A simply stylish Shoreditch shindig

28 July 2010

Apologies for the 'Bloggers Block' of late, I'm not really sure why it's come about.  There's a lot I want to write about but my head is all over the place (I'm still unpacking/chucking to make my room liveable) but the worst is over now.  Everyone knows I love a good meet-up and after being in New York for almost 7 months (when will I stop going on about that), my knowledge of the London Blogger Scene was a bit rusty, so I was delighted to know that'd I'd be back in time for a Shoreditch meet-up organised by the lovely Fiona.  The venue was the Drunken Monkey, the menu was dim sum and cocktails, so I  gladly made the trek into East London (albeit whilst comparing the furnace-like Tubes with the breezy subways).  Once I'd arrived I loved seeing British Style in all it's finery through all the bloggers (Jennifer even has an East London Street Style blog that I can't stop browsing), which definitely has an element of thrown-together fun. 

I hope I haven't soured the relationships with my new found friends by stealing all their pictures!  Please forgive me Natasha, Kate, Mariana and Lira!

Bloggers are an open, friendly sort of species and conversations ranged from weddings to facial expressions, though unfortunately the atmosphere was rather loud and I probably mis-heard a few things.  I fully overindulged due to the endless amounts of set-menu food and had to leg it to the last train home, but the others managed to spend the night dancing away in the Electricity Showrooms. How I wished I lived in Central London!

I look forward to seeing my new buddies again and meeting some more over the next few months; these are just the kind of people to get me loving London again!

 Role call
Alex (who has a rather nice Chanel bag)
Fiona (is always up to something interesting)
Lucy (I'm rather envious of her shoes)
Reena (is always inexplicably glamourous)
Natasha (who quite possibly has the best job ever)
Frankie (face of a Motorola phone, don't you know)
Maria and Nik (very jealous of their proximity to reduced ASOS-ness)
Kate B (blogs about spaces I would quite like to live in)
Kate A (is always up to something interesting)
Mariana (lives in one of my favourite places, Brighton)
Jennifer (takes lovely pictures in the heart of East London)
Lira (sports fetching attire)
Cillian (representing menswear I need to steal)
Tor & Jenny (always stylish)

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A few degrees makes all the difference...

17 July 2010

So I'm back in London and surrounded by a Sea of Suitcases (perhaps a potential new blog name) due to some serious splurging whilst overseas.  It hasn't really sunk in that I'm home, but I've mainly been getting over the jetlag and catching up with British TV rather than dressing up.  It doesn't help that my camera decided to break during my last week, so whilst it's being fixed, here are a few Williamsburg outfit pictures taken by awesome photographer Rachel.

 Playsuit, bag - Vintage via Brooklyn Flea (bought during this post)
Belt - Vintage via Angels (actually broke this whilst eating one of those huge deli burritos, but it luckily still fits)
Shoes - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Brooklyn and more Brooklyn Flea, could this outfit get any more Brooklyn?  How I miss that place

 Shirt - Primark
Bralet - Urban Outfitters
Hareems, Bracelet - Topshop
Sandals - Steve Madden
Necklaces, bag - as before
Sunnies - H&M

I was desperate for cooler weather whilst in New York and now I've got my wish!  Of course the previous bare-legged and zero cover-up look won't really do and I'm looking forward to wearing a few light layers complete with tights or knee highs once my unpacking is complete.  I've collected a few looks that would for the British 'summer' to get me inspired and I'm looking forward to trying some London outfit posts (there is now an area in my house with a clean white wall) once my camera is fixed.  What have you been wearing for the 'summer' where you live?  Is it as temperamental as the UK?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm still thinking that prices are in dollars and can see myself overspending massively!

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Nothing to Declare

13 July 2010

Sorry for being a bad blogger this week, but I'm in a reflective sort of mood.  This involves wandering aimlessly around various parts of Manhattan, realising what I'm going to be leaving behind and attempting to pack three inevitably overweight bags. Of course returning home after 6 months will take a lot of getting used to, so while I'm not posting due to pleading with my parents for a walk in wardrobe and buffalo wings every night, why not check out some of my favourite NYC posts?

Metaphorical bridge picture

This post is my last from New York and although I've missed seeing my family and friends for 6 months (and sweltered in the heat), I don't think I'm ready to leave.  If you ever get the oppurtunity to live here, take it, as you will learn a lot about a great city and most importantly, yourself.  However sad I might be, the moping ends here.  Even though I'm determined to go back to work and live in the Big Apple, I have more immediate situations at hand, namely dissertation research, final year inspiration and bonding with the city I was born in, London. 

Really healthy food at Coney Island

However the random things I will miss are:

1. Hulu.com working
2. Soho/Lower East Side/Williamsburg/Park Slope/Chelsea/Greenwich Village/Meatpacking District
3. Cheap hairdressers
4. Cheap subway
5. People loving my accent
6. Crazy food portions
7. Beacons Closet
8. Amazing sandwiches/Buffalo wings
9. Actually being able to visit the places mentioned on The Cut and Refinery 29
10. Knowing that the price is pounds is somewhat less, making $12 cocktails bearable

Determined to smuggle Crumbs into the UK

Proper posting and reflections to resume once I'm in London!

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6 July 2010

The last-but-one week has just been a whirlwind; I finished my internship, said goodbyes to friends and have temporarily turned into a tourist, meaning that I've not been home a lot and have been eating a lot of Mexican food.  I have a list of things to cover before I leave, presents to buy for various family members and a serious packing mission should I choose to accept it.  With 8 days to go, here is a mish-mash of photos from the penultimate week in NYC.

Went back to Met and saw the amazing Bambu sculpture on the roof.  People were actually walking around the upper levels as part of a guided tour.

Also managed to get the courage to snap this outfit at the American Woman exhibition (the mojitos on the rooftop bar certainly helped); I really love the embroidery of the lady playing tennis

The last two pairs of new shoes, bringing the total to 8

Random plaques near the library

Gotta love the views from the rooftops

Williamsburg graffiti

The Marc Jacobs spree includes a new tin for all my knitting paraphernalia for final year

The Intrepid was a source of unexptected inspiration

Went a bit crazy at the huge Forever 21 in Times Square; I'm lucky it only opened now otherwise my luggage situation could have been a lot worse.  Wish I could've picked up those paper sculptures...

My view of the spectacular July 4th Fireworks

Being chased by waves at Rockaway Beach; doesn't quite compare with Jamaica, but still fun nonetheless

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