13 October 2011


There's nothing like a major fashion event to get you to bond with your new 50mm Canon lens.  I guess I was slightly foolish to disregard the manual entirely when trying to get to grips with my camera as I still had no idea about aperture, ISO or any of the other basics of photography.  Luckily I'm one of those people who learns things by doing them over and over again and making plenty of mistakes. Even though some of these pictures are just pot luck, I am starting to understand a rough camera formula for certain situations (such as turning the wheely-thingy until it's under 100 for darkened rooms).  These photos may seem like a bit of a budget version of Tommy Ton, but this lens allows you to take close ups from afar quite easily and catch any detail that might catch your eye.

Admiring the stunning appliqué by Fyodor Golan

Stella's stunning Christopher Kane skirt soon went viral across numerous street style sites

IMG_3342Hairclip envy at Unconditional 





IMG_3559Various show attendees who inspired me with their outfit choices



Being the latecomer I am, I almost missed the Masha Ma show.  Luckily it was running late as per and I was able to witness the exquisite construction and meticulous details from a rare front row seat

Fred Butler is changing the way I perceive jewellery, I love how her pieces are an extension of her character

I spy Louise Gray wearing the shoes from her latest collection

Which photo catches your eye?

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  1. Wow the colors and shadow look really good. I'm an amateur photographer myself, I use a film camera so I definitely made plenty of mistakes. A lot of my photos didn't even come out, but I'm planning on buying a nikon dslr.
    Farrah's Muse

  2. You got some great photos - I definitely think you've got the hang of your camera!

    I did read the manual when I got mine but I have to say I didn't really understand it - I think once I'd tried stuff out I was then able to reread the manual and go 'ahh, that what they meant by that!'

  3. Absolutely love the skirt that went viral, I can see why, so cool!

  4. Love the galaxy print skirt.. cant get enough of that print at the minute! :) xx by the way your photos are stunning hun!

  5. Beautiful selection of photos - I too am in love with Stella's skirt!
    L x

  6. i think you have done a really brilliant job actually, you can see by the detail it's picked up on the CK skirt. i'm really did playing around with mine and i would love nothing more than for someone to show me. mine you i don't have a super lens like you

  7. love your blog, is so cool!!!
    I follow u!
    pass to mine and follow me too :D

  8. the jacket with the buttons & etc sewn on it!! I want to make one like a.s.a.p... not kidding! Great inspiration/moodboard I am definietly following xx

  9. I love your pictures. I really need to get better at photography!

  10. These shots are wonderful. I feel guilty that I really don't understand how my camera works, this has inspired me to sort it out and learn everything!

  11. You images are absolutely incredible. Incredible. I had to go back and re-read the post to make sure that my eyes were correct. These are definitely not "budget version of Tommy Ton," quite the contrary! They are just as phenomenal and you should be proud. I'd love for you to shoot me with your amazing camera and give me a few pointers about the 50mm lens!