Old vs New

27 January 2011

I like old things.  I like new things.  But which is better?  There's only one way to find out, FIGHT!  Okay Harry Hill references aside, I feel as there's a constant battle in my wardrobe between the old favourites I love and the new purchases I'm still getting to know.  I'm the first to admit I'm a slight shopaholic, with the magpie-like tendencies of wanting to acquire new things but I also want to make more of what I already have and remember the reasons why I chose such items in the first place.  I think this will be my 2011 mantra and ultimately aid me in culling some of my forgotten items.  Let's see how I've fared in one of those very few and far between 'Outfits of the Week' posts, with pictures taken in between hermit-like days of dissertation writing.

hat polka dot skirt grey lace top

polka dot skirt grey lace top

close up panther ring

Hat - H&M
Cardigan - Charity Shop
Top - New Look
Bodysuit - Asos
Brogues - Office
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Jewellery - Brooklyn, Forever 21, Topshop

First outing with my new hat!  I do want to become a bit more of a hat person as I loved wearing my straw number I bought at the yard sale over the Summer.  I went for the brown version of this hat as it looked like it would suit this transitional sort of weather and also contrasts nicely with my hair.  The only problem is that it kept trying to blow away and I dropped my phone trying to rescue it!  Bad times!  The lace top is quite an old item I bought in New Look towards the end of 2009 and the skirt was purchased in New York back in June.  The 'Old vs New' rating is maybe about 6?  It's hard to define when exactly an item becomes old as my style seems to change frequently and certain clothes no longer seem relevant.  Does it matter whether you've had an item for several months or several years?

asos white top maxi dress

suede boots tattoo tights

Dress - The Scarlet Room
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Satchel - Tom Brown
Jewellery - Forever 21, Topshop, DIY

I think the oldest items in this outfit are the tights and dress bought in May and August respectively, but everything else is a lot more recent.  I layered another Asos bargain top (this colour sold out but it went down to £6) over the maxi dress to create a more layered look, which also harps at the anti-fit trend I mentioned earlier.  The problem with anti-fit is that it doesn't photograph very well (the main photo could have very well ended up being in the rejected folder), but in reality I felt perfectly fine and comfortable.  I've also had fun bonding with my new satchel; it's very fiddly to open but I love the simplicity of the design and authentic back-to-school feel.

tartan tights black brogues

Jacket, socks, necklace - Topshop
Dress - Asos
Brogues - Office
Tights - Calzedonia
Ring - Forever 21
Belt - Angels Sale

When I buy things, I like to have multiple ideas in mind as how to wear them and make each outfit different, which can be a challenge with this distinctive dress.  I find that what makes it look interesting are the tights and accessories I pair it with, so I reverted to my trusted tartan pair bought in September 2009.  Even though I have so many pairs of tights, I can always rely on this maroon pair to add a slight schoolgirl edge to an outfit so they're constantly being worn and washed.  The leather jacket is also rather old, bought in my pre-blogging days in October 2007 after my first ever student loan payment.  I think a lot of Asda Smartprice may have been eaten that month.

yellow asos dress grey blazer satchel
I wish I could take more pictures outside, all of my indoors ones have turned a bit blue.  I blame Flickr!  If only I were brave enough to take them in the shared garden...thanks to my friend Claire for taking these!

circle scarf horse necklace

Wednesday (again)
Jacket - East End Thrift Store
Circle Scarf - American Apparel
Dress - Asos
Tights, bracelet - Topshop (lace and green pair layered)
Shoes - Ebay
Satchel - Tom Brown
Jewellery - Forever 21
Nails - Models Own Purple Ash

I had to pop down to London randomly for the day and in a effort to look vaguely smart, yet still creative, I decided to wear my brand new Asos dress.  It's a truth result of the word-of-mouth phenomenon, I'd see it on Katie in blue, who'd previously seen Alex wear it at fashion week.  I think I  must have also seen it on this blogger and subconsciously put it to the back of my mind, before I saw it again on one of my frequent Asos visits and decided to buy.  I don't often wear a lot of brights and I know I should really make the most of the whole skin-tone-contrast thing, so I decided to go for the aptly named 'oil yellow' shade.  Unfortunately I managed to spill my Chipotle on it and without the disguising virtues of black, it was visible for all to see later on.  Now where's my Stain Devils?  The blazer is the oldest item in this post bought way back in April 2009.

dissertation is complete

I'm so happy I finally handed my dissertation in!  I apologise for all of my Twitter rants about it, it's quite tricky to write academically when you're not used to it and I've a new found respect for all the fashion marketing students (as well as any student who does an essay based subject).  My topic was the whole 'Bloggers as Brands' aspect and it was definitely interesting to research (aka read about 500 blogs) and get my teeth into the whole phenomenon.  My conclusion was slightly rushed in the end everything got a bit muddled with numerous articles popping up at the last minute; I could've gone on for ever but only had 7,000 words in which to do so!  Despite the crazy amounts of Harvard referencing (had to pop Elisabeth and Disney Roller Girl in my bibliography, very surreal), I'm glad I chose this as my topic as it's something very personal to me.  I should've asked you this earlier, but do you think fashion bloggers are the new fashion brands?

Thanks for all the comments on the previous Tumblr related post, but don't fret; I'm not jumping ship!

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  1. That spotty skirt is adorable, I'm a sucker for anything with polka dots on! Congratulations on handing in your dissertation, I really need to knuckle down with mine now :S

    Maria xxx

  2. i can't describe how much i adore your satchel! i so need to find myself something similar. love the hat on you too, i recently bought myself two floppy hats which i'm looking forward to wearing when the weather gets warmer! the outside shots of you are great, the colour of your dress is beautiful.

    yay for finishing your dissertation! xxx

  3. I really love the first and last outfit! yellow just looks so great on you!

    xo, Joll from www.jollburrfashion.blogspot.com

  4. love love love these outfits! kristabel you look amazing!


  5. Lovee the spotty skirt too and that yellow dress is awesome. I'm holding off buying it for now since the Zara one is similar-ish!!

    Love both outfits and the cambridge satchel is so perfect! I want it in red...but beginning to think I like red a bit too much these days!

  6. Ooooh, I adore that yellow dress. Stunning on you!

    I'm terrible with the old/new thing. I love buying new things and will wear exciting new items over old favourites just because they're new. Then they get old and more new stuff is purchased! I'm trying to be better though, and doing the 30 for 30 challenge (30 items reworked over 30 days and no shopping) - you should join me! :)

    I laughed at your comment about your shared garden... I take all my photos out in our shared garden. Our neighbours think I'm an actual mental. :) xx

  7. Love all your outfits, in particular the first, that polka dot skirt looks lovely! And the yellow dress! (also cute necklace with it). I know what you mean.. gosh I should really get rid of some stuff in my closet...xx

  8. babe you handed in your DISCO! YAAAAAAY!!

  9. I looove the last outfit- bright colours really suit you!

    Your dissertation sounds really interesting, I'm basing mine on the blogosphere as well, and it is so weird to analyse something you kinda take for granted.


  10. Love all the jewellery in this post especially the tree necklace! And the horse! Also, you look amazing in yellow.

    Huge congrats on handing in your dissertation too! Well done, lady!

    PS The word verification on this comment is 'undies'. Hee!

  11. Your tights collection never ceases to amaze. I think I love every pair more than the next.

    I'm not sure where old ends and new starts, so if I can't figure out how to qualify a certain piece, I usually just add "-ish" to the end. It's perfectly vague and people generally don't question me.

    Congratulations on finishing your dissertation. I find the whole blogging as a brand and business thing very interesting and would love to read your thoughts one day.

    Oh, and as always, you look pretty, pretty!

  12. really liking that tom brown satchel...

  13. Absolutely love that sunny yellow dress - perfect antidote to freezing January weather!

    Sounds like a great dissertation topic - the branding/business side to blogging is a fascinating discussion!

  14. If you ever want to rid yourself of old things...

    I have serious wardroble and tights envy!

  15. yep you're totally right, when buying something I want it to be versatile aswell. old and new things mixed together = perfect match. I always match a vintage blazer with new clothes.

  16. your dissertation sounds really interesting! Any chance you could do a post about it? I'm working on my thesis at the moment and I can't wait to finish it. You must feel amazing!

  17. Interesting post. I am not sure that I see bloggers as fashion brands but they certainly hold influence, maybe they are more brand ambassadors than actual brands? That yellow dress is killer and can I please have your jewellery collection?! Thanks for the blog comment.

    Carol x

  18. i just wrote a massive post but it got screwed up! was saying your old clothes are pretty new really aren't they, yo have a long way to go. my oldest, that i still wear are prob about 3 years old.

    enjoying the greenish hat. good stuff getting all the work in, bet it's a good read.

  19. Interesting! Some bloggers are definitely brands... some are just more subtle about it than others, I think. I would actually really love to read your dissertation, if possible!

    I'm doing mine on fashion blogs as well (on Tumblr blogs, actually!), but from a health perspectives... about the spread of images.

  20. kb you are absolutely as cute as a button. I love how your style is so individual yet your outfits never look same-y. I really enjoyed peeking at all of these. My 1 payday treat (wah to being poor even on payday!) is the ASOS dress in blue. It's such a good all round season item, cannot wait to have my mits on it! x

  21. Ooh, dissertation sounds interesting. Are you going to be sharing any of it?

  22. i like the first outfit!! it looks perfectly cute on you :) xxx es


  23. I love the first outfit, so cute! I also love the asos dress, I have it in black and adore this colour but it really wouldn't work on me :( xx

  24. Major congrats on getting the dissertation in! I am so bad for loving all the new things inmy wardrobe and forgetting the olf favourites, I need to get back to wearing them more!

  25. I usually wear old combined with new, but I have this thing that when I have new clothes I always wait for 'special occassion' for which to wear it! Silly i know!
    I was gonna writ my dissertation on Politics of Fashion but found it way too hard to find any relevant sources,so bummer. But I would LOVE to read yours.. I think they are becoming brand like, and I think brands are already catching on but I think they will use us a lot more in the future, and both sides will benefit of course :)

  26. omg I'm so impressed by the "lace + dots" combo! It's really stunning!
    And you're always so chic, let me tell you! :D
    Have a nice weekend!

  27. I love your style ! My favorite is the first outfit !

  28. TOO much outfit inspiration in this post! You have exquisite style, girl! You accessorise to perfection. I need a masterclass in it!

    You dissertation looks awesome and that subject is so good, wish I'd thought of it! So glad to be shot of my dissertation now. Feels a-ma-zing. Hope you're enjoying your freedom :)


  29. Love the blog and your style :)

    Good taste too as I have the same forever 21 leopard ring ;) hehe.

    Btw your dissertation sounds really interesting. It seems like yesterday I was doing mine...I kinda miss those days!


  30. I love that skirt! And the jewellery is lovely :)

  31. Love the 3rd look the best


  32. I really love how you're not afraid to wear patterns and bright colors.

  33. I freaking love your Tom Brown's Satchels Oxford bag! Fit style.