LFW Dress Stress

23 September 2011

vagabond boots

It seems that this fashion week more than most is filled with people milling around the courtyard of Somerset House just waiting to be photographed. I guess somewhere in the back of any blogger's mind is 'Will the Satorialist snap me? Will I end up in Vogue?' and this can alter your style of dressing somewhat.  I try and make a bit more of an effort, making full use of my wardrobe and find that seeing the diversity in personal style can inspire me in various ways.  Sometimes it only becomes clear to wear a marled jumper with a certain type of skirt after seeing someone strutting about in said outfit around Somerset House.  I feel that waking up at the crack of dawn has made me play it too safe with some of my looks (plus the lack of ironing my vintage shirts doesn't help), so these few days spent amongst the cobbles has helped me generate some ideas for getting dressed.  More on that later, here's a few looks that I managed to sport.

rachel barrett shirt topshop dress

skull necklace

vagabond boots
Dress (worn as shirt) - c/o Rachel Barrett
Dress - Topshop
Boots - Vagabond
Satchel - c/o The Leather Satchel Company

I took a slight risk choosing this dress at the Spirit of Fashion pop-up launch, as I only tend to do disguised sophistication and when I do, it is usually in black.  I decided to go against type and choose this style mainly as a layering piece (I've seen far too many Swedish bloggers wearing long open shirts) and I fascinated by how there are no side seams whatsoever.  It seemed apt to wear this to the first day of Fashion Week and luckily the weather was decent and I didn't need a jacket.  My new boots came from Vagabond, a label I discovered back in Berlin and they are extremely comfortable.  I'm all about heels that I can get the most wear out of these days and since the Topshop Allegra boots sold out yonks ago, I luckily found a similarly priced alternative.  Can you also tell I've had a Mac makeover?  This is the most made up look I managed at LFW, since I managed to lose my Fluidline eyeliner in a drawer for the subsequent days and survive on the bare minimum. I'd love to try and recreate it somehow; methinks I need better brushes!

knitted tube skirt


Leather Jacket - Topshop
Sheer Blouse - H&M
Skirt - k+f+p (aka from my graduation collection)
Socks - c/o Tabio
Shoes - Nine West Vintage America

It seems that you spend so long making a graduate collection only for it to be left languishing in various household storage areas (in my case under the bed) and never to be seen again.  I think it might have been Jazmine who suggested that I should wear one of my pieces for this week and after remembering how long it took me to make (roughly 12 hours x 4 days) and the yarns it's made from (silk, wool, viscose, cotton), I thought I might as well put it to good use.  It certainly kept me warm on quite a rainy day and even though I kept having a few flashbacks of making it, it was nice to finally wear one of my own designs.  I might wear some of the jumpers come February and would love to knit some more if I can find the time; there's so many stitch combinations I wish I could have explored during that short space of time. 

vintage skirt and blouse


Silk Blouse - Vintage Ralph Lauren
Midi Skirt - Humana Berlin
Boots - Vagabond
Belt - Charity Shop
Necklace - Brooklyn
Thanks to Carrie, Jazmine and Lucy for taking my photos!

I really loved this skirt when I bought it back in Berlin, but don't think I've worn it all that much.  I think I might have been suffering from 'Midi Skirt Fatigue' after amassing so many styles in the few short months since they became 'on trend.'  At the moment I'm trying to find as many above the knee styles as possible, but for my last full-on day I decided to embrace a print.  I finally ironed the silk shirt I bought in New York last Summer at braved the the buttoned up collar for most of the day (it's strangely tight).  The necklace hints towards where I went that day in my vague attempt to wear-the-designer-whose-show-you're-attending when in reality I don't yet own one of the pieces.  My time will come eventually....

Unexpectedly, I've also received a nomination for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award in the 'Established Fashion Blog' category.  I don't really get nominated for things on a day to day basis apart from maybe emptying the dishwasher, so thanks to anyone who put I Want You To Know forward.  If this blog floats your boat, then by all means vote away but there's some stiff competition in my group so I'm being rather realistic and using the experience to discover different sorts of blogs.  Most of all, I'm looking forward to the awards ceremony and meeting up with everyone!
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  1. I used to have Mary Jane shoes that looked very similar to those and that skirt wow it looks home made I like that look!

  2. You look fantastic in every photo, i'm in love with your style! The nail colour is gorgeous too! Pretty! x

  3. I love all the outfits, but Im specially in love with the shoes on you outfit nr 1, the skirt on outfit nr 2 and outfit nr 3 I want everything that u are wearing =)

  4. Oops, I deleted my other comment #lol. I just wanted to let you know, that you look phenomenal. Every single photo is perfect. ♥


  5. Your skirt that you designed is seriously amazing. I love all of your outfits! x hivenn

  6. I'm in love with your graduation colletion skirt and your style in general! Beautiful!


  7. Wow, I can't believe you made that skirt! I would definitely buy something like that if I saw it in a shop -- wear it more, and feel proud, I say!

  8. Congratulations on your nomination! That is super exciting!

    Love all your looks from LFW.

    The contrasting lengths in the outfit is so perfect! Wish I had gotten to see your skirt in person! It is gorgeous! Seriously beautiful! Really wishing that you were planning to make more! It's so great that you're taking the opportunity to wear the pieces out! Also, the skirt in the last outfit is beautiful! Totally love your chic style!

    So know the feeling of pre-LFW dress stress. You know you're in trouble when you find yourself wondering whether you should attach a bird to your head... jk jk. I never considered that.


  9. love all these outfits hun!!! you look fabulous!:) xx

  10. Love the skirt from your own collection - it's gorgeous. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  11. The skirt from your graduate collection is stunning, I love that you included a detail shot of it because I could spend ages looking at the patterns! I hope the look received the attention it deserved.

    It was really lovely to see you again yesterday, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the night! x

  12. I love the skirt from your collection, and yes you should wear items from your grad collection more often. I try to wear some of mine but not a lot of it fits lol.
    Strut ode

  13. Love your outfits. They look so well put together.

  14. oh my god. that skirt! you are a genius. I have some much respect for the fact that you wore it - i'm a weave student and the first time you actually take something into the 'real world' is definitely a memorable one, ha! I've got a blanket that it took about 45 hours to weave. I may have got a bit blase about it now - throwing it around on the beach...
    but amazing looks! will look forward to the jumpers appearing...

    Annah xx


  15. I love your skirt! I can't believe you made such a gorgeous thing.

    And I will be voting for you, of course x


  16. uhhhh, the first boots are like AMAZING? i bought a similar pair at H&M but yours look like they're the perfect shape/height/material to be casually dressy-yet-comfy. SIGH. HOPE YOU ENJOYED LFW, LUCKY ONE!