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23 October 2011

lulu guinness tea cups

What a busy week I've had in London town! I seem to prefer making the most of my evenings, leaving the weekend free for maximum laziness and lounging around tweeting about various tv singing competitions.  Luckily there's been a few things happening this week and on Tuesday evening I made my way through the crazy crowds at Bond Street to the Lulu Guinness press day. I'd been invited to a few events before, but had been unable to go due to the immense amount of final year work, so I was excited to finally see some beautiful bags up close.

lulu guinness camera bag

Lulu Guinness quilted bag

lulu guinness print

lulu guinness lips clutch
See more photos here

The inspiration for SS12 was all the things we associate with holidays in accessories forms, resulting in camera inspired bags, packing lists on purses and various destinations illustrated on a handy tote.  There was a great selection of colours and finishes for the trademark lips clutch but I particularly loved their take on the quilted bag.  The red version almost made me forget about the one a certain French brand offers with its embroidered lips and golden logo clasp, plus it's far more affordable in comparison. 

knitted oasis sign

oasis collar

oasis balloon

oasis ipad

oasis denim dog

On Wednesday I met up with a few bloggers at the opening of the new Oasis Flagship store on London's Argyll Street.  As expected, I was pleased with the knitting theme they'd expressed throughout the store layout (there was even Huddersfield graduate Claire Nixon knitting in the window) and the high tech iPads allowing you to view lookbooks and handy phrases.  I also fell in love with the perfect little black dress; it's probably just as well it's not on the website yet, as it's £110!

Duo brogues

duo chelsea boots

chelsea boots

Autumn's arrival means that a new pair of boots are in order and as my layout suggests I've been after some Chelsea boots for some time. I may have found the perfect pair at Duo; I'm not really blessed in the feet department, with an awkwardly sized pair that can be anything from a size 7 to a 9 (damn you Topshop). I was invited to try out their fitting service at their flagship Covent Garden store and my brand new pair should be arriving very soon.  I'll let you know how I get on with them; I can already see them going with everything.

Y3 vest

y3 rail

Y3 detail

jeremy scott adidas trainers kids
Jeremy Scott has also collaborated with Adidas and produced the cutest kids trainers!

I always look forward to the Adidas press days each season and challenging my preconceptions of what sportswear can be.  As per, I headed to the Y-3 collection first to admire Yamamoto's pieces in person and to see how the themes of London street style and the Olympics had been combined.  The little details that turn a basic tank into something more considered always manage to amaze me and although there was a lot of black, it particularly suited the utilitarian workwear theme.  My rail photos probably don't express how the pieces can be worn and it's definitely a contrast when you see everything come to life on the runway.  I really want to incorporate a few of the styling tips into my life using whatever asymmetric pieces and tartan I have in my wardrobe and pretend that it's real Yohji.

american apparel skirt and spiral tights

I also made it to the American Apparel flea market over in Brick Lane to see what all of the fuss was about. I could see plenty of people on the Facebook event getting excited about disco pants (shudder) and hoodies but all I had in mind was a nice sheer shirt.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to find one and ended up reverting to tights buying and finding another piece of grey jersey to call my own. It's on for another two days and there's enough t-shirts and skinny cords to dress the whole of Shoreditch; I'm not sure if I'll be going back but there's plenty of stock left if you do.  Has anyone else checked out the sale yet?

I'm please to announce that the winner of my competition is Chuck!  Now all I need is to figure out how best to send everything out...
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  1. Hey, you can never have too much jersey in your wardrobe or too many tights! Looks like you had an awesome week

  2. We all love grey Jersey, it's definitely one of my favourites and it's usually my alternative to wearing black! Love your press day photos and can't wait to see the boots when you receive them! Also, I used to work for Oasis and I remember carrying about 20 of those denim dogs (we had huge Sheepdog sized ones too!) around the shop floor/stock room. Those things were the bane of my life.

    See you Thurs!

  3. Those photos are all so beautiful! I love the pieces you captured...especially the bead detailing on the collar!

    Good finds with the skirt and tights....might have to invest in a pair of the tights in black!


  4. Wow you're such a good photographer. the pictures are always so clear but warm if you know what I mean awesome post!
    Farrah's Muse

  5. Great photos! I love your blog. Have fun! ♥

  6. Love this post! what a busy week you've had :) I tend to fill my week nights and leave my weekends free too, however my nights aren't as exciting as yours!

    I went to the AA sale in brick lane last year, when it all kicked off! Was a pretty scary experience, we went back another day to actually make it in, but I didn't see too much I liked?! x

  7. I thought about checking out the sale, but the queue around the corner kinda put me off!

  8. Sounds like you had a pretty cool week! I love the holiday bags, especially those with the lips, they're so funny :)

    xoxo, Femke On the Button

  9. Yep. I need that red bag in my life. Stat. x

  10. Why are the winged trainers just for kids? I want them!

    Really love the Oasis Brogues and the first shot of the tea cups is beautiful

    Jet x

  11. hey ho!! looks like a fun week, checking out all this new stuff, I am a little bit scared to go to the american apparel flee market, it must be jam packed with ppl trying to grab leggings as if there life depended on it :))

  12. I need a lulu guinness tea cup in my life! they are amazing! :) x

  13. I sniggered at the 'damn you Topshop' comment - what is UP with their shoes? Size 8, I don't think so!

    LOVE the LG clutches. Have wanted a lips clutch for years and that grey glittery one is divine. x

  14. Wow, you've been so busy! The Lulu Guinness pressday looks *amazing*, and it was lovely to see you at Oasis.

  15. such cute photos! I love the first one x

  16. Lovely photos! Design geek alert but really like the knitted vm sign, such a cute idea :)
    Glad you had fun!
    L x

  17. hopefully i will get to meet you tomorrow night x

  18. I really like those boots, did they not fit? I found a similar pair at the thirft today and sadly they were just 1/2 a size too small!! arg!

    plus that collared shirt looks like it would make a great DIY

  19. Sounds like you had a busy week!

    Pip x

  20. I went to the AA sale too. Interesting how there were so many clothes but so little to buy. I picked up a skirt too but I was surprised there wasn't more that I wanted. x

  21. I love Lulu Guinness, her bags are to die for... I love those teacups too :)

    Maria xxx

  22. i love all these photos! my favourite has to be that collar on the blouse! wow!

  23. Adorable cups! and amazing blouse collar!