Running out of clothes? (OOTW)

29 March 2010

The transition from Winter into Spring is not yet complete; even though the week started off with sunny temperatures, the rain, cold and wind soon returned with a vengeance.  I'd barely started planning my Spring wardrobe when I had to suddenly start thinking about digging the thermals out again.  Being a true shopaholic, I'm getting bored of some of my clothes and yearning for some of the stuff I left at home to complete my outfits, whilst also wanting new stuff to refine everything slightly.  I'm trying to plan a never-ending list of what I need to add to my wardrobe to make it 'perfect', which isn't really possible as my ideas and desires are constantly changing and expanding.  Are you ever truly satisfied with your wardrobe?

Not quite sure why I look so grumpy, it was Sunday after all...

Lace top - New Look
Grey vest, shorts, cardigan - Topshop
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Topshop, etc

The lack of tights on this day wasn't the best idea; the sun disappeared faster than Cheryl Cole's wedding ring and I was regretting not bringing an extra layer.  Still, I now know that denim shorts and Doc Martens will be a staple summer look.  Now I want another pair.

 Shirt - vintage via Brooklyn Flea
Mesh tee - American Apparel
Blue tank - LF Stores
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Topshop, etc

Shirt - Vintage via Amacord (bought in the post below)
Velvet Leotard - Forever 21
Skirt, bracelet - Topshop
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Office
Necklace - Pema Boutique

Not a great idea to eat a massive lunch in this skirt; I soon regretted the crazy amounts of pasta.

Shirt - Primark
Dress - H&M
Leggings - Forever 21 (bought in this post)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell (remember this post)
Necklaces - Topshop etc

This is a night outfit (see, I'm dancing already), which warrants the crazy 5-inch heels.  I haven't fallen over in them...yet.

Facial wipes over here can cost around $9!  A far cry from the BOGOF Boots and Superdrug offers...

My air-hostess friend so very kindly brought me some treats over from England.  When you move to a new country, simple things such as supermarket shopping are not so straightforward; it takes me ages to take in all the unfamiliar brands and to even work out what the product is.  I was really missing squash (or cordial as it's also known) as you can use liberal amounts diluted with water for weeks of fruity goodness.  There is an English shop that sells it in Greenwich Village, but it costs about $6 a bottle (and a small box of Weetabix is $8)! The Elle featuring Chloe Sevigny was also needed, though it's torture to see all the nice bits in English shops (hello Whistles) that I'm missing out on. 

One thing you can't buy in England, are these 'gingerman' biscuits; my friend had these at work and I found the name hilarious, for obvious reasons.

Meet my new lace trimmed shorts from H&M.  I quite liked how Alexa wears the far more expensive Chanel version here, and saw mucho layering potential under the kind of dresses that are prone to blowing up with the slightest gust of wind.  They can also be layered over sheer tights to give the illusion of being hold-ups, without actually holding anything up.  A true trend item, but at only $6, who's complaining?

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Williamsburg Wandering = Amazing Amacord

25 March 2010

It may seem like every other post on here involves some kind of sale; I guess I'm a little bit obsessed  with bargains. A few drinks after work on St Patrick's day got me talking to an Amacord Vintage employee about their warehouse sale at low, low prices (all while wearing a ridiculous hat, might I add) and by the end of the night I was determined to go  armed with enough cash as my bank balance would allow. A sunny Saturday saw me arriving a few hours after the start, which I was doubtful about, but luckily there was no queue of Angels Sale proportions and still plenty of gems to be found.  

As per usual, I started sifting systematically through all the rails and peeked into the boxes, unsure as to what I would find.  Even though the room was a moderate size with no changing rooms and one mirror, it was a far less daunting environment than other places I've visited and the other bargain hunters were pretty friendly (someone actually responded to my mutterings about the jacket below, which pushed me closer and closer towards buying it).  Here's how I got on...

The 1940s blazer and Laura Ashley dress (which will be shortened) were $10 each and the Coach belt and cutaway sheer shirt were $5.  The polka dot shirt was purchased later on in Beacons Closet for around $9 bringing my vintage haul to just under $40, a fraction of the prices in the main boutique.  I think that's practically Angels worthy and I'm looking forward to playing around with the pieces. (especially the sheer shirt as I've wanted one for ages).  I  later learnt that the store supplies to movies such as Sex and the City and is lauded by Marc Jacobs, so who knows who may have previously worn my clothes...

The rest of my weekend went by in a sun-filled blur, so here it is in pictures...

Didn't even know Seaport existed; the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon and I was reminded Brighton (UK) slightly...

Fish n' chips - American Style

I want to live in the Meatpacking District!

Elenis in Chelsea Market provides some very familiar looking treats...

Hope you are having a great week!

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Stripes, Tights and Bare Legs? OOTW!

21 March 2010

After a month long hiatus, Outfits of The Week is back meaning that you get to see my face on a regular basis!  Within the time it took for me to locate a tripod, I moved out, the weather warmed up,  and I bought some new bits and bobs that are sure to make my luggage overweight when I eventually return.  I'm now waking up a whole 15 minutes earlier so that I don't end up being late for work due to my own narcissism; this is what I wore this week.

Cardigan - Mbym via Joy
Top - Pimkie
Shorts - Topshop
Spot Tights - Mary Quant
Socks - American Apparel
Necklace - Pema Boutique
Brogues - New Look

I'm starting to get into the knee high socks again, but preferring a longer, almost thigh high version.  This American Apparel style probably arrived at the wrong time, since they're rather thick but still a nice contrast over anything sheer. They also hid all the ladders my tights have suddenly sprouted....

Top - Splendid
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Primark
Boots - Doc Martens
Necklaces and Bracelet - Topshop

Normally I check the weather forecast before I get dressed, but neglected to on Thursday and chucked a leather jacket and two scarves over this outfit.  This was on a day where it was 22 degrees (Celsius, I still don't understand Farenheit) and we sat on the baking roof terrace for lunch; a sweltering lower half is not a good look.  Need to rethink summer hosiery options.

Leotard - Vintage via Ebay
Skirt - Vintage via Angels
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklaces - Forever 21

Friday saw me sort out a suitable outfit for work and the weather, as office rules mean that miniskirts and shorts with bare legs are a no-no.  I'm thinking I need to invest in some cropped trousers and  cycling shorts (to wear under mini dresses) to get around this regulation; does your workplace have hemline rules?  It was a good thing that I picked up the sandals here, as it was the perfect sunny day to test them out.

Cardigan - Vintage via Franny and Roey
Dress - Forever 21
Skirt (worn underneath) - H&M
Belt - Vintage via Angels
Necklace - This Charming Girl
Bracelet - Topshop
Shoes - Steve Madden

I never wrote about this vintage cable cardigan I bought while wandering around Williamsburg, but it was a $20 steal from Franny and Roey, a small yet perfectly formed vintage boutique.  I've posted some pictures of the store here, let me know if anything takes your fancy. My new Forever 21 dress also arrived, a $12 bargain; I find it easier to shop online as the stores stress me out too much and I can perhaps control myself more.

I keep getting Vogue issues mysteriously in the post.  I think it had something to do with my Steve Madden order a few months ago which had some kind of complimentary subscription that I wasn't sure if I took up.  Not complaining. 

I also order Forever 21 owl earrings (which come with a matching ring), to add to my quirky jewellery collection.

I was so eager to use this; I haven't even taken the tags off!

And finally, the tripod that makes it all possible.  No longer will I have to balance my camera on chairs, shoe/tissue boxes, CD racks and shelves; any camera will just screw onto the top, you can adjust the angle and away you go! 

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Going East

14 March 2010

Trying to cover the numerous districts of NYC is no mean feat, but I'm gradually starting to build up a mental map of the city and understand where places are in relation to each other.  I guess it's the slightly obsessive nature of my personality coming across; I like to know where I'm going and the fastest way to get there.  I still hadn't managed to explore the Lower East Side properly during the day, so I set aside some time to tackle the small streets with a friend.  Miraculously, I was early to meet her due to a speedy commute, so I had a little wander and what did I find?  A massive Steve Madden shoe sale.

You don't need a currency converter to work this out; it's a bargain!

 Could not get these to fit for love nor money....
Meet my new it's time for a pedicure

The prices were extremely tempting and I set about trying to find my size in the cute white loafers pictured above.  Of course when I got to the section with 9's and 10's, I could only find a few dubious pairs of heels and some platform ankle boots, far from the low prices pictured.  I was almost about to give up hope (and get even more jealous of my small-footed friend), when I spotted some gladiator sandals in my size and popped them on.  Although I'd originally wanted them in black, they've definitely grown on me and were only $20 (as my friend also got a similar pair); a perfect price to start off my Spring/Summer shoe collection.

You may (or may not) be wondering what happened to Outfits Of the Week...unfortunately my room has nowhere to really balance a camera and I still haven't bought a tripod.  Promise to sort it soon.

After many months of internet stalking, I finally visited Pixie Market and was extremely tempted by an oversized sheer blouse

Luckily I didn't spend too long obsessing over shoes (unlike this occasion) as was able to wander around and enjoy the lovely weather, which I wasn't quite prepared for.  I've been told many things about the climate here (like how it can still snow in May) but it's nice to see the seasons finally change for myself and adjust my wardrobe accordingly.  I decided to wear the Forever 21 dress previously sought after here to brighten things up a little and two lightweight circle scarves (instead of my knitted version).  Hows the weather where you live?

Was very pleased to find a knitting shop on Avenue A...look at all the pretty colours!

I just love a random assortment of stuff

I'm still obsessed with external staircases, but also this building; reminds me of a box of colouring pencils

Remember that interview I told you about?  It's up now, listen if you want to hear me speak (I forget the voice I have of myself in my head is different to how it actually is) and see some crazy facial expressions.  Fast forward to 5.19 for the Kb action.  Have a good Sunday; It's Mother's Day back in England and I've sent a card, but it's not quite the same....

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Saturdays of Sophistication

9 March 2010

There comes a time when you realise that after two months of being away, familiar weekend drinking/sleeping patterns are emerging, and a kind of wake-up call happens.  I feel like time is speeding up and have visions of being back in England with this New York lifestyle as but a mere memory, so I definitely don't want to regret not spending my time wisely.  I was aware the Rodarte exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt gallery had started last month but only just realised it was part of a quick, month-long series of installations and would finish on March 14th.  There was to be no more procrastinating; it was time to drag myself out of bed and hotfoot it to the Upper East Side sharpish.
The Cooper Hewitt is located on Museum Mile, a stones throw away from Central Park

Rodarte is the show that I'm always curious to see when fashion week hits.  Although they are comfortable in their signature style of material manipulation, each season the story develops and there's always a small detail or new texture that fills you with awe.  The exhibition provides a brief look into their design process, highlighting key collections throughout their five year career, situated in an authentic setting reminiscent of their work.

The exhibition was small and these pictures cover two of the three main areas, but quality over quantity was the lesson of the day

Getting these snaps wasn't easy as taking photos is banned throughout the gallery (as you know, I thrive on covert photography) but I just had to capture what my quick sketches could not express, namely the surroundings.  I jotted down as many notes as I could; the materials used in combination such as rope, yarn, leather and enough techniques to fill a textiles degree curriculum.  It was amazing to see the pieces previously admired on computer screens in reality and to have a glimpse into the numerous ways of construction used by the untrained designers.  Freedom and experimentation is the message I took from seeing the sisters' work and I continue to admire the way they find inspiration in the unexpected, such as the building and destruction of homes.  If you're in New York at the moment then it's best to hurry as the exhibition finishes this Sunday (March 14th) but don't fret if you're not around, as this video offers a glimpse of the works.

The Design USA exhibition was the focus of the ground floor, showcasing the works of product, landscape and graphic designers and provided some abstract inspiration.  Even though the above piece by the Rockwell Group is an idea board for musical set design, don't you think the colours would be perfect for a collection? 

A short stroll through the Upper East Side took us back to the Subway; I wonder who lives in a house like this?

Now there's a billboard to get excited by; Liberty for Target is hosting a Bryant Park pop-up shop and I could see myself going crazy in there and buying a teapot purely for the print

The guy who sold us the tickets said we were ten rows from the front...of the mezzanine that is; still the view wasn't too bad

My friends and I were in a spontaneous sort of mood so we decided to queue up and get tickets for West Side Story on Broadway.  I didn't really know the plot as I'd only seen bits of the movie and heard songs like America, so it was interesting to see it with no expectations and to purely be entertained by the fabulously talented cast.  We've decided to try and see more musicals during our time here, to get the full cultural experience; I'm thinking Wicked should be next...

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All the fun of the Flea

6 March 2010

It's often said that the best time to head to any kind of market or car-boot sale is early in the morning.  After all, you want to get to all the good stuff before all the eBay vultures (rich coming from me)  and  bargain hunters get their hands on it.  I hadn't intended to arrive at the Brooklyn Flea around 3.45 (one hour and 15 minutes before closing time), but after a slightly lengthened lie-in and delayed hair appointment,  I was still determined to pay it a visit (and to end the shopping ban imposed on myself for the past fortnight).

The Brooklyn Flea is situated at One Hanson Place for the time being, an amazing building that used to be a bank 

Vintage reconstructed dresses, shown by one seller

Shoes were often too small for my gargantuan feet, but I may be considering trying out those belonging to the opposite sex...

There were too many vendors to explore in the time I was there (It's spread out over 3 floors, with food in the basement); will definitely be back earlier next time

The 'Flea' as it's affectionately known, is a step up from a car-boot sale, with a mixture of seasoned traders and crafty types selling their wares.  Not only was I drawn to the clothing and jewellery, but also to the random antiques and collectibles and I could have easily ended up going home with numerous trinkets.  I love the unexpected nature of these places.

Subway maps from the past fascinated me

 Vintage bags galore

I miss my dress form back in London...

Hunt for a crazy knit in a box; more shoes that cannot fit....

Ello, ello, ello; I'll put more photos here
The Brooklyn Flea is only at this location until the end of the month, when it moves outside to Fort Greene and DUMBO (wherever that is).  I'll let you know if I manage to locate it and how the outdoor market compares; I can almost envision lazy Spring weekends spent there until my visa expires.  Have you got any similar places where you live? 

My checked shirt I bought for $20, reminds me of my old school kilt, but I like the understated colour contrast.  My Williamsburg transformation is complete...