Before Spring

30 March 2011

Is anyone else not quite ready for Spring?  I was getting rather used to wearing multiple pairs of tights, discrete thermals and chunky circular scarves, thank you very much.  We've had a few sunny days recently, which have caught me by surprise and made me feel slightly too layered for comfort.  It's a tricky transitional period, sandals and shorts seem slightly too eager and a bad decision once the sun disappears.  I've stockpiled a few outfit photos from a few weeks ago to say goodbye to chillier times, whilst I figure out how to combat the confusing weather.

asos peter pan red tights doc martens

red tights doc martens

Dress - Asos
Belt - Angels Sale
Tights - Uniqlo
Socks - Topshop
Boots - Doc Martens

The Peter Pan collared dress returns in yet another guise, with my much loved bright red tights.  I decided to team it with Doc Martens to toughen it up a bit and added the Fairisle socks just for lols.  Wow, I never say things like that. Seriously, sometimes I like to add a random touch to an outfit that looks too safe whether it's ankle socks or chunky boots.  I think it's a reflection of my need to overcomplicate things.  This dress is always a challenge to style but I'm hoping the next time I wear it, it might be warm enough for bare legs a la Alexa.

apc t-shirt next pleated skirt

nine west boots polka dot socks

Top - A.P.C
Skirt - c/o Next
Tights, socks - Topshop
Boots - Nine West
I'm not normally a logo person, however there are certain brands I could make an exception for.  A.P.C doesn't necessarily scream 'Notice Me' like some brands and stands for a more classic, pared down aesthetic.  I don't mind when a logo becomes part of the design and is tweaked in some way, so I love this take on an old college t-shirt.  Again I hold my hands up to copying Elisabeth; I had to hunt this top down after seeing it on her and eventually the last one in the sale at My Wardrobe.  It's a menswear style so perfectly loose and I'll probably always wear it with skirts to counteract the casual perception.

vintage cardigan striped top denim shorts

striped top cream cardi

Cardigan - Charity Shop
Striped Top - Pimkie
Shorts - A&F
Tights - Calzedonia
Socks - American Apparel
Boots - Doc Martens

Ripped denim shorts seem to be ubiquitous in the blogging world but I tend to favour baggier styles which are slightly longer on the leg.  I bought this pair using a gift card I was given back in Ohio to try and push the boundaries a little more.  They are quite short and technically put my proportions off balance, but I feel like I need to make the most of my twenties and wear an item associated with freedom and nonchalance. I'm not sure if I'll ever brave them without tights or a cardigan, but Charlene and Sarah have given me a few more ideas for comfortable styling.

lace shirt topshop skirt

pink tights tie dye socks brogues

Shirt - Beacons Closet
Leotard - Asos
Skirt, tights, socks - Topshop
Brogues - Office
Ring - Forever 21
Nails - Models Own Nude Beige + Barry M Nail Effects
I'm not usually a pink person, in fact I avoid the colour like the plague.  I don't have pink pyjamas, socks or bedlinen and it's not really a part of my life unless it's used sparingly within a print. For some reason I was attracted to these tights in more of a dusty rose kind of shade, I'm not sure if I'd ever wear clothing in this kind of colour but I like these as a contrast to anything duller I wear.   My nails also seem to match in this light. During my Topshop mini-spree I also picked up some tie-dye ankle socks, which will no doubt be a fave when I have to ditch the tights altogether.

How are you handling 'Spring' dressing?  I've brought some more appropriate clothing and sandals from home and am looking forward to working them into my wardrobe, though the rain today hasn't given me much hope!  I've found a new blog for Summer inspiration and gradually my Tumblr is getting a little more weather-appropriate.

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  1. Love Alexa's take on the dress with bare legs - roll on springtime! xx

  2. I love these outfits here :) I tend to wear the same clothes all year, with thicker cardigans and coats in the winter so I simply peel of a few layers and expose more skin as it gets hotter (Jeesh that sounds VERY odd!) I like Spring though because I can just wear a dress and a cardigan and go :)

    Maria xxx

  3. spring dressing is totally difficult at the minute, I just don't know what to wear and my biggest problems is shoes as I get cold feet when wearing pumps but well to over dressed with boots. anyway, I'm loving ALL of these looks, you always manage to dress unique but still effortless which i love. i have a few of these items and you've given me a ton of inspiration now. I need some black DMs in my life and where is that K necklace from? I really want a big old H necklace =) I think I sometimes over complicate outfits but end up looking like a fool whilst you look great when you do it. nice work!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. You look amazing as always, you make me wish I was more adventurers, I feel like I wear the same kind of things, but you are always rocking something completely different in each outfit.x

  5. I dont even know where to begin with how much I love these outfits!

  6. Getting out if the winter dressing habit is really hard, especially when the weather's as dodgy as it is here! Even when I am brave enough to show some skin, there's always a spare cardigan and pair of tights in my handbag just in case...
    I really like you little Fairisle socks, they're very sweet!

  7. I'm definitely finding it hard to transition to bring. The few sunny days really threw me off and i realized i don't have a nice spring jacket! But as much as i complain i love changing my wardrobe around :)
    Love the peter pan collared dress x

  8. super pretty outfits:) especially the last two.. definitely shows your awesome style.

  9. Wow, I love your style.
    the third outfit is my've combained plaid with stripes and it still looks great :)
    great taste, keep going. x

  10. I do love a good man tee, and with that skirt it's a match made in heaven. I love skirts and tee shirts full stop 2bh, I think I have a very low feminine threshold - too much swish and I have to add in some baggy, just to compensate! x

  11. it is proper tricky, i've been going for this vintage dark green and red check wooly jacket/think zip up shirt thing i got when i was in london last. i pretty much just look the same every day in a different colour. i do have a few workwear style jackets too but i'm not ready for that yet as it could turn at any more. maybe later then with a denim jacket to mix it up.

    im not offended by the logo either, with me i tend to be ok with small ones, say my new ralph lauren tshirts. actually that's it. it looks really nice on you know, it's not obvious and it's not too slogan tshirty

    thanks for entering the comp, you're in!

  12. I love the second outfit and these brogues by Office are a dream !

    See U !

  13. Love the tartan, really great!! I know what you mean about transition, so hard to dress!!

  14. I love the first two outfits!!! gorgeous!! you rock those clothes and constantly make me want to buy doc 8-eyelet boots again like I had in middle and high school and slightly afterwards until they destroyed my feet from wearing them all those years.

  15. I get confused when it comes to Spring time. I want to wear lots of pale spring colours but then you can never predict British weather- oh wait maybe I can. Either rainy/windy/cloudy and very occasionally a smattering of sunshine. Haha which means of course, that tights are a stable all year round! Though I long for the days when I can just wear my knee socks! Anyway I think I have similar tights to you, they make my legs look like a strange pinky-orange skin colour but I like it and I like youuuu!

    Oh god, I do waffle on a bit don't I?

  16. I love each and every outfit! I love the peter pan collar, the plaid leggings, the brogues. Love your style miss!

  17. the first and the last outfit are my favourite! You look amazing, really! :D

  18. Love the way you layer up outfits Kristabel, layering is the only way to get through British springtime in my opinion! Sally x

  19. I don't really struggle with the spring wardrobe transition because I wear the same thing throughout the year (apart from heavy jeans and knits) and I tend to layer in the winter and remove them as the weather changes.

    I am struggling with the fact that I'm simply just not ready for spring though.
    strut mode

  20. I love all of these, especially the first and last outfits. I'm going into autumn over in Australian, so I'm kind of having a similar but opposite problem. My solution is to keep a pair of black tights and a cardi in my bag in case I get cold. Quite boring, but it seems to do the trick.


  21. Woo... your legs look so silky smooth in the last photo that I feel I must...i must... TOUCH THEM O_O

  22. You have such style! I totally know what you mean, London gets warm, then turns into rain, then sunshine.. So confusing! Lovely outfits, especially the first peter pan collar and those sweet little brogues! Panda xo

  23. god no, for me it cant be summer soon enough:)I already threw out allof my chunky knits to make more room for my spring and summer clothes:) I love your outfits though:) You look great! I like your style!
    the first and last looks are my fav's:)


  24. Excellent outfits. Love the way you specify you don't have pink pyjamas - doesn't EVERYONE have pink pyjamas?! ;)

    I'm struggling with what to wear on my legs at the moment. Black tights seem too heavy and all my coloured ones are too opaque. Might have to invest in some lighter pairs!