23 January 2011

Blogger and I have a strange sort of relationship.  I am in love with its feeling of community and affinity with all that is Google.  I dislike its clumsy way of replying to comments, lack of freedom with creating posts and the weird formatting thing it does to my links page (ok maybe I am partially to blame).  Recently my eyes have wandered to Tumblr; it's not quite an affair but a definite flirtation.  As much as I love blogging here, I can't really churn out posts due to the general indecisiveness when I write.  My Tumblr allows me to catalogue all of my recent inspirations and keep the origins intact, it's not really a replacement for this blog but a welcome friend.  Similarly to the post where I made up my own Spring 2011 trends, here are some bits and bobs I've liked, reblogged and found myself.
I have provided links to the original blogs where I can, but have inevitably used Tumblr as a virtual middleman when finding and retaining these images.  Through subconsciously gathering what I like, I can now deduce that I'm obsessed with crazy layers, maxi-skirts, collars and random prints.  Lovely jubbly.

December Tumblr Archive
171 Tumblr posts in one month?  That'd be unheard of for me on Blogger!

I especially like the archive feature, where you can view all of your previous posts at a glance.  It seems that in December I was quite partial to baggy jumpers over skirts, vintage-style coats and yet again, more maxi skirts!  It'll be interesting to see how what I like changes throughout the year; what are your thoughts on making these sorts of posts a regularity?

denim shirt high waisted skirt
Where did this image come from originally?  I can only link the Tumblr I saw it on...  
Now I know it's from here, through the magic of comments...

I've definitely become a fan of this new platform and I love the way it's so easy to remember the sources with its bookmark button.  Unfortunately the origins of certain images can sometimes get lost,  which is a shame (I've started a Tumblr patrol for a few bloggers to keep an eye on things).  It can  become simply about the image, rather than the person behind it as they're taken so far from the original context.  I've tried to rectify this by visiting some of the blogs in question and have found some great new reads as a result but unfortunately when pictures aren't credited properly, the image is just one of many floating around the internet.

Have you stepped over to the other side yet?  Did you step right back into the Blogger (or even Wordpress) garden?  Ultimately I am using Tumblr as an addition to this blog and the two will never really become blurred,  as still I do love to waffle on a bit here but not over there.  I now have two, the first being a general fashion-related scrapbook and the second for knitwear inspiration and there's no doubt I will turn to them once Uni work becomes more stressful. Link me your Tumblrs if you have them and let me know why you love (or even hate) them!

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  1. I really loved this post and how you have set it out, please don't leave us for tumblr, although I can see it's gravitational pull. It's so lovely re-bogging and linking to all the amazing pictures and it tracks the source most the time, I always go on it to wonder in all the prettyness. Xxxx

  2. I tried tumblr for a while, but honestly prefer blogger for what I do. I do love a good browse on tumblr though! x

  3. Inspirating pictures are so important to discover what we love !

  4. aw thank you so much for sharing,
    such a good inspiration <3
    i love layering!

  5. i am in love with your blog - fact. i've just started following, so please don't leave blogger for tumblr!

    i do like a bit of tumble myself. i mainly use it as my online photo dump, like you do, and keep the words for blogger. it does nark me when i see a photo from a blog i know & love without credit though. mostly because i wonder if the blogger knows their image is being scattered across the internet in such a way - especially if it's a face shot etc. although that's a whole other topic! in short, stay here. yeah. x

  6. don't leave us for tumblr! i know what you mean: tumblr is so fluid, rapid and creative, like a living moodboard. but i think writing is better suited to blogger :) xx

  7. Tumblr is a bit addictive isn't it? I love it as a microblogging site, it's amazing for searching out inspiration and beautiful photo after beautiful photo.

    I find it kind of weird when people use it as their main blogging platform though. I don't know why, it's really no different from using blogger, it just seems wrong to see lots of text on a tumblr! And tumblr definitely feels less interactive to me.

  8. Love this collection of pictures! Tumblr is good, but I think I prefer Blogspot tbh!

    That last picture (I loveeee that skirt) is this girl http://chloecwaugh.blogspot.com/
    the outfit is here http://lookbook.nu/look/1495367-Electric-Feel


    Love Chloe... x

  9. i started a tumblr just to log random photos but I haven't used it for months. I love look through all the pictures on your one though. very inspirational

    Hannah xx

  10. Haven't tried Tumblr - will prob stick with Wordpress now as it's what I'm used to. Love that mustard skirt and also the pleated ones. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  11. Love all the inspiration in this post! Pretty collars, super sized skirts, beautiful photography!

    I started blogging on Tumblr a few years ago, but found the format hard to work with as my main focus is always on the words. I moved over to Blogger but am now just as frustrated with the platform, if not more so. Blogger is so very annoying in so many ways! x

  12. So funny you posted about this, as I just made my own tumblr a few days ago. I too am not completley in love yet, but of course it has its pros and cons just as everything does. I save so much stuff on my computer already, I just wanted a place to have it all together. I don't think mine is going to be very fashion related though, so I may not even end up linking it from my blog... it's just for my own personal satisfaction, really!

    I actually looked at yours the other day, too! Much love!!


  13. Love love love these :) :)

    Great inspirations and lovely layout !!

    Char x

  14. I adore Tumblr so much and Blogger can do my head in sometimes but they both have their cons. I'm such a Tumblr obsessive, the dashboard never ends haha! I don't use my just for fashion, I usually just reblog pictures that I like and most of my 'inspiration' posts on Blogger, the pictures come from Tumblr.
    I've been following your Tumblr for ages now and it's fantastic and you have a great layout. I noticed that more and more fashion blogger are also creating a Tumblr, aren't they?

    x x x x

  15. The collars section is amazing! I think I love necklaces on top of fully buttoned up blouses! Seriously, it's like a second picture like that and it made me just float inside, so I gotta give it a try!

  16. perfect the pics you have chosen!!

  17. I love Tumblr. I use it to store my style inspiration images (my c: drive is thanking me for it) and I too also love the way the archive looks. I did try to include that style on my blog but I failed-you do it so much better.

    I'm following now.

    Mines: http://strutmode.tumblr.com/

  18. wow! wonderful pics! so inspired!
    love colars!

  19. Love your picks!

    Thanks for the blog comment, be sure to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! :o)



  20. I feel too contrainted with Tumblr! Blogger gives me a lot more flexibility I think. Tumblr is sort of like a dumping ground which I use sporadically, I think I need to figure it out properly though! Love all of the inspiration pics

  21. I do love tumblr!
    At first I thought it was hard to understand how it works, but then I realised it's so simple and practical!
    Actually I didn't know you had a tumblr page! I'm following you :D
    (you will see me as "Kikki" or something similar LOL)

  22. Tumblr's definitely a more visual platform. I'm a writer at heart and I don't have the time or patience to perfect Wordpress customizations so I'll probably stick with Blogger, but Tumblr seems like a great way of tracking inspiration and collecting it into a repository of sorts.

  23. banging blog i am now followin too! I was wondering about Tumblr, but dont think it can really ever replace blogger in my heart. xx


  24. I love this post and all the lovely trends you picked that are so delightfully current and spot on in my opinion! You should ALSO try Wordpress too! it is rad!

  25. You are incredibly awesome for doing this! You should definitely do more of these posts! And what can I say; I'm loving the long, long skirts best; and if I had my way; I'd layer all that I can in SG!

  26. Your knitwear tumblr has been great for research for one of my trends...x


  27. I've heard of tumblr but never tried it... want to look into it ! Enter my giveaway to win a bottle of Chanel nail color HERE :)

  28. We follow each others tumblr's already...well actually I thought we did but I just noticed I wasn't following you - now rectified! I can really see the appeal of tumblr over blogger, but like you say, I only use mine as an addition to my main blog, especially as nearly all the photos I post aren't my own. I usually just end up reblogging stuff on mine so that I have a collection of photos I like for possible future blog posts & to just look back at! If I was to post any pictures I had found, I'd make an effort to credit properly...I know a few of my photos are floating around tumblr but so far they've always been credited & linked to my blog.

    I actually didn't know about the archive feature, I'll have to check that out...regular 'tumblr love' posts would be a really good idea!

  29. I started off my blog on tumblr and then moved to blogger and to be honest I don't even really know why. I guess I kind of felt like if I wasn't on something like blogger or wordpress then I wasn't a proper blogger...peer pressure?! Great post though.

    Carol x

  30. Thanks for replying and for the suggestions..x


  31. I really like the way you compiled your Tumblr pics for this post. Clean, yet visually interesting. I do use tumblr (youlooksocool.tumblr.com), and I find it more enjoyable than Blogger sometimes, because I can just post a picture -- I don't need to write anything, and I post exactly what I want, without any concern for what viewers want to see (which is probably why I have 1 follower... ha. thanks, diamondcanopy!).

    On the other hand, there is nothing like the satisfaction of finishing an awesome blog post, replete with pictures and awesome prose.

  32. i really love all these images that you've posted. they are lovely and those thick scarves are a definite "covet item" for me. =)

    i have never used tumblr, i just don't really like that it makes it difficult to follow or comment on any tumblr blogs. i adore blogger. i know a lot of people are really into wordpress, but i am such a blogger girl. google can do no wrong in my eyes. =P

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  33. I think Tumblr is indeed better than Blogger. A bit hard when it comes to editing the layout but easier when it comes to creating a post and pages.

    Infact, I am just using Tumblr with my website as well. :)

    OT: Followed you at Google Connect and liked your Facebook fanpage. Hope you do the same for me as well. Links can be found on my homepage, if ever. :)

  34. Hi, I've just started following your blog over at bloglovin'. I'm glad this is the first post I've fell upon of yours. I started a tumblr round about April time of 2009 and I instantly fell in love (it has the same effect with many others too, haha). I've been addicted to it since! It's a great way to just post inspiration instantly rather than making a long post once every few days as I would on blogspot. In fact, I started a blogspot after tumblr because I felt like tumblr wasn't the place for long personal post. I treat my blogspot as public journal/scrapbook. I love them both though, but maybe I love tumblr that little bit extra as it's changed me as a person too! x

  35. gorgeous images and i LOVE the way you've laid each section out - strange question, but which font did you use for the titles?

  36. Hi Lucy, the font is called Bebas Neue and I got it from dafont.com!

  37. thanks, just downloaded it! :)

  38. I'll definitely be following you on tumblr! i love your blog- it's ace!

    I've just started my own blog, i'd love if you dropped by! and- in relation to your collar images, i make and sell peter pan collar necklaces here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/girlandbird thought you might be interested!


  39. I haven't been on Tumblr for about a year but i straight away associate it with personal blogging (collecting pics you like) and uni research. We used to make team tumblrs where we uploaded to let each other see them. I wont move to tumblr but may start using it to send pictures i like to. I tried installing that footer button where you drag pics to it and it posts them but for some reason it didn't work before..
    Love your collages and statement bold font! Love the collars and skirts. think mine should been up there missy haha :P
    love uuu! xxxx