Home Again

4 April 2011

building near tower bridge

Maybe it was a slightly reckless decision to leave the Nottingham bubble last weekend, but it was definitely needed after a month away from the capital.  It seems the final year has been the year I like to pop back home the most often, which does disrupt the flow of what I'm doing but somehow also gives me a fresh new perspective after seeing what's happening there. 

satchel red pleated skirt leather jacket

st pancras

design musuem at night

car boot sale

can you see the thames?

elisabeth me and jazmine
Elisabeth, me and Jazmine (thanks for the photos of moi); I'm wearing full on Topshop, plus my much loved Tom Brown satchel

I do love the Design Museum, so was really excited to see that the finale event for the Now Project would be held there.  I'm not sure if I went into too much detail, but a while ago Samsung got in touch with a few bloggers about taking photos of 'Now' moments with the brand new Wave 2 phone and uploading them using the Facebook app.  The result was a real mixture of photos from all over the world and some of them were selected to go on large screens at the event.  The start of the project coincided with the start of my own project, so it was great to see some of my research pictures of car boot sales, exhibitions and good old St Pancras blown up from the typical mobile phone screen size.  I hadn't been to the Design Museum at night before but the view of the Thames was beautiful; I can't wait to come back during the Summer months and make the most of what's in the vicinity.

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

My visits home require some serious multitasking and I made sure to check out the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A after hearing a few questionable reviews about its layout.  A friend also told me that no sketching was allowed, which dumbfounded me somewhat, as it's the only way for me to recollect the exhibits apart from the few sneaky photos I manage to take.  The layout was unlike anything I'd seen before, each mannequin was on the ground in a large bright room and well within touching distance; great for appreciating the details up close but inevitably anything with a long train could easily get trampled on by accident.  Despite the uneasy vibe of the room, I managed to get a few pictures and check out a few of the screens showing the spectacular runway shows and interviews.  It was great to see so much of Yamamoto's work in one room and I'm sure the layout was intended for a reason, I just question its usability on a busy day.  There are also a few pieces scattered around the rest of the museum which are free to view but a bit of a treasure hunt, so I'll have to tackle this way before the July closing date.  Has anyone else been to see this yet?  I need to check out some of the other  Yohji related events happening around town and hope that I get tickets for Fashion in Motion again.

hummingbird bakery box

mustard tights ankle socks
Office brogues, American Apparel socks, Topshop tights

It was also Jazmine's 1st blog birthday, so we celebrated with some Hummingbird bakery goodies on the grass outside.  The Red Velvet cake declined to be photographed as it was demolished so quickly.

love and monki magazines

Another thing I love about popping back home, is seeing what new magazines have been left in my room by my Mum.  We have a great local market that sells out of date magazines for cheap, so this current issue of Love would have been about 75p!  I was also excited to see the latest issue of Monki magazine had been delivered; it's free and hopefully hints at inevitable worldwide domination. 

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  1. sounds like your having a sweeet time
    was cool meeting you the other week
    and where is this market stall??? sounds ace! xx

  2. wow the design museum sounds cool! I haven't been there in about 8 years, I should pop back by the sounds of it.
    I think that first photo is of my boyfriend's office!

  3. I love weekends like this - a) that are at home and b) that are full of hustle and bustle and all around business! Sounds and looks like you really made the most of it, and good lord i do hope hummingbird decide to open up in the midlands...on a whim x

  4. this post is so lovely, i love the way you've written about the design museum, it sounds really interesting and the collection of photos is beautiful, i love your brogues x

  5. The first photo made me go 'aha! I know where that is, I was walking past there today!'

    The exhibition sounds great, but the idea of a market stall selling off out of date magazines for cheap sounds awesome! Where pray tell, is this mythical place?

  6. When I visited Tokyo there was a book shop that had back issues of lots of mags and it's safe to say I spent alot of my spending money there!
    I wish there were more places like that over here ... altho it would definitely be bad for my bank balance!

  7. i like your wooden bangle the mostest :o))


  8. Oh darn - I missed you at the Design Museum!!! Was such a lush location at night though, wasn't it?! xx

  9. Ah love these shots. Especially the one in THAT TS skirt and the lovely satchel. You all look so gorgeous in the shot of you at the Project Now exhibition. I do love the design museum! Also the brogues shot is so cute!!

  10. what a lovely way to spend a day! hummingbird cupcakes are the best, I have them everytime I go to London. :) xo

  11. I love your blog, especially that bag, its absolutely gorgeous and looks liek it will fit a bunch!!!!!
    i also love the sheer top your friend elisabeth is wearing, how chic!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @ http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

  12. loving these shots :)
    gorgeous satchel!! x

  13. Your outfit is amazing. Looove the skirt!

  14. such a cool show! you and jazz look so lovely :) i'm glad you enjoyed laaandaan town! best of luck with the graduate show xx

  15. AMAZING bag. I am thinknig of getting one too..

  16. looks like so much fun! and i'm in love with the your satchel
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  17. I'd also love to know where that market stall is - I'd so love old copies of cool magazines! Great blog btw :)