Let the Spots see the Stripes

16 March 2011

Pattern lovers, reveal yourselves.  You can probably tell I've been watching a bit too much Take Me Out on a Saturday evening and adapting the catchphrases for everyday scenarios (which mostly involve knitting).  Although I have been known to wear all sorts of patterns and prints, somehow  I always gravitate towards a stripe or polka dot pattern.  I love their clean and simple nature and they are the perfect mood lightener for the months when anything floral seems a bit too optimistic.

polka dot collar

Top - Comme des Garcons for H&M

I somehow failed to take a head to toe picture of this outfit that I like (my hair has a tendency to stick out at the most random moments) but I had to show off this collar detail.  When I bought the shirt almost a year ago little I didn't really have Miu Miu in mind, but when wearing a jumper over the top, the collar shape resemblance is uncanny.  I think I may have to wear it more often now.

topshop shrug motel polka dot shirt

forever 21 horse necklace

Shrug, shorts - Topshop
Shirt - c/o Motel
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Necklace - Forever 21
Tights - American Apparel layered over Topshop
Brogues - Office

I am a bit of a magpie, always collecting things of a similar nature.  Not content with owning several polka dotted items already, I had to go for another when Paula contacted me and offered to send me something from Motel (the code iwantyoutoknow gets you 15% off so shop away)! Grey is one of my favourite colours and a bit of a dealbreaker for me; if it comes in grey it will be bought and added to the murky sea of items I already own.  I love the pocket details of the shirt and can't wait to layer jumpers/cardigans on top to show off the collar detail a little more.  I also finally had my hair relaxed, which always cheers me up. I pretty much always go for the same haircut each time and can't really see myself changing the style drastically in the near future, I just love a full fringe!

h&m cargo jacket alphabetights

red cable forever 21 cardigan striped dress

luxxor vintage necklace

Jacket - H&M
Cardigan - Forever 21
Dress - French Connection (swished)
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Tights - House of Holland (laddered, oh dear) over Topshop
Brogues - Office
Necklace - c/o Luxxor

I've pretty much avoided all shops apart from Tesco (and even that lunchtime obsession is getting somewhat worrying) but after seeing my friend sporting this army/cargo style jacket, I knew I had to have one.  It's a nice and lighter alternative to my Barbour-ish jacket that I've been wearing solidly, and I love having all the useful pockets to cart around even more junk (as well as the screwed up Tesco receipts).  The lovely Sarah at Luxxor sent me some jewellery to try out and I've been loving this necklace recently.  I really loved buying vintage jewellery when I was living in New York so it's great to find an online store that will deliver the same sort of thing back to the UK  Speaking of the good old US of A, the Forever 21 cable cardigan is another Ohio buy; I went for the red to brighten up my sea of cream and grey knitwear, though as ever I am tempted to buy the cream and grey if they appear on the UK site.  I must admit I am a fan of 'wrong' shopping and thinking outside of the box; the cardigan is from the men's department and the jacket is a size 16 (and apparently now in the sale, sheesh).  What are your favourite things to buy from the 'wrong' sections? 


So if my posts appear scarce over the next few months, then this yarn is the reason.  These are the colours I've chosen for my final collection and over the next few weeks (calculating the actual number scares me somewhat) they will be knitted up into six different outfits. I promise not to moan about it too much on here but be aware the yarn is taking over my life!

aussie hair balloon

It's not every day you receive a balloon through the post.  It's as if those people at Aussie read my mind and knew I'd need something a bit random to brighten up my day.  They are giving 10 bloggers the chance to become Aussie Angels and it's an experience I'd highly recommend where I've been able to meet some amazing people and discover alternative products for my hair, so let me know if you enter!  I can't wait to see what's in store next...

Still haven't had my Pancake Day fix yet, oh dear....

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  1. Hahaa, love the take me out references ;) Actually, the spots/stripes thing reminded me of those lovely cadbury bars out at the moment. Yum.

    Looking lovely as always m'dear - somehow you always manage to pull off amazing combinations, and I'll forever be jealous of your tights collection [esp. those striped ones]

    Hope the yarn doesn't drive you too mad! x

  2. Brilliant set of outfits, I think the second is my favourite. I too love polka dots and stripes, they do wonders in adding a little interest to a pattern free outfit. Love all the knitted stuff too, especially that first jumper and with the collar poking out, well I say, amazing!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. Love what you picked from motel was tempted with that shirt myself!

    The Aussie thing sounds great. Tempting x

  4. i am so obsessed with collars at the moment!!
    and yarn is also taking over my life...bad times and itchy itchy eyes. and noses.

    annah xx


  5. i don't know how you manage to take some many outfit posts, they're such an effort for me. my fav by far is the top combo

  6. Haha, Take Me Out is awesome!

    I really love all the polkadots, and given that I own approximately a million stripey tops I can hardly complain!

  7. Love the blue polka dots. Should definitely go into regular wardrobe circulation. x

  8. I'm in love with spots, I think they are my favourite in prints !

    Let's spots !
    See U !

  9. Kristabelllllll!!! I am so jealous of your awesome big pointy polkadot collar, even more that it's vintage since it's impossible to get my hands on it. It's a beaut. Love that Luxxor necklace too, I want a close up! It looks really pretty.

    Also, my balloon is still floating happily in my room. Love it.

  10. I love the colour of that cardigan and that outfit is going in my inspiration folder for how to wear my alphabet tights :) Good luck with the final project, I have just finished my dissertation and I am SO relieved!

    Maria xxx

  11. You get my one-a-month comment!

    Somehow missed this new post (thanks to scrolling thru twitter without reading hehe)

    you look great in everything!
    Is that H&M jacket from the men's section? Cos I remember nearly buying one that looked JUST like it, from the men's dept!

    Love your tights the most


    Didn't realise your blog was doing so well these days! Not like lazy me/mine.. I play too much

    Anyway hope to see you soon!!

    Hey look how much I've written
    I think that makes up for never leaving anyone comments (in my world)


    ps if you ever get bored of that horse necklace sell it to me

  12. all these are awesome outfits. i've been dying to find a polka dot blouse and you have two.. jealous...


  13. I think I need more dots in my wardrobe:) and I'm liking the print on your tights! have a great saturday:)

  14. I love your red cardigan, such a great colour. I'm a fan of "wrong shopping" too. As I write this I'm wearing a Granddad cardigan that cost me £1 from the mens bargain bin in a charity shop :) It needed many many holes fixing but it's still way better value than the Topshop equivalent (and real lambswool!)
    I've had a lot of success with Primark menswear too, my favourite thing is my check shirt. It's warmer and thicker than the womens ones at the same price with no annoying glittery thread or poppers!

  15. Amazing blog! Feeling very inspired by some great style there.I hope you have time to check out mine!

    XX St.Udio


  16. lovinng the effortles mix of spots, and stripes. hope your well. xx

  17. i adore that horse necklace! it's too cute

  18. Oh, oh, oh! I looooove the polka dot collar with the simple grey jumper. And your burgundy cardigan. And your shorts. And brogues. Basically, everything here is wonderful. x

  19. Such a lovely blog ! Kiss xxx