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10 April 2011

I do love a good lookbook, though unfortunately it's very rare to hold one in your hands these days and display it somewhere showy like on a coffee table.  All of the pictures end up online on their respective sites before the inevitable blog pinching (like this one) or Tumblr-ing and admiration.  They're pretty useful in suggesting ways in which to wear a single collection whilst channelling the spirit of the season in a consistent way.  I've chosen a few of my favourites that express how I would quite like to dress this Summer, albeit it using pieces that I've collected from all over the place.

jaeger lookbook ss11

Boutique by Jaeger's latest collection caught my eye recently and the styling shares my same outlook on keeping things dressed down nicely and never too smart.  Dresses are teamed with flat white lace up plimsoles (plus there is also my preferred 'fun' t-shirt and printed skirt combo) meaning that looks are practical but with enough interest to show that some sort of effort has been made.  My favourite pieces are of course the numerous fit and flare dresses but they're not really in my price range; I might just have to bring my yellow dress out of hiding!

apc lookbook ss11

Continuing the A.P.C love, I recently stumbled across their SS11 images and fell in love with the colour blocking, easy silhouettes and sensible shoes.  Sometimes the simplest outfit combinations are the best and although I love to overcomplicate things, my mind often goes blank when getting dressed.  What I really love is that these pieces are not too dissimilar from things I already have, so I will definitely consider such fail-safe looks using my infrequently worn trousers, shorts and shirts.

weekday lookbook ss11

I still haven't managed to get myself to Sweden but at least I can admire the latest Weekday collection from afar.  For whatever reason I'm still a massive fan of clothing that doesn't always make you look  typically 'pretty' like a ridiculously baggy top over a midi skirt or a loose shirt and tapered trousers.  All of the loose shapes add an air of mystery and these images have given me a few more ideas for styling both myself and my final collection.  I'm a fan of the unpredictable nature of the brand; polka dots, sheer, brights, stripes and florals are all present and correct and there is something for each multiple fashion personality you might have.  I'm hoping to visit the Weekday store in Berlin this summer to make some of these items (namely the blue shirt) a reality.

Which is your favourite lookbook that I've chosen?  I think I may be able to recreate some of the looks using what I already have but I definitely want to purchase my first trench coat and some bright jumpers as a bit of an update.  Also on a slightly unrelated note, I recently answered a few questions over on the N.E.E.T magazine blog, which was great as I'm a massive fan.  They've highlighted some of my SS11 fashion wants in visual form!

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  1. I absolutely could not agree more. Good choices.

  2. The cute dresses by Jaeger are gorgeous, I love the styling in all these lookbooks!

  3. I really love the spring feel to all of these lookbooks. Especially loving the A.P.C. collection, it's just stunning. Their pieces are always so classically lovely!

    x x Michelle

  4. Boutique by Jaeger is fab, I LOVE all of their pieces :) I am just breaking out my pretty dresses and cute sandals now it's a bit sunnier!

    Maria xxx

  5. Wishing madly I could afford Jaeger!

  6. I love the colours in Jaeger but A.P.C is my favourite look book! I certainly want to be re-creating some looks from that one.

  7. I love lookbooks, they always make me want to buy whole outfits from one shop rather than just one item, so they do a great job of selling things to me!

    The ones you've chosen are lovely - Jaeger especially I love.

  8. So true, I am addicted to Lookbooks, I must look mental in shops I always grab one as like you say it's rare to have one in your hands. I love these, the first one is inspiring I am going to make a huge moodboard for my bedroom I think to help me throw things together quicker.

  9. These pieces are great for spring. So many different looks. Especially love the APC ones.


  10. I am really liking all the colors here.

  11. I love ALL these pieces! Everything looks great :)

  12. Such a small world isn't it!! I'm loving APC's lookbook! Love your blog too! :) xoxo

  13. I like the Jaeger one best! If only for the printed skirt.. also, of course, it's a lot more colourful/vibrant :D

    Loose shapes are great.. it really allows for lots of.. expansion.. underneath it all

    The worst look has got to be that first APC one (second row).. that kind of sweater really accentuates your rolls!! LOOK she's already so thin and I can already see some rolly things going on there.. I mean really what is that.. it's totally zzzzzzzz


    I must go to Sweden.. I haven't been!


  14. I love the Jaeger collection especially the printed skirt and c at tshirt

  15. love the weekday stuff, can't believe i'm only finding out about them now!
    j xx

  16. Ahhh the polkadots and the scalloped collars at Jaeger are just beautiful. I like their Boutique range but when I see it in store I'm never that blown away for some reason. I guess the styling in these shoots must have something to do with it. It always looks a bit...flat next to the Jaegar stand for some reason.

    Loving the Weekday picks. I can totally see you wearing all of those- the sheer/maxi (or are they palazzo trews?) is particularly awesome.

    Ah I want to go shopping.

  17. Yisyene's comment made me giggle. Accentuated rolls? I totally see it!!

  18. oh oh ohhhh, i think you've managed to pick some of my favourite pieces this summer! so in love with jaeger dresses x

  19. I love the polkadots especially in the Jaeger pieces, lovely! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  20. These are great! I'd seen the APC collection before, but the Jaeger one looks FABULOUS. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. I prefer the Jaeger one as APC is a bit too basic and plain for me. Jaeger has its inherent chicness even the pieces shown here are simple and down to earth.