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18 February 2011

Recently I've realised that I must be following over 300 blogs!  That's a bit obsessive, isn't it?!  So if anyone asks me to follow them in the comments, I probably already do in some way, shape or form (I use Google Reader, Bloglovin and just plain memory) so don't fret.  I think the main pull of the blogosphere for me, is the constant access to individual style from around the world.  No longer do you have to just look in a magazine and see airbrushed models (though that can be fun from time to time, especially when limbs are missing due to over-zealous photoshopping) to inform what you wear on a regular basis.   Instead, you can just switch on your computer and see what people actually chose to wear that day.  As I wrote in my hastily concluded dissertation, there can be a sense of authenticity on the blogosphere that you just can't find elsewhere in life and I've developed an appreciation for personal style in general.  It may not always be something I might necessarily wear, but I still admire the way people dress to express their personalities and a wider awareness of what's out there can never really hurt.  I've decided to share a few of the blogs I've managed to find recently and found continuous inspiration from, so click on the pictures to be transported.

night lights

The nipped in silhouette never gets old and I love how Mitzi creates it using dresses, skirts and shorts of varying colours and prints.  Although I have much love for maxi and midi lengths, the mini is something I will always find flattering and each outfit is a creative variation on this theme.   She easily mixes high-street with vintage and really makes the effort to make the same pieces look different each time through careful accessorising, whilst rocking the Pretty Twisted trend.  I am definitely going to try wearing my new fur collar over a shirt, as I love the slightly decadent edge it gives to the first outfit.

lady moriarty in paris

Although I don't wear my jeans as much as I used to, Elodie makes me want to reconsider, what with the fantastic jumpers, shirts and jackets she pairs them with.  I am forever on the hunt for the perfect Fairisle jumper and might just have to give up and knit one myself once my degree is over, so I will definitely be bearing the above picture in mind.  I also love how each detail within her outfits is carefully thought out, from the pointelle socks to the choice of collared shirt poking out from underneath a jumper.  I'm also very jealous of her Parisian location, I need to go back!

trini g

I haven't quite figured out my trademark item yet, but Trini G is seemingly a big sunglasses fan, adding an air of mystery to her outfit photos.  Her look is harder to pinpoint, but I love the way she can go from midi skirts and baggy jumpers to a slightly more rocky look with band t-shirts and leather trews.  I'm also in awe of her shoe collection, especially these for some reason.

Which blogs do you look for inspiration from?  I find that I don't necessarily try to completely mimic someone else's look, instead preferring to incorporate a few new proportions or details into the way I dress. There's plenty more outfit inspiration on both of my Tumblrs (shameless plug alert) but I'm always on the hunt for more to follow (especially street style), so let me know!

The next post might just be London Fashion Week related...

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  1. I like how there's a whole platform formed with bloggers and their style. And I also like the fact that you don't have to buy a magazine anymore, just tune in to your favorite blogs. Ever since I found out about a whole new world started opening to me. I love how internet provides this to chat with people from all over the world. and I like how we are all so accepting about it. yay to internet.

  2. might have to have a count of how many i follow, though it would prob waste a lot of time

  3. Hello!!! I have only recently descovered your blog but I love your honesty in this post.

    I am only fairly new to the bloggin world and still getting into the swing of taking photos of what I am wearing but LOVE looking at other peoples blogs for inspiration. I don't think I have a specific style, however I also dont think I dress as delecate as most of the blogs I follow (im also way up in the hundreds)
    I recently bought a knee length skirt because I loved how they looked in photographs and thought I would give the look a go for myself.

    Needless to say I will be checking your blog alot more often :)

    Helen x

  4. I definitely enjoy the same stuff as you about blogs! You've convinced me to add those three ladies to my daily reads too :D

  5. love night lights. Her style is so pretty.

  6. You're so right, I get so much inspiration from blogs, and they've helped me become braver with my own style.

    With blogs too, you can look at hundreds of completely different styles and pick up something from each of them, whether it's vintage, classic, designer or high street. Most magazines have a definite niche which can be pretty restrictive. YAY for blogging!


  7. I love the inspiration I get from blogs. I totally agree with your post the blogosphere is amazing! I love how you can see the style of someone who lives on a different continent as well as those who live in the same city as you. It's fabulous :)


  8. Hello Sweetie !

    Thank U so much for this.

    Maybe you're jealous of Paris, but you live in London AND Nottingham.

    I mean.

    See U !

  9. ahh that was very well said!! bon!
    the blogosphere probably offers more style variations that any glossy!
    and as for following 300 blogs...that shows some serious dedication mate!


  10. 3 new blogs for me to follow now, my list is ever expanding! These ladies have a lovely sense of style. For me the biggest draw in the blogging world is self style and whilst I wouldn't always wear things the way others do like you said seeing the way someone dresses is really inspirational and makes you rethink how to style your own items. For a little while I found myself replicating other peoples style by mistake as I was reading so many great blogs but now I'm back doing my own thing again and thinking more carefully about what I buy. Something that looks great on someone else might look rubbish on you etc!

    PS I have the same ASOS collar =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. I am also a big fan of trini g! Great post!

  12. Lovely post and thanks for sharing! Night lights has an amazing style

  13. oo, i think i've picked up some new favourite from you!

  14. Wow, you picked some good ones! I've never heard of any of these girls before but I am gonig to be right over there on their blogs as soon as I've finished this comment!

    Mtzi especially has the most gorgeous hair!

  15. gorgeous post :)
    thanks for sharing!!x

  16. I read far far too many blogs as well but it's just so addictive! I love the relationships I can build through it , it's so unique, nobody else has that! :) Never heard of any of the three blogs but shall be checking them out ! Thanks! :) have fun at LFW

  17. fantastic pics to inspire our winter!!
    i follow you!!

  18. I honestly cannot keep track of all the blogs I follow. Sometimes I discover a new blog, go to follow it, then find out I already am. I'm not proud. It's just easy to get overwhelmed.

  19. I don't know how many I follow either. I use google reader (but haven't touched it in ages and it's actually kind of scary now) but these days I've been lazy and turning to google friend connect.

    I find it mad that everyone reads a selection of blogs and among them are lots that we've never come across. So definitely will be checking out these blogging ladies!

  20. kristabel! it was so so lovely to meet you, i so enjoyed all our time together :) i really hope we get to meet up before next LFW, and i hope that "thing" goes well ;) xxc

  21. Ooooh, some great inspiration there - thanks! Haven't seen any of these blogs before so will take a look. xx

  22. Great blog choices, since i started blogging i don't even read the 'big' blogs anymore, as there are so many great style ones like yours, and other ones under the radar, I have spent many a time procrastinating going through my faves when I should have started coursework. x

  23. Oh i love this post, Its always so great to find new bloggers, so i am off to check out these one's you suggested, they all look like they have really fab style!