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4 December 2010

Like the title, I've been a bit of a hermit these past few days due to deadlines and the crazy snow, wearing questionable outfits indoors that go against the whole fashion blogger status.  I ventured outside yesterday in my trusted DMs but was within 5 feet of my house before I slipped and fell on the ice, resulting in a rather fetching bruise on my right hand.  Methinks I finally need some wellies.  I am now stocked up on all the necessary provisions (6 pints of milk and a packet of Haribo) to return to my reclusive state while I write my dissertation draft, but here are some outfit pictures I took during slightly less stressed and agraphobic times. 

topshop barbour jacket

cable cardigan tartan tights

gold necklaces cable vintage cardi

Jacket, bracelet - Topshop
Breton top - Charity shop
Cardigan - Vintage via Franny and Roey
Leather shorts - courtesy of Very
Tights - Calzedonia
Necklaces - Brooklyn Charm and Gogo Phillip
Socks - courtesy of Tabio
Shoes - Office

Meet my 2010 Winter coat, Topshop's Barbour offering bought back in September when all this snow was just a figment of my imagination.  I like that it makes me look a bit 'country' and weathered, without me having to leave the confines of the University campus and it's a more casual style to what I would normally buy.  I've pretty much worn it with every outfit as it has the ability to dress things down, so it looks equally as nice with dresses or jeans.  However, this relatively new addition doesn't stop me from coveting the entire Zara website and this style from Asos, but I'm preparing myself for a handbags-at-dawn situation in the Boxing Day sales.  Did you buy a new coat this year?

loose navy shirt tapered trousers

bronze jewellery

Shirt - The Scarlet Room
Trousers, necklace, bracelet - Topshop
Socks, ring - Forever 21
Brogues - Office
Necklaces - Gogo Phillip & Marc by Marc Jacobs

Due to my intern past, I am always changing buttons over on things if I don't like the look of them, and swapped some bright white buttons on this shirt for a darker style.  Problem is, I didn't buy enough of them and sacrificed being able to button it to the very top.  Note to self, be more organised when buying buttons and actually write down how many you need to buy!  I wasn't quite sure about the volume in this shirt when it arrived, but it's definitely grown on me and will be perfect for all the inevitable festive food consumption.

baggy shirt and grid tights

american apparel grid tights

Shirt - Weekday via Beacons Closet
Tunic - The Scarlet Room
Shorts - H&M
Tights - American Apparel
Socks - Primark
Boots - eBay

The tights are a purchase I made during a random 30% off evening at American Apparel, along with two pairs of these cute socks.  I did try on a dress there but it didn't really agree with me (could barely get my head through the neckline for a start) and although I like many of the clothes there, I realised that most items are standard charity shop fare with a higher price tag.  For example the top I was wearing in the first outfit was £3.99 from a charity shop, but AA's similar version is £42!  

loose white shirt shorts and knee highs
gold necklaces
I wore a Heattech underneath all of these outfits, it's just too flipping cold!

Shirt - The Scarlet Room
Shorts, hat - H&M
Socks - Vero Moda
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Brooklyn Charm, Gogo Philip and Topshop
Ring - Forever 21

It's hat time again!  As I mentioned before, the weather is freezing but I usually don't wear a hat for pure vanity reasons, (which my Mum would surely scold me for).  This all went out the window this week and I chucked this beanie over the result of a Dodgy Hair Day.  This post has also made me realise how much I've bought from The Scarlet Room, a Singaporean website which offers a different take on traditional pieces (plus a few designer lookey-likeys).  It can be tricky to gauge how the clothes will look on me, and I've often been left with a few pieces I'm not too sure about, but I really liked the loose, boxy fit of this shirt (even though I think my dodgy washing skills shrank it slightly).  For 2011, I am trying to limit the whole online shopping addiction mentioned in this post, so I narrowly stopped myself from ordering this skirt and intend to attempt a DIY when I'm re-united with my sewing machine.  It's all about self control...

keep calm and eat a cupcake

This is my new poster and mantra for all future deadlines.  Is anyone else writing a dissertation at the moment?  Good luck, mine is precisely zero words but hopefully that can change today...

I now also procrastinate on Tumblr, come and have a gander.

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  1. Beautiful :))))



  2. so many outfits! i really like them all! great barbour-esque jacket, i'd be after one myself but i've already bought two coats this year so far which is probably more than enough :)

    i know exactly how you feel, i too have become a hermit recently & it hasn't even snowed where i am, its just the general cold keeping me indoors! i had actually planned to buy some DM's as i though they'd have good grip on the soles for ice & snow, but after your story i don't think i'll be buying! hope your hand is ok :)


  3. Oh hun, i hope you're not too stressed out! Although, with some Haribo in tow things are bound to improve XD

    Love the second outfit- that shirt is immense! May have to have a sneaky look at the website now..

    Good luck with the dissertation, mine's currently 0 words too!


  4. Oh all the outfits are so inspirational but I especially love the Thurday outfit. I'm so envious of that cardigan!


  5. they're all lovely and I'll be taking some tips for layering! I think Wednesday's is my favourite, the caped shirt is beautiful and i love how you went the extra mile and changed the buttons!

  6. Despite this "Dodgy Hair Day" you speak of, I think your hair looks especially fab in this post! I can't tell why, I think it just looks great :)

    And there is just way too much to covet here: the grid tights, the lacey bike shorts, that blue top!! I think I'm going to need to figure out some way to DIY that drapey bit of lovelyness... or I could just buy it off that site :P. Looks like they've got some great things on there, thanks for pointing it our way!

    ps- good luck working on your dissertation! Don't forget to have a bit of fun now and then between all that hermiting, ha!


  7. The key to not slipping in snow/ice is high heels because they actually dig into the ice. This advice, however, comes from a girl who would sleep in heels if I could. Also, as much as I wanted to buy a new coat this year, I refrained because I already have 7 winter coats hanging in my closet. I have no shame...haha!

    p.s. I adore all of you tights!


    Ahem. Anyways Love the outfit with the trousers, such lovely colours all together! Loving your trademark layered necklaces!

  9. I'm loving the chunky socks/loafers combo going on <3.
    Patterned tights are the best.

    x x x

  10. I like your outfits!!
    thanks for your comment!

  11. nice blog!check out my blog if you want!:)


  12. well your indoor outfits are so chic and inspiring in so many ways. i love your style! mind swapping links? :)

  13. I love all your amazing hosiery, especially those cheapie AA ones. It is true their things are so expensive, and to be honest I find their shops quite intimidating! I don't think I'm cool enough for American Apparel..!

  14. i know exactly what you been about becoming a hermit thanks to work/cold. my dissertation has become this huge looming cloud of doom - i really enjoy my chosen subject but the actualy reality of writing so many words is so daunting!

    i find that if i actually get dressed into real clothes (ie not leggings/pajamas) to write essays helps because i feel more efficient. but then process getting dressed and thinking about clothes leads to blogging etc... sigh.
    i love your grey trousers btw! and the crazy blue silky shirt thing! generally really loving this post.

  15. Your outfits are lovely, I am a big fan of the chunky knits in your outfits. xoxo


  16. ohh, i get you, the snow made me wear some appalling things! i like all your outfits, especially the topshop barbour coat :)

    yay, i can't wait! me either...was gonna bake cupcakes but lucy got them catered! xx

  17. im absolutely in loooove with the 2nd outfit - the proportions are fun.

    i dont even have school or work and im a hermit :x


  18. did you do the illustrations on your header? they're so awesome...i'd love to see more.

    all of these outfits are cool, what an amazing tights collection you have.


  19. Love the coat in that 1st pic - cosy and stylish, perfect. Hope you've managed to make some progress with the dissertation. xx

  20. Hiya new fave blog. Love it all. So many items I love - the vintage white cardi, blue shirt and those awesome AA tights.

  21. WOW do I love your blue shirt. Actually, all these outfits are outstanding!

  22. Thanks for the comment. I LOVE your white cable knit cardigan, and that poster's amazing. I think more people should adopt this mantra in life x

  23. My god you're so stylish ! I love your style, this post with so many outfits is amazing ! I love your checked tights too !

  24. wow love your style. so quirky and cool. fab leggings




  25. iv been a hermit too! lol xxx

  26. Love love your white shirt!! and all of the jewelry!!

    Hope works not too stressful :( I was a right mess last year!!

    Char x

  27. thanks for the lovely comment <3
    i'm following you now because your blog is truely awsome... & i swear I could have written your first paragraph, we are living parallel lives!
    Wellies do not help the slipping in snow situation, trust me :-(
    Try not to stress too much about your diss lovely, it'll only give you a MASSIVE headache, i speak from experience... I've got a 3000 word project due for friday that I'm just starting, oopsy, after that its back to the diss draft for a few days, but then its xmas!!
    Oh & all your pictures are lovelie <3 hehe
    VW x

  28. love the way you put together your outfits <3

  29. Acabo de descubrir tu blog, y me encantó!
    Me gusta mucho tu pelo cortito

  30. Ah so much here I love!! All of the shirts are lovely! And I do the button changing thing too!

  31. you are just the best dressed thing in blogland
    amazingly chic everyime!

  32. Love the white cardigan in the first outfit.

  33. Love your winter coat! Great outfits too :)!

  34. Damn I love your style! Great inspirations ^^
    I love the black & white stripes stockings!

  35. Love your nautical top and that white cardi is great. Love the way you styled the oversized shirts :)

    Your mantra rules!

  36. Kristabel, I love ALL these looks! They are fresh and creative. Dying for the leather shorts (who wouldn't?). And Wednesday's look is chic beyond your years. Fantastic.

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  37. Some really cute outfits and so relaxed. Bought an initial necklace of the like on etsy earlier - love the way you have layered it!

  38. amazing outfits! Very nice