Yarn Time

17 April 2011

knitwear mugs

knitting machine
1. My new mugs designed by coursemates raising money for the show.  
2. I need to stay on this knitting machine for the foreseeable future; can you spot the packet of Bombay Mix?  Definitely a part of the knitters survival kit.

The warmer weather always seems to coincide with an increased workload, meaning that most e-mails that feature the words 'Hope you are enjoying the sun!' or The Royal Wedding are pretty much lost on me.   I don't really want to write a rant but I just thought I'd let you know that things are a bit hectic for me at the moment and knitting has yet again taken over my life.  I remember writing this post as a second year but now the tables have turned and I'm in the same position and in a situation I hadn't quite anticipated.  Expect a skeleton service on this blog for the next month or so, while I figure out what I need to do.  I pretty much need Bernard's watch!

If anyone is interested in buying any of the mugs, let me know in the comments or via e-mail, more designs can be seen here.
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  1. Eep! Hope you get through it all, but I'm pretty sure you will! That machine looks iNTENSE.
    Also, I'm in love with those mugs. The illustrations are adorable.

    x x Michelle

  2. Those mugs are amazing - your friends are so talented!

  3. those mugs are awesome and good luck with all the knitting =)

  4. your mugs are so adorable! love the illustrations. good luck with the work, feel your pain!

    j x

  5. I love the fact you do knitting, My Auntie was meant to give me a knitting machine..not sure if she did!! i think I'll be suing it alot when she does though xoxo

  6. I love those mugs! Are they being sold online at all? I'd love to purchase one and support your show.

    Good luck with everything, it's horrible worknig when everyone else is enjoying themselves, but it'll be worth it in he end!

  7. i love the mug designs, they're so cute x

  8. Those mugs are fab! Hope everything goes well for you. Sounds manic busy. xx

  9. same! just think, last project at uni...ever

  10. Hello ! I missed your blog and your edgy outfits that inspire me so good !

  11. I totally understand the knitting mania.. I have the same thing, only I just got a knitting machine that is missing a part so I am still stuck with the manual way of creating.. which takes more time in order to reach any kind of result. Have fun!

  12. Would looove a mug - are there any left? Can't find your email - mine is sugarandspice (dot) shopgirl (at) gmail.com xx

  13. the mugs are great - good luck with your work! xxx