A Random Giveaway

30 January 2011

To celebrate the end of January and the continued blog support I've decided to hold a little giveaway  with a few random items I've collected.  Most of them were purchased by me, albeit gradually and they're just a few items I love to have in my life.

a random giveaway

The prizes are:
A pair of Asos Two Tone Over the Knee socks to pull up or roll down
A Cath Kidston Mug which I may need to buy again for myself
A mini red Moleskine notebook for any quick musings, blog related or otherwise
A black Models Own x Wah Nails nail art pen to try out some leopard print, spots or stripes
A small box of Ping Pong Jasmine Tea to try out with your brand new mug!

The competition is only open to those in the UK and Europe as I'm posting it myself and it weighs a fair bit.  I will try and think up some smaller giveaways that can be posted worldwide in the future.

All you need to enter the competition is do the following:
1. Ask me a question to be answered in a future FAQ post.  There is no random.org number choosing to win this competition; make the question as interesting, thought provoking, abstract or as simple as you like and it could win the prize.  It could be about fashion, knitting, New York, London or even about blogging in general.  Bear in mind I can't answer anything too personal and if you comment saying 'Nice blog! Follow me?' you won't be entered.  Leave an e-mail address so I can contact you if you don't have a blog.

2. Make sure you are following by Blogger, Bloglovin or Facebook.  You wouldn't want to miss out on any more competitions, would you?!

Simples.  The competition will close on Monday 28th February (hopefully I will have worked out by then the best way to send the mug) and I'll post the answers plus the winning question.  Any tweets about the competition will be welcomed but bear in mind it won't help you win!  Ask away!

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  1. Hey =]

    How do you post each day or regulary? I always forget to post or am too busy. Any tips and tricks?

    already following.

    xxx Susan

  2. If you could create a new cupcake flavour, what would you choose and why?
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  3. I know style influences can rapidly change with the seasons but do you have someting that continually inspires you?

    Love the blog, keep up the hard work!


  4. was their ever a time in your life where you supressed your fashion sense or fealt self concious about your style? Or did you always express yourself through clothing?


  5. What was your favourite part about living in New York and how do you think your time there has influenced you? :)
    Charlotte xx

  6. Lovely idea for a giveaway, I really like everything you've chosen?

    Who or what has inspired you the most? In terms of fashion or life in general?

  7. If you could (without having to think about money or anything), would you go back to New York, or would you visit somewhere else instead?

    @EmNaomi on twitter :)

  8. Do you feel like a minority because the majority fashion bloggers are white? How does it affect your blogging, if it even does at all?


  9. If you were to go to a desert Island what three fashion items would you take with you?



  10. This is the subject of my dissertation, so I thought I'd combine your giveaway with my studies :-) Its always interesting to hear an extra opinion!

    How would you define 'vintage' clothing? Does it have to be from a particular era etc to be considered vintage?
    Have highstreet moguls sort of re-branded old clothes as 'vintage' and therefore cashed in on the recent cultural phenomenon of recycling, eco-fashion, and second-hand clothing made 'trendy' by the likes of bloggers, celebrities and looking to street style over the catwalk?


  11. Oooh loving this Kristabel, those are some lovely prizes! Some of the questions above are really interesting.

    Mine is:

    What is your favourite memory EVER. One that never fails to put a smile on your face and makes you feel all content and happy?

  12. :( sniffles i wanna be able to enter!!


  13. I've got you on Bloglovin'!

    Can you see yourself blogging forever, or have you not really thought about it? Is there a certain cut off point that you've already considered, or would getting a certain job make you want to, or feel you needed to stop? Or would you want to make sure your job means you can keep on blogging?


  14. Hello :)
    SO my question is: if you can change for one day to some other person (it should person from present, past, future) who would it be?

    However I just found your blog I completely fall in love with it :)



  15. From a fashion perspective, if you could time travel backwards and write a blog during any period of history, (computers were SO invented) what era would it be and why?

  16. If you could move 5 things from New York to where you live what would they be?

    Carol x
    (@CazSchuh twitter)

  17. Hello! Such a gorgeous blog and giveaway. I'd love to know how you go about setting up for your OOTDs, what tripod, camera etc etc you use. A sort of technical element of the OOTDs :).

    Email: goldilocksblogsxoxo@gmail.com.

    Seriously love your blog btw :).


  18. Hiya, so my question is:
    What inspired you to start blogging and what is your favourite fashion store?

    Lola :)


  19. who/what was your inspiration to blog and why x]

    thanks x


  20. If you could choose a city wherever in the world, where would you want to live and why?

    If you could choose a designer with whom you could work, who would you pick and why?



  21. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it, enter me please!

    My question is:
    You're stranded on a desert island with only your favourite Valentino scarf, a packet of wine gums, £1.30 and some buttons. What are you wearing and what will you do?xxx

  22. I love the items you have chosen!

    If you could only wear one colour (excluding black and white!) for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? This is head to toe, from hats to socks ;)

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I really want to know the answer to all of these questions though :)

  23. During your life have you ever felt oppressed or unable to express yourself through your individual fashion sense and was there a specific moment or gradual time scale where your fashion really started to take form and your fashonista came out? Why? ;)

    How you'll read all these I don't know lol.


  24. Love this giveaway!!

    How and why did you start blogging? Do you feel that your blog has evolved with your life?

  25. My Question :
    British Fashion is incredibly diverse. And i think you are an amazing example of this - who are you British inspirations from past/present. They dont even have to be famous - just whos style do you admire?

  26. I would like to join the contest. Too bad I'm from Asia :(

  27. What do you see as the main differences in style between London and New York and why do you think that is?

  28. Im new to this blogging thing but been reading yours for a while and really enjoy it!
    My question is : What fashion rules are made to be broken? and what are your most unexpected items that work?

  29. Kristabel , this is amazing! I love your blog and I love how generous you're being in this giveaway! I've had a little red moleskin on my to buy list for a while now :) And even if I don't win, hopefully you answer loads of awesome questions and we can get to know you better that way! :)
    Ok, so now a question..
    If you were to write a book, what would it be about and what would the title be?

  30. What is your favourite trend/ fashion statement and how would you make it achievable for anyone and everyone?



  31. hey! i've been following your blog for a little while know, I like the way you write it makes for an interesting read + your cute moodboards too. Great competition such pretty things...

    Im gonna post two questions because i can't decide

    1. what is your favourite smell?
    2. if you could have one piece of art, what would you choose (person it's by too ) + your reasoning

    from bibi over at bibiandtheantlers.blogspot.com

  32. Love the Cath Kidston mug! It's absolutely adorable! Anyway, though I won't be eligible to enter the giveaway; I have a question for you! (Hope it's okay!:D)

    With so many popular fashion bloggers around; and with an increasing number of them doing collabs with fashion giants and magazines; blogging has never been that lucrative! What do you think are the impacts they would have on someone who is just starting to blog; and what do you think of awards/recognitions that always seems to go to the same "veterans" in fashion blogging?

    Or if this is too wordy for you; (after your dissertation!) what is your most favorite thing that you've already own; and why? Could you show us a picture of it?;p Heh.

    Thanks for your comment btw! It's really unfortunate how we always find some of the yummiest food on our travels and not somewhere convenient; like someplace where you go right down the corner or something; anyway; I really love your outfit on both Wednesdays from your prev post! That skirt; and the pop of yellow is gorgeous!

  33. Jesus, this comment window is minimized so my comment seemed pretty much like an essay! Lol! So terribly sorry about my endless musings! And if anything seems kinda odd to you; ignore it! I'm typing this in the middle of the night and I'm so sleep deprived! xx

  34. Hi Kristabel,

    Great prizes; have a v similar Cath Kidston mug I would love to find a partner for - my friend bought it for me when I was doing my Finals and it was such a lifesaver (and the perfect size for massive caffeine hits..).

    My question is, given that blogging and shopping are such big parts of your life, if push came to shove, which would you give up if you had to? You can shop but never blog - or read anyone else's blogs (let's go further, you're not even allowed to read fashion mags or anything)- OR you can still immerse yourself in this creative, inspirational world, but with no additions to your wardrobe.

    Completely unrealistic, I know! Would love to know the answers to the other questions, too.



  35. I wow I love different teas haha

    How do you get to go to all the lovely events that you do?

    Do you go to them alone?

    Do you get nervous meeting people in real life that you already know from blogging?


  36. You've chosen such lovely prizes!

    I'd like to ask, when you save inspiration pics and post on tumblr, do you end up transferring this into your daily/real life outfits? I get really guilty of trawling through endless blogs thinking oh that's a great look, I should try something like that but never do if I feel I have nothing similar in my wardrobe ... sorry, I hope you understand what I mean and I don't sound too confusing or just crazy! :P


  37. If you had to pick one outfit to wear FOREVER! What would it be?

  38. Mmkay, had a couple of qs but am going to narrow it down to one:

    What has been the best consequence of writing this blog?

    Chuck x

  39. Hi there, just started following your blog as I recently moved to London...which leads me to my question...

    Where's your favourite place for vintage shopping in London?

    Rachel x

  40. P.S. Love the Cath Kidston mug! Have one but would love to add another to my collection :)

  41. This sounds so bad but I honestly can't remember if I've already entered or not!

    I follow you on blogger and my question is: If you had a boat, what would you name it and why?


  42. Hi,

    If you had to pick between fashion and blogging which would you pick and why?


  43. Im following on facebook. :)
    Would you like to live in NYC one day? Its a dream of mine to live in AMerica but Im always worried about the downfalls like no NHS, how about you? :)
    Nadine x

  44. i have only just found this but i will now be following you as what you say is really interesting.

    my question is, do you think we are influenced to much by what celebrities wear, just beacause they wear it does it mean we should?

  45. Do you consider ethics of something before you suggest it . For example wearing fur or sweat shop production clothes ? Regards Amanda

  46. Hi, love your blog. Discovered it today, am now following through Bloglovin.

    What's the one thing in your life that changed you?


  47. HIYA!
    I follow you everywhere.
    marry me? seriously.

  48. I can tell you like wearing prints. If you could only be wearing one kind of print, what would it be? For example graphic, or music inspired?


  49. If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be? why? and what would you make? <3


  50. Hello!
    I was wondering.If you could knit something that would represent New York and London what would it be?What colours?Would it be a piece of clothing or accessory?Who would be the designer that you'd trust these designs with?And why?And which celeb would you have as the "face" of each creation?

    I'm following via GFC.

  51. If you were an odd pink sock in a draw... where would your other half be?

    Silly question I know but I'm intrigued!

    I love your blog, I've just discovered it and can't wait to read it more :)

    Lottie xx

  52. rosedl@hotmail.co.uk
    please enter me!
    my question is, How do you find the perfect piece of knitwear? What is the way to determine a great quality of knitwear

    sorry bit of a shit question i just love knitwear! and i have just learnt to knit and would like to maybe do it at college in my fashion course i do next year! so i thought I'd ask!


  53. Helloooo

    My question:

    When you first started blogging, which bloggers/writers at that time were your inspiration?

    I ask as I'm a new(ish) blogger, i started mine in 2009 as a uni module project and want to blog reguarly.


  54. Hey!
    I'm interested in nail art (you can see some reviews and posts about it on my blog if you're interested, but I won't self promote, just let me know if you want me to send the link!!) so...

    I love the Layla Graffiti topcoat, because it's so effective and takes seconds to apply. What's your recommendation for a high impact nail art technique or product that is a bit of a 'cheat'?


  55. How did you think about the design for your blog? It's so clean, but colourful, and who did the illustrations! What did you think was important to include?

    I follow via Google Friend Connect!