Loose Ends

12 March 2011

Ahhh what I wouldn't give to be back at Somerset House!  The date of my graduate show looms closer and closer but lets cast our minds back a few weeks ago (the magic of blogger drafts means this post has been brewing for a while) to the time of year that has probably inspired many a blog post in your feeds.  You might be dreading seeing another post bearing the LFW acronym, but I just had to share a few more pictures I took back on my sole day within the cobbles.  The exhibition holds so much more than a few pieces on a rail; it's these accessible offerings that will assist in setting the tone for the final months of the year.

newgen scarf installation

jw anderson boiled wool knitwear


topshop is a bit fancy

angel jackson bag

felicity brown

jean charles de castelbajac
Newgen scarf installation, J.W Anderson boiled wool knitwear, some Heikki Salonen boots I need to own, Topshop gets all high-tech, an Angel Jackson bag to covet, the obligatory rail of Felicity Brown's latest offerings, Jean Charles de Castelbajac's take on the peter pan collar

I had ambitious plans to visit every single exhibition stand in Somerset House, On Off and Vauxhall Fashion Scout in one day, but in reality what with negotiating busy streets and cobbles and getting sidetracked by blogger sightings, this really wasn't possible.  What I needed to consider was quality over quantity and I'm glad I managed to spend more time seeing the stands of fewer designers and really getting to grips with the brands.  Sometimes there are embargoes in place, meaning I can't really post the pictures until a certain period of time has passed (Tatty Devine is a good example with some excellent stuff coming later this year) but you can't help but feel excited that you know what will have a hand in setting the trends for next season in contemporary stores. Above are a few of my favourite things I spied on the stands and the Heikki Salonen pic in particular has fuelled my need for even more lace up footwear.

yang du

cheeky pig

elizabeth lau
There are more of my fashion week snaps on my Facebook page

Another great thing is that many of the designers are in residence by their stands and you can have a good old natter with them and understand their inspiration directly without any PR middlemen.  I remember seeing Yang Du's cheeky knitted accessories last season and loving her taken on graphic knitwear.  I'm slightly more convinced I could carry off one of her bright n' baggy motif jumpers now after seeing the designer sport a similar style herself.  It was also lovely to catch up with Elizabeth Lau and I'm even more certain that I need to somehow own one of her cute slogan jumpers and team it with some grey jersey.  Have you seen her AW11 lookbook yet?  It's a really cool concept featuring bloggers as models and I love how each personality shines through.

mulberry toadstools


mum at mulberry

mulberry aw11 dress

mulberry fox mask

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the Mulberry show due to my Ohio endeavours, so I sent my Mum in my place to see the whole fashion week experience for herself.  I gave her step-by-step instructions on how to use my tiny ancient camera and what to look out for, but even I never expected that she would end up right in the middle of the press pit.  What I love about Mulberry is how they take a strong theme (this season it's the mysterious inhabitants of the countryside) which comes across in all the show paraphernalia yet is never too literal within the collection.  The very English theme brought back a few Luella pangs, but ultimately this brand offers something a little more pared down with cosy styling details with the knee high socks and tartan scarves.  My Mum had a great time seeing the show before her eyes and dressed accordingly wearing the Holly Fulton for Asos dress that I almost sent back before she intercepted it.  She does want to start a blog of her own but hasn't quite got around to it yet, hopefully this will give her the push she needs!

tights at the train station

The final loose end I had to tie up was this last photo, taken on my way home after a long London-filled day.  I'm no street style photographer but I've vowed to snap any details that catch my eye rather than regretting it months later when I'm racking my brains trying to recreate a mental picture.  I loved this lady's tights (I think she said she bought them in Italy) and would love to find a replica somewhere, can anyone help?  Failing that I can always get some fabric paints and go crazy with a plain Primark pair!

I think I underestimated how long it would take me to answer some of the questions for the giveaway, but don't worry as it hasn't been forgotten and the prizes are still safe!  In the meantime here's a taste of what's to come in a few interviews I've managed to do for Alex and Bee.  I'm also hoping to somehow take some more outfit pictures this week before I leave at the crack of dawn for Uni, luckily Spring is on its way!

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  1. You got some amazing runway shots Kristabel! Stunning.
    Good luck for your graduate show- i'm sure it's going to be incredible, wish I could be there! x

  2. Great post. Loved that your mum got right in the middle of the press pit!

    Mulberry has to be one of my faves for AW11.


  3. Your Mum did such an amazing job with the photos! She should definitely start up her own blog too.

    Good luck for your show!

  4. it's a good idea that, snapping any little detail you see. i try to and keep my camera in my pocket always. just did a post on one today actually

  5. Oooh I love this post. It was such a short day but so good- we deffo had a lot of fun. Loved your mum's photos and I totally think she should start her own blog soon!

  6. Oh my god, I think this looks like heaven <3
    Jean Charles de Castelbajac is one of my favourite designer and I'd really love to be able to see one of his collection from so close!
    :) have a nice Sunday!

  7. I love how the caption for one pictre is "cheeky pig"!
    How cool is your Mum with her Holly Fulton dress! And skillz getting into the press pit! Tell her yes, she definitely needs to start her own blog!

  8. The J Dub sea foam jumper is so perfect! I want it in my life. Wonder if I'll be able to find a decent high street alternative...
    I'd love an Elizabeth Lau jumper too and I am mega keen on the idea of your mum's blog! x

  9. Fab post lovely, one of the ones from LFW I've enjoyed most x

  10. I absoluty loved the Mulberry collection, to bad you didn't go!

  11. Love the Elisabeth Lau jumper. Going to check out her range now. xx

  12. Those tights are amazing, look forward to seeing your diy project if you decide to do one! Aw, your mums beautiful, she should defs start a blog those pictures are brilliant! xx

  13. I love the installation of scarves. Beautiful. And JCDC is just my favourite french designer (I like the hommage to the ACDC ^^)

    See U !

  14. I'm so jealous you got to see some stands at LFW! I was working in the press room (in fact- I'm sure I saw you walking past!) and i didn't get to see anything! ):
    Definitely not sick of it all yet, though!

    Your Mum should definitely start a blog! Just look at Sea of Shoe's Mum!

    Annah xx


  15. Fab post, your pictures look AMAZING, your mom did an absolute fab job on them! I just stumbled upon your blog and OMG I love it! I gave it a follow
    Check us out on www.4acesdate.blogspot.com

  16. those mint sweaters.. waow. I want.. these are just pretty perfect!

  17. OH WOW! Everything looks so neat I'd be too scared to touch anything. Loving the runway coverage....fab

    Xisses, Onyxsta


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