Knitwear Time

13 November 2011

starting a circle scarf
Sneak peek of the new scarf

As you can imagine, I'm extremely happy about all the knitwear around at the moment.  It seems that people have finally caught on that the humble jumper is nothing to be ashamed of and is in fact the must have item that you need in your wardrobe.  Although I'm extremely fussy when buying knitwear, I've managed to find a few styles this season that meet my high standards and will look at introducing them to you in the next few outfit posts.  I've also finally started to knit a new scarf and I'm branching out of my hand-knitting comfort zone with a new lacy stitch, so expect a tutorial in the next few weeks.  Have you bought any nice knitwear recently?

h&m jumper vintage dress

gogo phillip necklace
Jumper - H&M
Dress - Battersea Boot Fair
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Vagabond
Necklace - c/o Gogo Philip
Does the world have this H&M jumper?  Well perhaps not, but I have seen quite a few people wearing it at work and in the blogging world (hello Amy) but it's also unassuming enough to look different on everyone who wears it.  I've worn it a few times now and it's the perfect fluffy angora yarn for all of those jumper+skirt combinations I wrote about earlier.  The dress I'm wearing underneath was bought at the Battersea Boot fair for a quid during the last few days of summer.  I somehow always manage to find something there, even though all of the stalls are so overwhelming.  I need to go back there soon and check out some of Jazmine's frequent charity shop haunts while I'm at it, as I'm always jealous of what she finds there. I was sent the necklace from Gogo Philip and wasn't too sure about the turquoise stone at first but later grew to love how it could transform my beloved black jumper.  I really love statement jewellery and can see myself heading to their Topshop concession whenever I need an update.

urban outfitters parka

stefanel cardigan asos lace pencil skirt
Army Jacket - c/o Urban Outfitters
Cardigan - Stefanel
Top, tights - Topshop
Lace pencil skirt - Asos
Loafers - Vagabond c/o Spartoo
Leopard Necklace - Me and Zena

I recently was invited to choose some bits from Urban Outfitters in London, which was the typical kid in a candy store scenario.  If you've ever been to the Oxford Circus store you'll know what amazing brands they have in stock and how difficult it can be to choose three items (I had no idea they stocked Jeffrey Campbells, reminding me of happier New York times).  Last year I gave up on my search for the perfect army jacket (okay it may have been a half-hearted one) so was delighted to find this one in the perfect shade of moss green.  The second photo shows the unusual cardigan which I badgered my Mum into buying me for a birthday present.   It has buttons at both the front and back, which always confuses a few people when I wear it and is a nice slouchy shape.  The shoes are a new find from Spartoo, as I felt my loafer collection was somewhat lacking.  As you might have guessed, I succumbed to the Me and Zena Witching Hour sale offer and finally bought some jewellery I've had my eye on for a while.  Did you buy anything?  These flash sales that spread through social media are really not helping me to curb my shopaholic tendencies!

ubran outfitters dress cashmere cardigan
Dress - c/o Urban Outfitters
Cashmere Cardigan - M&S
Brogues - Office

Another day, another cardigan.  Sometimes you just want your dress to do the talking and I never thought I'd see myself in a smock like shape, but the versatility and print of this style convinced me.  It's another contender for the jumper+dress combination and can also work with a belt, so I can see being my default outfit for when I get stuck in the mornings.  I bought the star print tights in the midst of our British summer and as per usual, they already have a hole in the toe.  I know that House of Holland tights aren't the most durable but somehow I keep on buying them and I'm already eyeing up this crochet print pair

innocent smoothie and little hat

innocent smoothie hat the big knit

Looking at all of the knitwear I own, I've realised that none of it is patterned!  Luckily Innocent smoothies gave me a chance to rectify this situation, allowing me to create a hat design to celebrate their Big Knit campaign.  Within two weeks one of their knitting army had interpreted my design (based on my graduate collection of course) and it's amazing to work out how they've arrived at the end result.  I've spied the hats on the smoothie bottles in the last year or so but the campaign actually started in 2003 and aims to raise money to keep older people warm during the chilly winter months.  I believe you can find the bottles with the mini hats in branches of Sainsbury's and Boots and as my little sister is a fan of them for her toys, I need to try and find some more pretty quickly!

To win the larger version of this hat, just e-mail me with the reason why you love knitwear by Friday 18th November and I shall pick the best answer!

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  1. i love that jumper, tried it on but it's just too itchy for my sensitive skin. I've seen alot of people with the £7.99 cropped cotton one too, including myself buying it in both yellow and pink!

  2. Love it -so very you! I wish mine was as good as everyone else's!

  3. That cardi is awesome Kristabel, I'd originally assumed you were wearing it back to front on purpose but that detail is really quirky! Also loving your hat for Innocent smoothies! I LOVE that it reflects your grad collection!

  4. I KNEW HOUSE OF HOLLAND WASNT DURABLE< but they are so expensive! and Im so tall I rip through every pair of tights i own just by putting them on! haha!

    plus, I am on the search for an awesome knit sweater. I saw a mustard one at forever 21 but alas it fit, most of the things there.

    i had to intentionally stay out of UO in oxford circus, srsly!

  5. Everything in this post is awesome!

  6. nice looks! I'm very fussy about knitwear too, and I'm making my own cabled jumper at the moment.

  7. Love your look and that knit scarf will look amazing!

  8. Aww those little Innocent Smoothie hats are so adorable! Love your H&M jumper looks very soft and cosy.

  9. I too love the knitwear, but you do have to be careful to avoid some of the shit knits on the high street - the ones with a sheen that have a squeaky touch?!
    You innocent hat is one of my faves amongst the blogging community.. :o)

    Penny x

  10. aww, this is such a cute post! love your army jacket, kbel! xoxo

  11. I love the hat you designed! As soon as I say the innocent posts on other bloggers sites I thought 'I really hope they ask Kristabel to do one - I can't wait to see what she designs!'

  12. Haha, obsessed with those little Innocent smoothies! You look lovely, Kristabel.

    Enter my blog competition to win Jeffrey Campbell Litas!

  13. i have bought some a bottle green merino wool with jersey grey elbow patches from tkmaxx, £14.99 well spent.

    so cool that you were one of the people they asked to design a wooly for the cause. i adore the project actually and i'm going to nip into sains later to see whose i can spy

  14. I love the colour of your cardigan! <3 And the smoothie hat is so adorable!

    Lost in the Haze

  15. Dear lord, this is so cute!! I especially love the backwards cardigan. :)

  16. That innocent smoothie cosy is so cute! x

  17. Excited for the christmas period, i get an excuse to invest in new knitwear. I have recently bought 4 new chunky knit cropped jumpers perfect with skinnies from New Look. Great Post :-)

  18. Great post! Very cute innocent smoothie cosy!