x

  10. i am seriously lusting over your shirt in the first outfit and the booties in the second - nice!

  11. Ooh, I lvoe your boots, and the layered red and gret hosiary - so necessary in this weather and it looks awesome!

  12. Kristabel!! It was so lovely seeing you today. I realised why I knew you: I could have sworn I had your blog on my roll (I've just added it) - my husband just glanced over and said 'that's a great looking blog!'

    I love these looks. And I love what you wore today. I think my favourite look is the maxi dress with that fabulous horse necklace and the white cardigan and those boots layered with the thick socks..

    My best charity shop bargain? It's hard to decide but the faux fur 50s or 60s brown jacket I wore today is a favourite.. there was a great pair of faux suede black over the knee flat boots years ago, but alas it disintegrated.

    Okay that's my one long comment for the day. ; )

    Hope to see you soon & Merry Christmas. xx

  13. ooh you have a good line in skirts!
    can't wait to see the new nails too :D

  14. what's better than grey jersey alone... grey jersey with that awesome denim shirt! and that asymmetrical skirt looks so cute with biker shorts. happy holidays!

  15. love it, you have got great style. I particularly love the tan shoes.. i want some!

  16. Hey Kristabel! Hope your well! You are looking so great in all your photos! Loving your hair also!

  17. Hey! Love all the looks. The velvet bodysuit/maxi skirt look is gorgeous. And the shoes are really nice, too. I need to order from ASOS sometime, their stuff looks so good!


  18. I love the first outfit, it looks good on you! :D
    Your blog is lovely, I follow it via Bloglovin'!
    Happy Holiday!
    (and thanks for your comment on my blog)

  19. I love your nails!fantastic!
    Great outfit!
    Elle :)

  20. Somehow I've never visited your blog before =o, will be visiting lots in future as its fantastic =].
    That student house looks amazing! My student houses were more dirty dishes & pizza boxes too but I wish they hadn't been! Amazing outfits; love everything especially the Asos grey boots! <3

  21. lovely outfits! Particularly love the Asos Maxi skirt, although I could never wear something like that myself. I had a recent hideous experience with a Topshop maxi dress (wide hips + clingy full length skirt = no go pour moi) which has put me off trying them completely but it looks fantastic on you!


  22. Their student house is the CUTEST ever! Oh I want to live looks amazing.

    Also really really loving that spotty outfit. You look amazing Kristabel!

  23. I'm loving the first outfit, great color combination!

    (and thank you for your comment!)

  24. Aww, blogger Christmas party?? Sounds too fun! I see your grey nail polish obsession from the summer is still going strong, haha! I'm loving the grey leopard print. And k, can we discuss how freaking amazing that asymmetrical skirt is?? gah!! Girl you know how to style a good outfit, every one of these is flawless. Also love the Asos hiking boots... too much love in this post!!

    Happy Christmas, can't wait to see you in the new year!


  25. wooow you have such an amazing style i love it xoxo

  26. ah you look wonderful, nice shorts

  27. Very Nice outfit. I like how you've combined it together. Loving the nails!!!