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4 February 2011


Well it's been a bit of a week.  I managed to escape to London for a few days of research, frolics and to figure out a bit more about my final collection.  First things first, I've been gifted a brand new Samsung Wave 2 phone as part of the Now Project and have been taking a few random photos of the things that make up my day (they can be seen and voted for here).  I've also managed to take a few more outfit photos outside with the help of my friend Lizzie and Jazmine, despite the threats of oncoming traffic and bemused passers by.  With regards to getting dressed, I'm still mixing all things old and new but most of the time, my new items are taking pride of place.

topshop barbour jacket american apparel peter pan

close up jewellery

japan centre sushi

pearl collar

Jacket - Topshop
Cardigan - Charity Shop
Shorts - Beacons Closet
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Tights - House of Holland
Satchel - Tom Brown
Shoes - Doc Martens
Necklaces - Brooklyn
Ring - Forever 21

I managed to brave a busy Saturday in Central London but had severely underestimated the chilly weather by only wearing one pair of tights.  I'm determined to wear more of my tights collection and went for the House of Holland suspender pair but played down the 'sauciness' with the ubiquitous peter pan collar shirt.  When in London I can always rely on a cheap lunch at the Japan Centre but it's even better to pick an insane amount of dishes and share the cost with a friend.  In the photo above you can see our very tasty lunch and even though it might be a bit too cold for sushi, it was much appreciated.  The last photo is a sneaky Samsung snap taken in Dover Street Market, I think an embellished collar is next on the list so Lucy's tutorial might help.

topshop pleated skirt ramones tee

satchel cross ring

horse necklace closeup



Jacket, skirt - Topshop
T-shirt - Amplified 
Brogues - Office
Tights - Calzedonia
Socks - c/o Tabio
Necklace, Ring - Forever 21
Satchel - Tom Brown

Usually I love to discover my own purchases, but inevitably through the blogosphere I am constantly influenced by others.  During my last Topshop spree for the foreseeable future, I was drawn to this pleated midi skirt that I'd previously seen on Jazmine and Elisabeth and ended up buying it after much scrutinisation. The midi-length can be tricky to wear sometimes, but I like that this style is somewhat sheer (with a bodycon type skirt underneath) and can be juxtaposed with a t-shirt, bodysuit or crazy heels.  I met up with Jazmine when I was wearing this outfit and lo and behold, she was wearing the same skirt too!  Cue lots of stares at the impromptu blogger uniform showcased at Battersea Boot Fair of all places! 

asos lace maxi dress

rainbow nails

The best of the Say Fromage photobooth, how many bloggers can you spot?  I spy Reena, Fiona, Winnie, Michelle, Gem, Frankie, Jazmine and Lucy.  Gutted I didn't get a pic with Elisabeth, Amy, Christina and Harriet amongst others!  Thanks to Helen for the invitation!

Dress - Asos
Slip - H&M
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Necklaces - DIY, New York, Gogo Phillip
Tights, ring - Topshop
Shoes - Nine West Vintage America
Cross Ring - Forever 21

Tuesday saw the first public outing of the lace dress at the Vouchercodes party.  It's always tricky to know what to wear to meetings featuring some of the most fashionable people around and whether to be smart or casual but I decided that the maxi could tick all the boxes.  When I first heard about the Fashion Revolution party with the tagline 'cupcakes, cocktails and canapes' I was pretty much sold but after hearing that so many bloggers would be there, I knew I had to take the trip down from Uni.  It's very rare that we can all be in one place and tweeting is all very good but it's nice to see everyone in person and to enjoy some photobooth action.  I've already decided that I want a photobooth for my eventual wedding but until then, I'd love for it to feature at future blogger events.  I tweeted a few days ago about organising a mass summer meet-up then all fashion bloggers could come to, without feeling left out, but it seems somewhat daunting to organise.  If anything we could just have a peter-pan collar flashmob in Trafalgar Square?

Back to Notts via good old St Pancras

As usual, I have failed at any sort of a condensed post!  I guess since I aim to blog twice a week, these sorts of posts are the gifts that keep on giving and you can read over and over when bored on public transportation.  Another thing to mention is that I was featured on The Guardian this week to share a few of my shopping secrets.  I think they want more bloggers to contribute so I'd definitely recommend getting involved!

Remember the competition is still open so get your questions in; I'm glad I've allocated quite a bit of time to answer them because they've certainly got me thinking...

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  1. you look amazing in everything!

  2. Oooh, I love that skirt and that slinky lace number, gorgeous! I also adore your satchel, you have such lovely taste. Also that's fab that you were on the Guardian, well done!

  3. Loving that embellished collar! so good! And the pleats :)

    Saw your guardian article today - ace work! Might have some stuff with Motel if you're interested? We're looking for some cool bloggers - let me know :) x



  4. This is a massive post, but I prefer the longer the better! :) I can't believe how amazing the party looks and everyone is so beautiful and fashionable :)
    I've pinned you, the picture in a pleated skirt, because I am totally seeing a trend emerging, in pleated shear skirts (proved by encounter with Jazmine) :)

  5. Your style is just phenominal, I really do adore it! Especailly your berry coloured shirt in the first outfit photos, it's beautiful, I absolutely love the way you've styled it!


  6. love the picture of both of our skirts and shoes - you should totally post that on the now project, hehe. i adore the shirt your wearing in your first outfit, and as you know i am totally still lusting over the lace maxi dress! xx

  7. Looking very lovely lady! I love the lace maxi with all the necklaces, and the photobooth pictures are fab too. My boyfriend has that Ramone's t-shirt somewhere, you've inspired me to rummage around and fish it out!

  8. Aw kb you starlet! Congrats on bagging The Guardian piece, that's huge. And I loved all your recommendations, as an ex-Streatham dweller I totally agree about their endless row of ace charity shops!

    It's great they are taking bloggers seriously as a resource to tap into for info and tips!

    Love all the outfits as usual, the lace number is dreamy! x

  9. When I was going into Japan Centre, I thought I saw you. I've only just started reading your blog so I wasn't sure but I loved what you were wearing that day!

  10. absolutely loving your style:)
    gorgeous ring!! x

  11. awesome post! looks like a great trip...oh how i want to be in london!
    i have a skirt almost identical that i got for £1 at a charity shop...barrrgin! i saw a black sheer one in a charity shop today, but it looked teeny. might be popping back on monday though...

    try the nails, definitely!! they're a little messy but it really does just wash off...and it looks awesome! never the same twice...

    annah xx

  12. I LOVE THE FIRST OUTFIT. Just everything about it. Equally, I'm staring at this strand of fake pearls and weighing up my options... I'm 80% certain that I'm going to rip them apart and sew them onto a cardigan collar. It just looks adorable!


  13. Love your photographs! Was lovely seeing you, nicest surprise of the week!

  14. THANK YOOOO! so sweet of you to link me my darling :)
    I love your long lace dress - cfwoar you look amazing in it! I need one of these..
    goodess theres so much in this post im not sure what to comment on first! hehe
    you should do individual outfit posts then i can digest each wonderfully styled outfit at a time!
    LOVE the midi skirt so much, reminds me of my ballet tutor!

    Aaha the party was so good, sooo many blogger friends!yaaay

  15. too much here to love...your outfits, liberty, sushi, jazz and lucy...xx

  16. How awesome was the say fromage photobooth?! Im not sure if I said it at the time but your lace dress is stunning.

  17. Congrats on the Guardian mention! Love the black lace maxi, it's absolutely stunning!

  18. I love waxed jackets at the moment! That country/farmer wear has certainly made it's way into fashion. I must get myself one!

  19. I always like to see how your posts/review of your week/day turns out:) always so structured and awesome. I really like the fabric and the colour of your topshop skirt:) and photoboots are so much fun.. and you're right about 'populair blogs', when they are populair they somehow seem to grow even more populair just because they're already populair:p

  20. Wow! You've had such an incredibly busy week! It's really amazing how you've been photo-logging everything, you take some wonderful photos, really.
    I love all of your outfits, too. And that collage of you and the other bloggers - so cute! x

  21. What a brilliantly busy week, and you look great for every part of it! I'm absolutely in love with your first outfit (alright, and the second one too...) what great combinations. x

  22. another beast of a post but yano, it works doesn't it. enjoying the "same-skirt-day", not that bad if you laugh at it, only a bit of fun really.

    what's the guardian thing then, how do you get involved?

  23. Thank you for commenting on my Gizzi Erskine post, love! I've been following you for a while but had so much work on, I've only just got back into blogging. I love the maroon midi, I wish I didn't look awful in them! Also, I have that forever 21 horse necklace too, it is so sweet.x

  24. Amazing shoes and bag! :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  25. Love the pearl collar on the dress you photographed.

  26. You're making me miss london so much! It sounds like you had an awesome time and looked fabulous in the process.


  27. love the mulberry-esque pendant in the 1st outfit x


  28. Well this skirt is really beautiful and if I see the same, I'll surely buy it !!!

  29. loving the red pleated skirt very muchly xxx

  30. hmmm pearl collar do i smell a diy??


  31. Love that red skirt, it's amazing. I keep touching them in Topshop, wishing I was just a bit taller so I could wear them....otherwise they're ankle length/maxi on me which is....hilarious!!

    Love the photobooth wedding idea! I think they're such a great addition to parties- we definitely couldn't get enough of it that night huh?? :)

  32. Phwoar, huge post, busy bee! Well aside from so much fun it clearly looks like you've been having, I love the first oufit post, it's really effortless and I love the mix of textures (and that necklace is a beaut) jazzy ♥

  33. OMG. You actually look amazing in all your outfit posts, I really like the midi length skirt on you.

    Carol x

  34. Firstly Omg THE OUTFITS !!!! that black sheer number is just stunning and I love the photo booth pictures I saw them on Gem's, and Winnie's blog you girls look like you had such great fun. I added you to my blog roll so I don't miss any of your posts. Loving this your photos are Mazin !!!! xxx

  35. the pearl collar is SO pretty!

  36. hi. where i can found this beautiful cardigan with pearl collar? ^^