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16 October 2011

topshop dress

Is it really Autumn yet?  I've been trying to go out enthusiastically layered to the max with my circle scarf and leather jacket, whilst regretfully leaving my sunglasses at home.  The British climate is so unpredictable that working out when the seasons are actually changing can be a task in itself, let alone attempting to dress for it.  From home, to train, tube and office sees multiple changes in temperature, which needs to be served with one sole outfit and the most confusing task of a morning is knowing whether to wear tights or not.  Please tell me I'm not alone in my bewilderment? 

topshop floral midi dress

Dress - Topshop
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Office
Belt - Charity Shop
Nails - Zoya c/o Boudoir Privé

Don't panic, I wore a cardigan with this dress!  Hopefully if I manage to do some regular outfit posts you'll be able to see how I've managed to stick to my personal style rules and what I might have bought from the wishlist.  I'm rarely a spontaneous shopper and only intended to buy this dress after stalking it online and envisioning possible outfit combinations (through the power of the internet I knew that Elisabeth owned the same dress in a different colourway).  However, we all know the effect that Topshop can have and after wandering into the calm shopping environment of the Knightsbridge store, I managed to pick up several other items which I will later divulge.  This dress isn't the most practical for the colder months of the year, but I intend to wear cropped jumpers and chunky cardigans over the top until Summer rears it's indecisive head again.  I also featured the Office boots previously and although I love them, they aren't quite as comfortable as my Vagabond Grace boots.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get the camera to focus on close-ups, but you can just about see the Zoya nail polish that was in the latest Boudoir PrivĂ© box.  It's one of those monthly subscription boxes where you never quite know what you'll end up with, so I was lucky to receive the neutral sort of colour I like.

apc sweater creepers cord skirt

tuk creepers

Top - A.P.C
Lace shirt - Humana 
Corduroy Skirt - M&S
Tights - Calzedonia
Tuk Creepers - c/o Spartoo

I'm glad it's almost cool enough to wear this sweatshirt, a Net a Porter bargain I managed to find a few months ago.  You know how much I love anything striped and when I stumbled across this £30 A.P.C bargain at precisely 2am, I wasn't going to let it go easily.  Keeping with the reduced theme, I also finally found a corduroy skirt from Marks and Spencer for only £15.  I've been trying to search for one since I saw Jen in this Jaeger cord skirt a while ago but at a more reasonable price point.  Although I had to sacrifice my preferred shade of red/rust, this skirt is still really versatile in a dark indigo colour.  In contrast to the previous boots, my new creepers were extremely comfortable on the first wear (hence their inclusion in my new layout) even if getting the right size confused me at first.  I wasn't sure about whether to go for the more extreme platform but luckily the lower style is still well within my comfort zone without making me seem like one of the Spice Girls.

topshop green polka dot pencil skirt

topshop green polka dot pencil skirt

T-shirt - Weekday
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Vagabond
Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I don't tend to wear things after seeing them on celebrities or even royalty (so any 'Steal her Style' e-mails are lost on me I'm afraid). In fact I'm more likely to wear something seen on another blogger, such is how my mind works.  That is how I'm justifying this skirt purchase, known currently as 'The-Topshop-polka-dot-pencil-skirt-bought-by-Kate-Middleton-that-we-haven't-actually-seen-her-wear-yet.' I first saw the skirt on Elisabeth which got the cogs in my mind whirring for general polka dottedness, then saw the trouser version on various blogs. After careful consideration I ordered them but then chickened out and sent them back.  I'm not quite ready for patterned trousers yet.  On the aforementioned trip to Topshop I somehow picked the skirt up from the last chance rail, not really expecting to like it.  I never really thought of myself as a pencil skirt person as they always seemed so unashamedly feminine, especially since Kate Middleton is now associated with this one.  When I tried it on however I saw potential, the polka dots are eye catching without being too in-your-face and the skirt looks lovely dressed down with a cropped jumper or tucked in t-shirt.  I'm hoping to figure out many more ways to may this skirt look new every time I wear it, justifying the unexpected purchase.

simply beach bikini

So now Summer is finally over, I guess it's time to say goodbye to all of the sandals, light dresses and swimwear and retire them for another year.  I was sent a voucher to choose something from Simply Beach a while ago but unfortunately never got the chance to wear it.  At least I know I'm not totally stuck if I ever get whisked away for a surprise beach holiday anytime soon (unlikely).  There are some summery items, which I might try and sneakily wear in a more layered fashion but now I'm very much looking forward to digging out some of last years velvet items and knitting a new scarf.  Are you convinced by the arrival of Autumn?

This is a last push for Cosmopolitan Blog Awards votes as voting ends at 9am tomorrow.  I know that there's a lot of competition so may the best blogger win!

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  1. i loveeee the topshop dress on you, & both pairs of boots are lovely too. oh, & that pencil skirt is gorgeous too! kinda just want them all, aha.


  2. Looking lovely! Love the floral print on your first dress and the polka dot skirt from Topshop is amazing. You have awesome style.

  3. that topshop skirt looks amazing on you!

  4. Love that dress and that Topshop skirt!! :) x

  5. Loving that Topshop skirt!

  6. Love the look, super cute!

  7. You have amazing style girl, I am going to wear a floral dress tomorrow now! also, those creepers, dont normally like them but those ones are cool :) Thanks for your comment, if you do attempt an isabel marant diy I'd love to know how it goes :)

  8. flipping heck, you've got loads of good swag at the moment. the apc sweater looks really good over the longer shirt w/ creeps. yeah know what you mean about the celeb thing, i couldn't care. they have all the money which isn't realistic. i wouldn't mind trying the striped jumper and shirt thing here though, could easily work in menswear.

    pffft the weather is bonkers, heavy rain, then "soft" rain with wind, without with, sun, dull but warm. it's so hard to get your clothing right, man.

  9. I love love love love (did I mention Love?) the polka dot skirt! It's gorgeous on you Kristabel and a bit different to what I've seen you wear before but you are totally working it!!

    Loving the bikini you got from Simply Beach, it's really pretty! I hope we both get whisked away on holidays- I could do with a warmer temperature!

  10. Much love for the Topshop skirt and the creepers :)

  11. I love these outfits and you have inspired me to dig out my old cord skirt and wear it again!

    Maria xxx

  12. It doesn't feel like Autumn at all, here in Lisbon. I wish it did though. I'd love to be wearing some of these outfits!

  13. Loving the polka dot pencil skirt!

  14. love the polka dots skirt,gr8 blog and photos bdw come thru my fashion blog n lets folloW Each other like twitter .

    C h u c h u - c h u l a l a . b l o g s p o t . c om

  15. As ever you look amazing in everything, that Topshop pencil skirt its my favourite, but the office boots are up there too...

    Penny x

  16. Fantastic pencil skirt, very nice girly touch to such a sophisticated item.

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog and saying hi - really hope you like our outfits when they come out :)