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2 March 2011

I am always going against the instant nature of blogging by posting things a while after they've occurred.  By the time I've selected the right pictures, formulated a post and figured out a title, a week seems to have passed.  If there are deadlines in between then one week easily becomes two, then three and posts can disappear to that great big draft folder in the sky.  Sheesh.  Luckily certain musings won't date so quickly (expect AW11 fashion week posts in September) so here are a few random things I've been saving for later.

topshop pleated skirt and tee

topshop pleated skirt and tee 2

close up jewellery

Top, Skirt, Bracelet - Topshop
Belt - Battersea Boot Fair
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Jewellery - Brooklyn, Forever 21

I have worn this Topshop pleated skirt a fair few times since its purchase so the cost per wear is now somewhere in the Primark region.  This was taken a few weeks ago and I probably won't be doing any more living room outfit photos until my deadline is over so wish me luck!

Anthropologie letters

anthropologie changing rooms
They write your name on the fitting rooms at Anthropologie, how sweet!


pancakes for room service
This crazy room service breakfast could feed about five people

mac wonderwoman haul

shopping trip

Jacket - Topshop
Scarf - American Apparel
Top - Oak NYC
Playsuit - Brooklyn Flea
Cardigan - Franny and Roey
Tights - Target
Socks - Primark
Brogues - Office
Satchel - Tom Brown

So I randomly went for a job interview in Ohio last week (which ended up unsuccessful, but that's another story for another day) and broke my vague shopping ban with a vengeance.  Even though the rates aren't amazing, I still managed to justify spending many dollars at Mac on eye make-up and some of the new Wonder Woman palettes.  I also ended up spending quite a bit at Forever 21 as my denim shirt ended up being scanned twice by accident but they were reluctant to refund me so I ended up finding a lovely cabled cardigan in the men's section to 'swap' it with.  The two pairs of cords are some Levis bargains via Macy's at $16 each and my first Madewell purchase is an unusual necklace I will share with you soon...

blogging lecture

I can now add public speaking to my repertoire; the day after I arrived back in England I somehow managed to give a lecture on fashion blogging to a few dozen 2nd Year students (although the photo makes it seem like I am embellishing the truth somewhat).  It was somewhat cathartic to discuss my experiences and answer some questions because I'm usually quite a lone blogger in Uni-land.  After some quick thinking I suggested that the students bring their laptops so it was more of an interactive experience (and that my gaps in speaking could be filled with plenty of Googling).  At the end I had a chat with everyone suggesting blogs for people to read and even helped to resize a layout; I guess I take for granted all of the things I've learnt in this two year period and it was great to share it with others.  It's quite a change from when my blog was a somewhat guarded secret when it started and I completely forgot to explain this in my lil speech.  These posts have made me reflect on the subject of Blog life vs Real life; it all seems to be mixed together at the moment!

jamie's italian

Glad to have finally made it to the Jamie's Italian restaurant which has just opened in town after quite a buzz on the blogosphere.  It was a bit like one of his cookery books come to life with 'pukka' decor and every little detail thought of.  I have no pictures of the food but demolished my scallop and squid ink pasta accordingly though as ever, I wish there'd been more of it.  Definitely wouldn't mind a second visit though!

Are you a bit behind on your blogging? I have 19 drafts lurking and fashion week posts still to write!


  1. OMG love all your purchases, despite the job the USA looked successful on the shopping front! I've been to Jamie's Italian several times and even though I adore JO I'm kinda bored with the place. In London there is an Italian chain called Carluccio's which I think is a lot nicer (and a bit cheaper) but Jamie's does do some yummy stuff

  2. It's a shame the interview didn't go well but wow to you just jumping on a plane, that is such a scary idea for me! That breakfast looks amazing and you look so professional standing up in front of everyone :D I really want to go to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants, everyone who has been says that they are amazing :)

    Maria xxx

  3. A couple of thing - I love the pleated skirt. That anthropologie name in the fitting room is such a cute idea, i bet you felt a lot more happy to spend money in there then F21! Can't believe they wouldn't refund you in THEIR error! bitches! haha.

    The Mac Wonderwoman stuff looks so amazing! Well the packaging does, i never know what to get when it comes to make up! Would love to see some sort of follow up :)

    AND FINALLY, well done on the lecture, that is so cool that you got to do that! Definitely someone that I would want to listen to a blogging lecture from! (Sorry about the short story here)

    Amelia x

  4. A) Ohio?? B) You look super pro lecturing. C) I love your first outfit it is very... witchy, in a good way. x

  5. I love that skirt on you and it looks like you've been having an amazing time! And I'm totally guilty of doing that too - posting a long time after things have happened!

  6. Great skirt - I love the way you've styled it. Midlength with an edge! I know what you mean about being behind with the posting, I've been out of the country for 5 weeks and the backlog of drafts and ideas is now getting a touch extreme... I bet your lecture was great, you certainly look like you know what you're talking about :). xx

  7. ooooh this makes me want to go shopping! I love the Topshop skirt - its a fab colour.

  8. Wow, life sounds crazy for you tight now! Love your new buys x

  9. I lazy so once I start editing my pics I usually have to write up and post straight after its done as It will take me days to do. The problem is the getting started.
    I remember back when I started my blog like 3 years ago now, I was sooo embarrassed about people finding out about it. Now I'm happy with the way its is so i'm not so shy about it anymore

  10. yay:) another great post from miss lovely Kritabel. and yum breakfast room service! looks really good. and how fun you did a lecture about blogging:) would've loved to join. and the red almost-maxi skirt is so pretty! fits you really well.

  11. You've been having so much fun! Gutted about the interview but hey, you're a guest lecturer! The midi skirts are gorge

  12. That skirt is gorgeous, I love the colour! :)


  13. ooo how scary giving a lecture on blogging.

  14. Your lecture on blogging sounds awesome - I would have loved to sit in on it! Any chance you're gonig to put a recap or the slides up online for us to have a nosey?!

  15. you have been about haven't you. shame they didn't refund your top but it's weird cos how do you prove stuff like that.

    ive been to jamie's italian in liverpool and it was one of the best meals i have ever had, in terms of food, presentation and general vibes. like a good cord

  16. goodness I love your skirt and tights. what a gorgeous outfit. you are amazing. sorry about the issues with the interview not going well.

  17. What a shame about the job but hey you're obviously destined for bigger and better things- I feel it in my bones!

    Love the shot of you at lecturing, you are such a profesh! Haha. Absolutely love it and the sort of lecture I would love to have been present for!

    Also, the pancakes look amazing Kristabel!

  18. I love a good pencil pleat skirt. I one almost exactly like that, but I bought it from Lulus.com. Also, I love hearing bloggers are speaking to groups about blogging. It's becoming such a big part of our culture, it's cool that those of us who have experience are able to share it with those who want to get into blogging.

  19. Love your purchases! Sorry to hear you didn't get the job but congratulations on giving a lecture :) x

  20. love your blog and your style.

    thanks for the comment on my blog.
    just wanted to know what camera you use.


  21. that burgundy pleated skirt is amazing! definitely worth the expenditure!

    dash dot dotty

  22. just stumbled on your blog !!! oooh my you are really pretty and i love your sense of fashion . you've just bagged yourself a new follower looool xoxo

  23. i've just come across your blog and i love it!! love you thoughts, purchases and outfit


  24. so awesome you have family in germany! that's next to the netherlands;) hehe. Monki is pretty amazing.

  25. I'm always behind on blogging and have piles of posts in drafts. Trying to get on top of it though!
    I love your outfit in the top pic, skirt especially. Well done for the lecturing! That must have been a great experience. X

  26. i love all your photographs! you have a great blog :) thanks for commenting on mine! we could follow each other if you like. have a great day :)

    love, M

  27. Came across your blog for the first time today. Really nice and original. Will definitely be revisiting:-)

  28. I have only just stumbled upon your blog and think my life has changed! Love your style, you look amazing in every photo. Love it! xx

  29. that is one tasty look breakfast. your outfit's okay too, i suppose..;) xx

  30. That skirt is gorgeous your buys look like a lot of fun
    How fantastic that you got to share what you've learnt about blogging in the real world, the blurring of the two confuses me somewhat but I think its great!

  31. Sounds like you've had a super hectic few weeks, congrats on the blog lecture! I've also got a huge blog backlog - I always seem to have 10 plus drafts that never see the light of day!

  32. I have this Topshop skirt but I'm yet to wear it - I just can't get it to work for me! Will follow your lead and try it with a tee and chunky belt.

    Shame about the interview but sounds like you had an amazing time in Ohio (in America! Mental). Loving your yellow dress! xxx

  33. I love your top and skirt


  34. Wow love that skirt lady. So awesome you did a lecture. I'm new to your blog and am looking forward to all the posts you've been hoarding. Cheers

  35. We can wait for your posts, if they're guaranteed to be as jam-packed as this one they'll be worth the wait :) I always have post ideas on the back burner, but they're usually about random stuff like my love for Simon Pegg, rather than style.. hmm.. lol! jazzy ♥ P.S. Love your tights in the first image!

  36. wow, you've been busy :)! Love that pleated skirt, great colour!