Spontaneous in Somerset

31 August 2011

mirror shot
The first of many mirror shots!

I'm always up for a bit of UK discovery and broadening my horizons, so I decided to spend part of my Bank Holiday weekend in Somerset.  This might seem random at first glance but it is also the home of Carrie and I'm forever envious of her trips to the Mulberry factory shop, so decided to pop West bound along with Lucy.  It was also a chance for me to test out my brand new camera, a birthday present to myself to soften the blow of turning 24 (an age signalling the beginning of the end of things like 16-25 railcards and general cheapness) and to increase my understanding of photography.  I didn't get off to the best start as my DSLR was first hijacked by my sister and I spent a few hours trying to rectify her  bodge-job attempts at setting it up.  I also was blissfully unaware that I was shooting in 'movie' mode, until Carrie kindly pointed it out, but soon enough I was back in business and busy snapping away. I think I now need a bigger laptop to store the crazy amounts of photos I'm bound to be taking!

vintage trunks

piles of clothes

much cheapness here

vintage cutlery

red stuff

busy crowds

vintage buttons

needlecraft guide

vintage mirrors

beano and dandy comics


carrie wish wish wish

vintage signs

Our first stop was a rainy one and we ventured towards the Bath and West Showground for a leisurely look around the flea market.  Luckily they had a large indoor section, so we were able to shelter and have a gander at the immense amount of antiques and random knick knacks you know I love to look at.  I wish I had my own house, as I know I could come back from this sort of place with such an eclectic selection of furniture and it was sheer determination that stopped me from buying random chairs that would have been a nightmare to get home.  We must have been quite a sight wandering around with our cameras, asking for permission to photograph things such as wartime medals and ornaments (Lucy even managed to get a refusal) but it was worth it to capture a few more images of collections.  It may seem like every other post on here is about some sort of market, but I like to think of this as an ongoing project, even though the degree is over and done with.

topshop leather jacket weekday tee dress monster shorts

betty london shoes
Jacket - Topshop
Stripy Tee - Weekday
Shorts - Dress Monster
Shoes - c/o Spartoo
Tights - Henry Holland
Promise I'll take the sunnies off soon!  
Thanks to Carrie for taking the photos.

The August weather was as confusing as ever, so I donned tights with the ubiquitous stripy tee and  frill shorts combination (yes, another Asos sale buy that gets crushed up very easily, promise I really did iron them).   My  choice of footwear wasn't quite suitable for the muddy grounds, so my new Betty London shoes got pretty mucky for their third wear but I think it adds to their character.  They combine my love of brogues and loafers perfectly though I've noticed that I do seem to have an unhealthy addiction to lace up shoes that needs to be managed carefully.

knitting needles


exit sign

What are your thoughts on my first forays into DSLR photography?  I've bookmarked a few tutorials and I have a 50mm lens next on my list, but I'd be greatful for any tips you might have as I'm determined to master manual mode...eventually.

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  1. Ahh. How do I manage to be from Somerset without knowing the Bath & West has a flea market? North Petherton, on that map, is pretty near where I'm from too :)
    I reckon you're doing pretty well with the camera. I find DSLRs terrifying and I'm VP of Photosoc!
    I vote you discover Bristol next, it's full of awesome.

  2. Your photos are so lovely Kristabel! I'm definitely looking forward to more photos from your brand spanking SLR! The visit to Somerset looks fab and even better that you visited a lovely Market like that! Ah I'm wishing and hoping for a new laptop and then eventually a trust SLR...woo hoo it WILL happen and pretty much essential blogging tools right?! Xx

  3. You have the camera I want, jealous!! Love the pictures, looks like such a fantastic market! Learning how to use an SLR is really easy, you just need a bit of time. I suggest you find a photographer friend and sit down with them for a few hours making notes. That's what I did when I was working in my Dad's photography shop, after 2 days I knew how to use manual, it was that simple. You need to practice and I found that museums were really good for this because they light is different in every room so you have to change the settings. Set ISO to automatic for now or 400 and just practice playing around with shutter speed (Tv) and aperture (Av). You'll be an expert in no time =)

  4. The quality of the camera is amazing are those pocket watches for a £5 I want!


  5. Aw wow I can't wait to start going to vintage fairs!! I've never been before, they always look so good!

  6. Very nice looks a bit like Portobello market in London? I love this kind or myriad of interesting things, usually you can find some surprising treasures!

    Shan @ Orchira

  7. There are SO MANY stalls! Love all of these, if this is you learning I can't wait to see when you know what you're doing. x hivenn

  8. The photos are lovely - everything looks so interesting! I also like your photos obviously they're a lot more sharper, I think editing is what helps other bloggers a lot, so look into finding good ones!

  9. Actually, I love DSLR but I still feel like a bit of a dummie using it (note to self- get dslr for dummies :P ). I'm loving the pictures, looks like such a fun day out!

  10. you've just reminded me how long it has been since I paid a visit to the bath and west!

  11. You girls look fab. Some really lovely shots!

    Helen, X

  12. I just discovered you and I have to say your photos are amazing! Love love every one of them, especially all the red retro stuff and those make-up compacts!!!
    More photo posts please!!

  13. I just learned about your blog from WishWishWish, and I totally love your style and site. Loved your Somerset pics. Wish I could have enjoyed the market too.

  14. Oh the photos turned out great! I am waiting for my 50mm lenses too, they are pure genius! I love flea markets, you can always find fun stuff there:D

  15. Oh, I enjoy your photos... they're very 'real' as if I've been there too! (and actually, I also wonder what kind of lens you had on your camera that day)

    It seems you all had fun! :)

  16. Love your photos, I need some tips too, I need to experiment with my DSLR more!

    Maria xxx

  17. Eep! I've read both yours and Carrie's blogposts about this day and can't be more envious! That market looks AMAZING! I really wish I new of more market-y places to go around where I live here.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  18. It was lovely to meet you the other day in the emporium! I hope you had a good time in Somerset. So jealous that you all went to the flea market - I would have gone if I wasn't working!

    I just had a sneaky peak at your knitwear and it is seriously stunning - must be so hard to do! You should definitely sell your designs :) love the colour palette especially.

    Sadie x

  19. Lady! Your blog is making me so happy. I love all the pretty vintage treasures in these shots as well as your awesome style. You really cant beat those dusty rose shorts and your sweet satchel


  20. Lovely pics! I want one of those wooden boxes :)
    Annest X