Dollar Spring Wishlist

25 April 2010

I want to go shopping.  Not just any kind of sporadic, pick up a few items kind of shopping, but the full works.  I want to be traipsing the streets of New York with so many bags, that I find it impossible to balance.  I want to empty my bank accounts (but then I want them magically to refill again).  I want a new Spring wardrobe.  Where did these illogical thoughts come from?  I guess that by looking back and forth at the improved temperatures online and the heavy, wintery clothes I packed, my options are seemingly limited.  No fear, I've decided to tackle this problem head on and have created a visual representation of the things I desire in my wardrobe this season, which can be adapted easily for summer. With some positive thinking, hard work, determination (and perhaps some overdraft), I can achieve some kind of balance and keep my shopping trips a tad more focused. My style splits into two; the first is the more whimsical look, with patterns (flowers and stripes) mixed with quirky jewellery and accessories.  The second I have coined the term 'Grunge Lite' which nods at the trend but is never full on, with draped tanks, boxy knits, 'ugly' shoes and unusual leggings.  Here's exactly what I'd be being, if I didn't have just 50 cents...

Can you tell I've had this post planned for months, with numerous images in a desktop folder and multiple bookmarks saved?  No?  We'll move on...

All I need now is a few thousand dollars (maybe a lottery win is in order) and a very understanding person to carry my bags. What's on your wishlist for Spring; do you also have split wardrobe personalities?

The items represented by no means constitute what may or may not be bought.  Items are subject to change without notice, and more products may be added at any time.  Check for full terms and conditions...

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Seriously Disorganised Dressing (OOTW)

21 April 2010

Long time no see?  I often start a post with apologies for not writing enough of them, and this is no exception.  I guess I'm a slightly disorganised blogger; I forget to take photos, I don't write a weeks worth of posts to be scheduled and it takes me a bit more time to reply to comments.  I work 40 hours a week (sometimes more), which means that the weekends are pretty packed with sightseeing and there isn't much downtime to write the blog posts I'm used to (though I have a few rough drafts prepared).  Luckily I'm off to Jamaica in two weeks to see family (and sleep), as it's a lot cheaper to fly from here, so I have a nice long weekend to look forward to in May!  Expect many posts of excitement and you have any exciting holidays planned?

Cardigan - courtesy of Blue Inc
Asymmetric tank - LF Stores
Body-con dress - H&M
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - Doc Martens

Again testing the versatility of my transatlantic wardrobe; I quite like layering long tanks over body-con dresses.  Methinks another visit to H&M is in order to get a few other colours.  Note that these Topshop leggings have emigrated from the UK, as I convinced my Mum to send a little care package (she wasn't too happy about the price of postage). Hopefully I can find her something nice in return...

Cardigan - H&M
Lace Leotard - Courtesy of Blue Inc
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Target
Brogues - New Look
Belt - Vintage via Amacord
Necklace - Brooklyn Flea

I've always wanted a lace leotard and was delighted when I saw this version on the Blue Inc site; perfect for layering under dresses, playsuits and boxy cardigans (and again fuelling the obsession).

Leather Jacket - Topshop
Scarf - American Apparel
Shirt - Vintage via Brooklyn Flea
Skirt, socks - H&M
Tights - House of Holland
Boots - Doc Martens

They say a baseball game is a must-see in New York and although I somewhat agree, I can't say that I understood it a great deal.  Being an honourary New Yorker, I supported the Yankees (who ended up winning) wearing in my version of a sporty outfit, complete with makeshift banner. 

Dress - The Scarlet Room
Underskirt - Topshop
Tights - We Love Colors
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Belt - Vintage via Angels
Necklace - Forever 21

I fell in love with this cut-out skater dress as soon as I saw it at The Scarlet Room and luckily ordered it before it sold out.  I might try and wear it during the next heatwave to see what tanlines I get...

Shirt - Vintage via Beacons Closet
Leotard - Asos
Shorts - Topshop
Lace shorts (worn underneath), tights - H&M
Shoes - Doc Martens

Wore this for a nice Sunday brunch at Essex restaurant in the Lower East Side.  My friends and I have made a decision to fit in as many 'brunch' meals as we can in the time we have left, since it's not really a UK tradition (yet). 

I loved reading this post of typical blogger photo poses, and realised I'm a frequent offender of knocked-knees, head tilts and no smiles.  It's extremely hard to take pictures of yourself looking relatively normal/comfortable, so I guess I just revert to these poses out of habit; have a read and see what your bloggerisms are!

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Forever buying buttons...

15 April 2010

If you are a fashion intern in NYC, then you can bet your mother's Fendi bag that you'll be spending some time in one of the numerous 'trimmings' stores in the Garment District.  In London I got a small taste of the trimming world (cue the stories of slightly bemused visits to London Trimmings in Whitechapel), but New York has taken things to another scale. M&J Trimmings was one of the first places of this kind that I had to visit and although pricey at times, it remains my favourite due to its clean layout.  I used to be pretty overwhelmed in the beginning but now I know where to look and how to find what I need slightly faster (though I'm still rather indecisive), amongst the various other interns in the midst.  There's so much choice here and each aisle brings so many possibilities ripe for DIYs and customisations, so here are some of my favourite parts of the store.

Trimmings are all the 'extras' that make a garment special, think buttons, ribbons, fringing, lace, beads, sequins; the list goes on...

How about a pretty corsage to brighten up a plain cardigan?

Or new buttons to replace the ones that have mysteriously fallen off?  Some of these styles could also make decent earrings with the help of a glue gun.

Studs to toughen up some shoes?  I know it's been done to death, but you're bound to create some new studspiration with all the styles on offer here.

I can see this blogger creating something wonderful out of the cord featured on this wall.

Obsessed with shoulders and Balmania?  You definitely won't be disappointed with this wall...

I love the fact there are little trolleys for all your purchases...

You know I love lace; Rachel also has a post here, with far superior images

Of course, my internship is not just about buying buttons, but I visit this store so often that I've become quite blas√© about finding so much incredible stuff under one roof.  I'm planning to pick up a few things for future creative projects or maybe to just decorate my room with as many free cuttings as I can carry.  There's also many similar and even more specialised shops in the Garment District, in which I shall continue my spree very soon; what would you create out of the trimmings you see here?

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Some kind of Summer (OOTW)

13 April 2010

Apologies as this is slightly late, but I've finally compiled my outfits of last week.  As I hinted in my last post, there was some kind of 30 degree heatwave in New York  (which is far from the case now) but unfortunately  I spent most of the time at work, rather than lazing in the sunshine.  Still, the legs were out in full force and I again had to figure out some office-appropriate looks.  I received a comment in the last place asking where I worked; I'm interning at a knitwear manufacturing company and there's a mixture of creative and (mainly) smart-casual styles.  I'm not sure how smart I am, but I'm definitely trying to experiment and create new combinations for the changing season (and the temperamental air-conditioning).  How's the weather treating you where you are?

Cardigan, Dress - H&M
Jewellery - Topshop
Boots - Steve Madden

This is the result of an Easter Sunday H&M spree; a new boxy cardigan and a long body-con vest to wear underneath.

Shirt - Primark
Dress - Forever 21 
Lace Bandeau - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Vintage via Amacord
Lace Shorts - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden
Necklace - Pema boutique
Bracelet - Topshop

Is it just me, or is anyone else's Forever 21 clothing prone to shrinkage?  Luckily I had the trusty lace shorts to wear underneath my striped dress, but I'd better be careful when washing as this could soon become a top!

Lace top - New Look
Tank, Shorts, Jewellery - Topshop
Sandals - Steve Madden

Slightly frazzled expression = another hot day. 

Dress - Forever 21
Necklaces, boots - Topshop
Tights - Target

I finally had a much needed haircut (my fringe was getting out of control) and stopped by Target on the way to pick up some tights I saw here, to continue my sheer tights addiction.  This is one of those evening outfits; I normally buy a lot of casual stuff but this silk dress is one I seem to fall back on for night-time. 

I've been doing the typical studenty thing and sticking stuff on my walls (my Mum posted over some super strong Blu-Tack) to brighten up my temporary accommodation.  In the first photo you can see some of the lookbook images I picked up at the London Rooms press day and in the second I have my collection of NYC business cards.  I've been trying to pick up a card whenever I visit an interesting shop or restaurant, just as a memento for the eventual scrapbook I will create.  I'm also trying to (slowly) put together a Google Map of New York (here's an example of  another blogger's finished version), to help anyone planning to visit in the future.   I don't know why I'm thinking about the end of my time here, I know I have a few months left but time is going too quickly; I want to stay forever!

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Meet the Booties

8 April 2010

Gratuitous shoe porn; bring on the random Google searches

Work is getting hectic again but luckily these new Steve Maddens arrived during a busy day, and cheered me up no end.  I've been admiring lace-up ankle boots for a while (they seem prevalent of the feet of Williamsburg citizens); I tried searching eBay, I scoured the flea markets, all to no avail sizewise. It just so happened that a discount code landed in my inbox and these lace-ups were finally purchased; expect many future outfits featuring them.  They are also the fourth pair of boots I've purchased in NYC and my third pair of Steve Maddens; although I could quite happily keep buying boots, I wouldn't mind finding a pair of regular heels soon.  What's on your shoe wishlist?

Hope you're all having a great week, there's a mini-heatwave going on here at the moment!

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Little bit obsessed with lace... (OOTW)

5 April 2010

Lace can conjure up all kinds of scary images, namely curtains, doilies, weddings and underwear, yet there's something about this fabric that never fails to attract me.  Perhaps it's the fact that the result of such an ancient craft can be juxtaposed with modern styling to look feminine and pretty with a definite twist.  After all, it's a partially transparent fabric ripe for layering over solid colour, especially when in  the form of shirts, jackets and even trousers (but I wouldn't mind having a lace print on a loose t-shirt to create some kind of illusion).  It wasn't really a conscious decision to wear so much lace this week, but I guess I'm the kind of person that goes through obsessive phases with regards to clothing (I'm a great collector of things).  Have you found a love for lace this season?

Cardigan, necklaces - Topshop
Lace crop top - Vintage via Ebay
Blue tank - LF Stores
Leggings - Forever 21
Boots - Doc Martens

It rained 'cats and dogs' on Monday so donned my trusty Docs, as I haven't yet got round to buying some wellies/rainboots.  They've served me well so far, though I do wish I could've picked up another pair in this sale.

What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?  There was some lace worn but the photos just didn't make the cut...
Denim shirt, jewellery - Topshop
Stripe Tunic - Zara
Lace trimmed shorts - H&M
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Doc Martens

I was slightly nervous about the first lace shorts outing, but tested the waters by pairing them with a recent tights purchase and my much loved striped tunic. Seemed to get away with wearing this at work, though the look requires careful thought and planning.  Now two of my friends want to buy a pair....

Cardigan - Vintage via Beacons Closet
Tank, skirt, lace tights, jewellery - Topshop
Brogues - Office

My beloved lace tights have a hole in the side!  Luckily they aren't the kind to ladder, so can be repaired to preserve their longevity; the weather was slightly warmer on this day, so they were the perfect pair to wear.

Top - courtesy of Wildfox
Cardigan, socks - H&M
Necklace - Pema Boutique
Shorts, Bracelet - Topshop
Brogues - Office
Bag - Vintage via Milan

Unfortunately there was a distinct lack of lace on this day (though shoes like this could have changed that).   I wore this to the beach at Coney Island but seriously misjudged that the weather by the coast would be a lot cooler than Manhattan.  The OTK socks helped slightly but a jacket was definitely missed. 

Denim shirt, lace dress, bracelet, black tank- Topshop
Belt - Vintage via Amacord
Bag - Vintage via Milan
Boots - Steve Madden
Skull necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

The weather kept its promise and the bare legs were out again, with the trusty lace trimmed shorts just peeking through underneath the dress.  You might have guessed I am pretty obsessed with these shorts now and had to buy another pair, so that I don't have to wait between washes (the journey to the laundromat is always a traumatic one, with the amount of clothes I get through).  I might sound like a wannabe H&M employee, but their main benefit is versatility; you can make them the main feature of an outfit or just wear them for piece of mind under things. I'm sure I can come up with some new combinations soon...

Macy's is kitted out in flowers and butterflies at the moment and is looking amazing; I'm very tempted to buy some for myself to brighten up my room.  I also hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter Weekend!

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The London Look

1 April 2010

This post title will forever conjure up images of Kate Moss in the Rimmel adverts (where I heard her speak for the first time), but regional accents aside, you can't deny the creativity that comes out of London Fashion Week.  I was gutted to not be putting my press accreditation to good use this year (though Y-3 kind of eased the pain) so was delighted to receive an invite to The London Rooms press event at the swish Soho Grand hotel.  Perhaps running there after work, negotiating the subway and arriving somewhat dishevelled wasn't the best idea, but I made it there before the end.  Here's what I managed to take in after less than an hour...

A colourful, crafty explosion by Louise Gray; I love how each piece seems like it's been taken directly from Louise's wardrobe itself.

'Think outside the box' knits by James Long; apparently womenswear is in the pipeline, but I quite fancy these jumpers as they are.

'Erase all traces of the box' knits by Mark Fast; I believe some pieces were from his more affordable Faster collection and I hope I can stretch to some grid-like garments for some layering experimentation.

Love, love, love her illustrations

Bold lines and graphic prints by Holly Fulton, who I have a new found appreciation for after seeing her pop-art inspired designs.  Click onto her website and see the shoes she styled the lookbook with - perfection.

Skyscraper heels by Atalanta Weller; note the lovely view from the penthouse suite.  When can I move in, √† la Chuck Bass? 

Twisted classics by Todd Lynn; there are no words to describe the leather jacket except that I would feel about $20,000,000 wearing it.  How can I make this happen?

Kaleidoscopic prints by Mary Katrantzou; sound waves and blown glass were used as the basis for the season's hyper-real prints.  I hope accessories are in the works soon as I'm dying for a silk scarf (or even tights) featuring one of her designs.

Signature angular structure by David Koma; nothing says power-dressing like stegosaurus-style spikes and multiple zips.  I need the above skirt in my life, somehow.

Patchwork delights by Michael Van Der Ham; I loved the way he used vintage elements  (such as the cute ditsy print) in his work while remaining current.  The quirks in his collection remind me slightly of Charles Anastase's thrown-together looks. 

Woven and wonderful details by KTZ; I want to be wearing crazy motorcycle jeans now!

An impromptu bit of modelling by Jean-Pierre Braganza; unfortunately he was just packing up when I got to his stand, but he kindly showed me a few of the pieces.  There's a gorgeous cutaway dress I've seen in the lookbook, that I must try and recreate come Wintertime. 

You'd never guess this place was round the corner from Canal St, where hawkers kept trying to sell me fake bags.  I want the real thing, dammit!

And finally, a view of the surroundings.  LFW from afar; done (as usual I'll put all the extra photos here for your perusal). Which designers will you be wishing overseas success?

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