Goodbye Nottingham

25 June 2011

nottingham canal

Carrying on in the reflective vein of the last post, I've been saying goodbye to my adopted Uni home. As a self-confessed Londonite, it may have seemed like a surprising decision to choose to head 'oop North' for University.  My logic all of those years ago was that I could live an independent lifestyle with all the necessities within walking distance.  As much as I love London, getting around involves various forms of public transport and I can now see that a five-minute powerwalk down a hill beats a one-hour tram/train/tube commute hands down.  My hypothetical London student life might have somehow involved trips home via Topshop Oxford Circus or Brick Lane, making my overdraft even more dismal than it is now.  That being said, Nottingham is a town with many distractions but I somehow managed to resist during the busy final months.  Luckily, I managed to pop by a few of my favourite places before I left and even find some new ones, so here's a few of my recommendations.

vintage warehouse nottingham

vintage warehouse interior

vintage shoes

I normally pop into the Vintage Warehouse as it's conveniently located near my hairdresser, but unfortunately I haven't had much luck on my recent visits.  Maybe I'm just a bit too fussy when looking through vintage stores these days, expecting bargainous 'fill a bag' prices.  Despite my lack of success, I'm certain there are gems to be found here but I'm quite content just looking at the cluttered space, reminding me of the concept behind my collection

lee rosys tea


lee rosys carrot cake

Lee Rosys Tea was a favoured hang out during the first few years in Nottingham but unfortunately I didn't make as many trips here as I would have liked in the final year.   Surprisingly, I have never actually drank tea there preferring to stick to the delicious carrot cake and smoothie combination, but I bet Winnie would find some great green tea variations to try.

sew and save bag

the tokenhouse crockery

keep calm and carry on

british bits and bobs

the tokenhouse mugs

When Lucy came up to visit me, I knew she'd love The Tokenhouse due to it's quaint range of stock but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to take her there.  As per usual, I'm drawn to the store's cluttered nature, with every nook and cranny filled with amazingly quirky homeware, stationery and gifts.  If I ever manage to move out you can guarantee I'll be trading in my battered student plates for some of the bird patterned stuff, but for now I've settled with one of the Union Jack printed tins to fill photos with.

oxfam originals

I also popped by the Oxfam Originals shop and found a gorgeous silk shirt that seemed very Weekday, unfortunately I needed legs of modelesque proportions to make it suit.  It's probably just as well, I already have three thrifted silk shirts that I need to wear more often!


aubrey's creperie

savoury feta crepe

serving utensils

apple crepe

The last stop was a new one for me, Aubrey's Traditional Creperie situated in a discreet arcade a stones throw away from the Market Square.  I loved the setting almost as much as the food itself and got a few strange looks for my excessive photo taking of anything imaginable.  Being a bit of a foodie, I had to try a sweet and savoury version and managed to decide after much menu deliberation (I can be a bit indecisive in restaurants).  I guess this wouldn't be too difficult to make for myself at home but I'll definitely miss the vintage crockery and perfect presentation.

Have any of you ever visited Nottingham?  Some of my friends have discussed having mini-reunions there as it's too good a place never to visit again.  I also need to make an effort to see more UK cities as I love the individual shops and cafes they have to offer, maybe Manchester will be next?

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  1. Great photo's i got to Nottingham a lot and have never seen some of these shops i will be looking out for them next time :)

  2. I've been to Nottingham for rowing, but not for a 'visit' - it looks amazing, I really must go again properly!

  3. where is this aubreys delightful place?! i havent seen it yet and it sounds like my kind of eatery. yummy!

  4. Love every picture, especially these ones from the vintage shop. Think I'm gonna dream of it this night !

    See U !

  5. thanks for the recommendations! those crepes look amazing!

  6. My boyfriend is at uni in Nottingham so it feels like I'm always over there, but he knows nothing about the city! I'm making a note of this post so that we can have more nice trips out next time I visit :) I spotted Audrey's last time, but didn't have chance to go in. I wish I knew more about Birmingham (my uni city), maybe next year I'll make it my mission to find enough places to make a similar recommendation list!

  7. Nice post, I live near Nottingham and you've uncovered some nice looking haunts for me so thank you. I'll be going to check out those crepes - I always thought that arcade wasn't worth visiting. How wrong I was. That vintage shop also looks worth a visit. Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I live in Nottingham and go to college in the city! It's a really great city and you've visited some amazing places! Lee Rosy's is a favourite!

  9. The Lee Rosy's place looks like an amazing place to have a shop around. I would so buy their tea...

    Also the Tokenhouse looks just like a little gift shop in Warwick which is crammed full of stuff on every single surface and space on the wall! Amazing.

  10. I am so un-travelled, Birmingham and Bournemouth are really the only two cities I've explored.

    London, Machester and Leeds are top of my list for this Summer :) x

  11. I'd never considered Nottingham when thinking of places I'd like to visit, but this post has officially put it on my list (and quite near the top, too)! Maybe you should get a job on the Nottingham tourist board...

  12. the crepe place looks well nice, the food esp. right up my sweet tooth street. i've only been to nottingham once, to a trend forecasting presentation at a pretty cool cinema but i forgot the name. if i do decide to go back i'll be checking out some of these recs.

    ah yeah, manchester is my adopted city i would say. lots of my friends are from there and i worked there for a year, hoping to locate to there over the next few months if i can find work. i went to uni in preston, which is a city but it's quite naff

  13. Oh my goodness, i think i've been missing out all this time. I've never been to Notts, can you believe it! This post makes me want to go this summer and I'll be using this post as my guide to all the places I must visit! It's always really sad when you leave a place, i was a student in Newcastle and I miss it so much. Have a great time settling back at home and good luck with the next chapter of your life! :)

  14. I've never been to Nottingham before, but I really want to explore it now. I still am swooning over your knitwear collection too--so beautiful! Oh, btw--I found the Missoni ridiculously marked down on Outnet--75%, definitely worth it to check back there frequently. I think we should organize a blogger trip to Bicester soon too!

  15. That vintage warehouse looks AMAZING!! Too good to be true.

    strawberry freckleface

  16. I dream to go to this giant vintage shop and swim delightfully into all the clothes !

  17. I went to uni there, nice to have a catch-up on how it's all doing!

  18. I've not been for a day out in Nottingham for quite some time (last time I went it was a mad dash to get to Rock City for a gig then run for the last train back to Sheffield!)

    My brother has just moved oop North and he keeps saying he fancies a trip to Nottingham...

    This has definitely made it a priority!

    So many fab things! :)

    Clare x

  19. This has been a great help, along with your reply to my email about Nottingham, of which I'm in the process of replying to, myself. I will definitely have to visit some of these places on my visit up to Nottingham Trent in a couple of week's time.


  20. I rarely venture out of London which is bad, and when I do it's usually the surrounding counties or the coast. You've made Nottingham look so appealing, I'm going to make it my business to venture out of London a bit more.
    Strut mode

  21. Love this post and all of your suggestions. It's always so great to see someone's take on the best places to go!

    That vintage shop looks like such a great place to spend a few hours! I love trolling through piles of second hand things! Definitely like you though - can't help but feel a bit disheartened at the price tags sometimes!

    Never been to Nottingham but will hopefully make it someday!

    p.s. after just having spent a week in London I totally feel your pain re. public transport... everything take aaaages! Don't blame you for slipping away up north for Uni! xx

  22. That vintage warehouse looks incredible - could get lost in there for days! xx

  23. I LOVE Nottingham, it has such a fantastic vibe, and as you've perfectly illustrated here, the shopping is awesome.

  24. My brother went to uni in Nottingham and is currently living there still so we go quite a lot :) He lives just around the corner from Lee Rosy's! Great post x

  25. I visited it once, it was beautiful i wished id had more time to look around and see all the vintage shops, those shops you posted about look amazing, im still looking for a silk shirt. Lovley blog though im now following also, if youre thinking of citys to visit, visit Bath its beautiful xx

  26. Nottingham looks great, would love to visit some day. Love your blog!

    Amy xxx

  27. What a lovely tribute. Beautiful shots. And weird coincidence... do you know Sabine, of Psynopsis? She was just up there - I guess the same time you were leaving. Her sweet daughter Sarah was looking at schools.. I'd love to introduce you two, in London.

    Please let me know when you're back and settled in - would love to catch up, maybe at the V&A..


  28. Awh, isn't it just too sad leaving our adopted uni homes? are you heading back to london now?

  29. So yummmy! Colors, food, pictures, and all... beautiful!

  30. Beautiful pictures!! Absolutely stunning and tells your story perfectly!


  31. Hey Kristabel I am back! Hope your okay! Congrats on completing your degree! I have just got back from my year abroad and have to return to Nottingham in September and your post really has got me excited! It also has inspired me to try out the Vintage Warehouse again, as I have been before and I couldn't find anything... might not have helped that I was with an ex boyfriend and he just moaned the entire time! I will be heading there alone asap!

    Hope your well... stay in touch!


  32. ahhh so sad!! an end of an era? i love every single place you've mentioned. i used to go to vintage warehouse allll the time and nowadays, i just can't find anything i like as much. hmm.

    strangely i went to lee rosy's the most in my final year. i just used to sit there on my laptop doing work. i preferred it to the library... i'm sure the cakes and teas had a lot to do with it.

    hope the move back to london went well. X

  33. wow these places are insane, didnt relaise nottingham had such a amazing vintage offering. I have just left uni for good too, mixed emotions to say the least.

    Helen, X

  34. nice tips!
    vintage warehouse is my absolute fave, the guys who run it are soo nice with the pricing! x