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15 August 2011

broadway market

I'm a bit late on the Broadway Market front, I know.  Most East-Londonites have been frequenting there for a while now due to the obvious crowds (with a high proportion being mothers wielding pushchairs) and popular stall-owners.  The recent riots have made me determined to appreciate my city, make the most of it and not let the somewhat hasty negative perception get me down.  Although there is an unsavoury minority residing in the capital, my heart has been warmed by the stories of community and lending a helping hand and I didn't want to shy away from certain areas that had been affected.  Due to starting work recently, I'm trying to make the most of my weekends and the weather by exploring London a little more and venturing slightly further from the Overground stations. 

yummy food

bookshop window
food at broadway market

antique chairs and mirror
molly bakes cupcakes

One of the main aspects of this market is the foodie element and there's plenty of yummy sampling to be had (truffle flavoured balsamic vinegar anyone) with the numerous dips and sauces on display.  I plumped for a Vietnamese sandwich, mainly because I haven't tasted one since I was in New York last year and luckily the Bahn Mi stall near the beginning of the market didn't disappoint.  Yet again, I have no photographic evidence.  I guess that by committing to this choice so early, I was unfortunately too full to try much else on offer, such as the delicious looking Persian snacks and various curries.  I did manage to try a carrot cupcake by Molly Bakes and have a little chat with her; she has such an inspiring business story.  I really want to get into baking more but there's always so many random ingredients to buy, meaning that I'll always end up treating myself at stalls such as this one.

random clutterI'm still obsessed with taking photos of clutter, maybe it'll inspire another collection?  Gotta love the retro Nokia phones in the corner.

miss crofton undies
suitcases piled up


fiona save our shoes

I got shown the ropes by the lovely Fiona who seems to know the streets of Hackney like the back of her hand and it was a bonus to check out the small yet perfectly formed Netil market.  I was almost reminded by my days at the Brooklyn Flea with the random assortment of stalls and stylishly dressed visitors, which would overwhelm the likes of Face Hunter or The Satorialist.  I had to catch Fiona's outfit as I was in love with her vintage skirt and it's vivid pattern, which compliments her Hasbeens perfectly.
topshop top and suede skirt doc martens

Top, Skirt - Topshop
Satchel - Tom Brown
Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Socks - c/o Tabio
Dr Martens - c/o Spartoo

You knew my mug was going to turn up sooner or later.  This skirt was one of my rare and recent Topshop sale buys, 100% suede for just £10!  So what if it's prone to popping open when I sit down; it keeps me on my toes anyhow.  I'm breaking in my new Dr Martens brogues from Spartoo with the Tabio socks from my graduate show, which is somewhat painful but necessary to make them as comfortable as my other pair.

hasbeens vs doc martens

hackney sign and skittles 
Have you been to Broadway Market yet?  I thought I was always going to be a South London girl but I wouldn't mind living nearby and having all of this on my doorstep.  A girl can dream.

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  1. Wow! I wish i got to go to markets like this!

  2. i didn't even know this place existed, so i'm now super excited to be moving out east! brilliant post, great photos :) xx

  3. Loved this post, Glasgow/in fact Scotland in general really does lack decent markets. I love your outfit too, good luck with the breaking in of those Dr Martens.

    Caz x

  4. been looking for an old, big, slightly battered suitcase or trunk for a while now. where they expensive? will have to pop down and have a look! nearly bought that skirt too, what a steal (button popping or not!)

  5. You have made me SO happy to be moving to East London right now...

  6. I love markets, the ones near me are pants though; I need to do it London style.

  7. Aw I love broadway market I interned near there when I was at uni a couple of years ago and went everyday for 2 months haha

    Cant believe skirt was a tenner!! Love a bargain

  8. Broadway market looks fantastic! Will have to take a potter up there one day!
    George |

  9. It looks like a great market. I wish there were cool markets near me.

  10. seriously salivating over the food, it looks so yummy! i love your outfit the skirt and dm's look gorgeous x

  11. This looks amazing! I have to go! :) x

  12. This is my kinda place! I would buy so much! x

  13. I demand you to take me the next time I'm in town. Love that stack of old suitcases!

  14. Oh wow, looks like such an awesome market! Definitely going to need to take a trip there!

  15. The market looks amazing. London has so many wonderful street markets. xx

  16. i've only been to the more obvious markets as i didn't live there long and when you do day trips you tend to go to galleries and shops rather than markets but next time fo sho. ahh you got the skirt, i was telling my mate that it was such a steal but no one seems to be buying them. good eyes!

  17. i've been meaning to hit broadway market forever, really need to do it soon.

  18. ahh I was there a couple of wknds ago, lovely walk from Angel down the canal. Rewarded by drinks in The Dove and The Cat and Mutton :)

  19. Just looking at this post made me feel hungry! I must check it out x