Discovering Paris

26 November 2011

merci concept store paris

It's certainly true that everything seems a lot prettier in Paris.  Even though it has all of the familiar components of a city, the streets just seem a lot grander, the street signs more elegant and I found that a photo oppurtunity would arise for even the most mundane of objects.  The day wasn't just filled with visiting all the SS12 collections for La Redoute and luckily we managed to have a good wander around the streets nearby before and after.  After looking at my photos, I managed to work out that we were in the 3rd arrondissment, home to numerous small art galleries and what seemed to be lots of accessory wholesalers.  This probably isn't an area that I'd have enough time to visit on one of those weekender type trips, so I was glad to get a sense of a different area, far from all the typical landmarks and main shopping streets.

la france

bench paris

restaurant derriere paris

restaurant derriere paris


restaurant derriere paris interior

french pork and potatoes

restaurant derriere paris

Upon arrival, we were whisked to lunch at the intriguingly named restaurant, Derrière.  It's hidden away beyond an arch on a tiny side street and leads to an eclectic space, which instantly makes you feel right at home.  Each room is very different with some looking more like a traditional place to eat and others looking more like a bedroom (complete with naughty wallpaper and Chanel make-up), so it was tricky to choose where to sit.  The non-uniform nature of the place was naturally, right up my street and has given me much inspiration for how I want my future home to be, whenever it happens.  There are a few more pictures here featuring a few more rooms I never managed to find, but wish I had to fuel my obsession with taking pictures of collections even further.

bikes in paris

paris corsetry shop

parisian streets

vila duffle coat asos cable jumper cos shorts

vagabond grace boots

duffle coat asos cable jumper

vila duffle coat asos cable jumper cos shorts
Coat - Vila
Cable Jumper - Asos
Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Wool Shorts - COS
Tights - Pretty Polly (goody bag) and Calzedonia
Boots - Vagabond
Jewellery - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Me and Zena, Topshop 
Thanks Frances for the pics!

Meet the second of my new Winter coats, the duffel style I've always wanted.  It's described by the Guardian as the Peter Pan of coat styles and it's probably true that I don't want to 'grow up' any time soon.  The cable jumper is another addition to the knitwear collection and it comes with a furry collar that I haven't managed to brave yet for fear of looking slightly too twee (unsurprisingly, I have my limits) but maybe I'll brave it soon.  The shorts are another accidental purchase as a result of blog reading and as soon as I saw them here, I knew I had to have them.  They're slightly big on the waist, since Cos seems to adopt vague SML sizing in most cases but I love the fuller shape elsewhere and have worn them enough to get the cost per wear right down.  My Vagabond boots are still going strong as I continue to wear them to death, as they've been given the title of being the most comfortable heels I own.  I'm very much tempted to get a similar pair as a slight variation, as you can never have too many pairs of lace-up boots.

crates in the street

paris shop window

merci cafe paris

merci paris

concept store merci paris

merci concept store paris

When it comes to concept stores in Paris, I was previously only aware of Colette and I was slightly disappointed when I realised we wouldn't have enough time for a visit.  Luckily another similar type of store was in the area, and we got to spend some time in Merci admiring some of the French labels (hello again A.P.C) and homeware that wouldn't have seemed out of place in the aforementioned restaurant.  I was far too indecisive to find a suitable souvenir but I'm slightly regretting not bringing home even a plate to remind me of the wonderful day I had.  I think that it has to be one of my favourite cities for window shopping and the fact that I can't afford the clothes is not quite as depressing as it is in London.  It still baffles me that you can get on a train for two hours and end up in Paris but now I know how easy it is, I'll definitely be doing it this way again.

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  1. i would literally kill to go to Paris! look beautiful!
    Fashion Junkie

  2. Pairs looks absolutely amazing. I'd kill to go back, I was wayyyy to young when I first went.
    Your coat is LUSH aswell :) X

  3. The little white swinging bench is absolutely amazing! It reminds of Elmer the patchwork elephant?! Beautiful photos as ever, Paris has such a sweet charm about it. xx

  4. Amazing photos m'dear,

    and I am a little bit obsessed with your outfit.

  5. I ♥ this post! It's literally bursting with beautiful things and inspiration :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. It sounds like a fun trip :) I'd love to visit Paris! x

  7. That coat is just perfect! I love it, and it looks perfect on you especially with that maroon sweater!

  8. Oh kbel, these are such beautiful photos! Is it me or have your snaps just got amazing?! I love how you these places are! They're practically inspiration for your final collection! So, so beautiful, i think I may have to take a trip myself very soon. My cousin keeps asking me to visit..
    Big blogbud hugs xx

  9. your photos are lovely :) makes me want to try Paris again, I've been there plenty of times but it hasn't ever really appealed to me but your pictures are persuasive.

  10. Beautiful post, it makes me want to don a beret and jump on the Eurostar. And your outfit is perfection.

    Mona x

  11. ah you made it to merci! i did a lot of research on that place when i was working on my final project. really looks like my kinda place. one of my best mates who lives in brighton, well his parents have a flat in paris and he nips over all the time! i can see the appeal

  12. Ah I love this post so much. Paris is literally so beautiful, and I love your outfit, I think it fits well with the Parisian style :)

  13. I'm a bit gutted I didn't get chance to go to Paris while I lived in London seeing as it's so easy. But alas, I'm planning a trip for my birthday next year so hopefully I'll get see all the things in your glorious photos. I've nearly bought that jumper on ASOS so many times, looks great on you. X

  14. oh, these photographs are wonderful! you took some great photographs, kristabel. i adore what you're wearing too, the jumper, boots and duffle coat are lovely.

    i definitely want to visit paris soon, i wish i had enough money now for a day trip! xx