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12 December 2011

nails did
Got my nails did at the QVC press day a while ago, need to find this Leighton Denny polish!

Now for a post with a little bit of everything, since I like to flit from one subject to the next on a daily basis.  I've had a few photos floating around my laptop that may have got slightly lost in the festive chaos, though I didn't want to forget about them completely.  It seems as if someone has pressed fast forward on the past few months and I'm in slight disbelief about Christmas coming up and the impending new year festivities.  This week also marked my third year of blogging and I'm always amazed by the way things have developed with this form of expression and the increased attention from mainstream media.  This is probably one of my most intense hobbies and the one I've persevered with for the longest (apart from knitting) and has become one of the most fruitful.  In true oversharing style, here are a few things I've been wearing, using and reading.

h&m coat fur scarf polka dot dress

Coat, Fur Collar - H&M
Jumper - Topshop
Dress - c/o Missguided
Tights - Calzedonia
Brogues - Office

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the item you want and this coat is one of those examples.  I'd been searching for a 'boyfriend' style coat last year to no avail, but luckily H&M came up trumps this year with a style that suited me and cost less then £50.  I guess coats are like buses, some years I can struggled to find a decent one and this year three have come along at once!  The faux fur collar has been ubiquitous in the blogging and real world and I finally managed to get my hands on one through their temperamental internet site.  I love the way it transforms the coat and although it's not as warm as my beloved circle scarf, it's the perfect update for any outerwear I have.  The Missguided dress is yet another polka dotted addition to my wardrobe, I think I'm addicted!

APC Fashion is for Losers loafers

T-shirt - A.P.C
Tights - Topshop
Loafers - Vagabond c/o Spartoo Shoes

You might be able to guess that this photo was taken during warmer times, well November. It really is a nightmare taking photos at the moment as I only have a 10 minute window of daylight before I have to catch my train for work, making outfit snaps a daily challenge.  I managed to buy the tee I've been coveting for a while (with a cheeky discount to make the price less scary) as I'm a fan of the irreverent slogan and primary colours.  I bought the sheer pleated skirt from Geneva's blogshop back in May and it's been on constant rotation ever since.


I'm not normally the luckiest of people, but I somehow managed to win a supersized Glossybox at a recent Motel event.  It was one of those 'guess how many in the box' sort of competitions and normally I can be way out though this time I went for my lucky number (17) and managed to bag a crazy amount of products that have been featured in previous boxes.  My favourite item is probably the HD Brows kit, not that you can really notice a difference with my overgrown fringe!

specsavers ribbon

missoni glasses case

missoni glasses

The timing was perfect when I went to a Specsavers event a few weeks ago and received a generous voucher in the goody bag, which I put towards some new glasses.  It's probably not obvious that I'm extremely short-sighted and have been wearing glasses since the age of 6, with a prescription that always shocks those who think their own eyesight is bad.  It's always expensive to get my lenses thinned to slightly more normal proportions, so luckily I didn't have to pay too much towards this Missoni pair and I'm pretty much accustomed to them now.  I want to make an effort to wear my glasses more as I know bloggers like Jen and Vicki really embrace eye-catching styles and always look great so hopefully you'll be seeing more of these in 2012.

Lula and Frankie Magazine

Remember that market stall I told you about, where I bought all of my arty mags for 75p? No? Thought as much. The bad news is that it's closed down and I've had to go back to buying my magazines full price, which was unfortunately the end of an 8-year era.  I'm so used to using blogs as my primary source of magazine-like information, that I'd perhaps been neglecting finding inspiration amongst real life pages.  I've always known of Lula magazine and bought my first copy in a while, but thanks to Lucy I've added Frankie magazine to my regular reading list as well.  It doesn't matter that the seasons aren't quite right due to it being an Australian title, as most of the articles and snippets remind me of the things I like finding on blogs.  The fact that an issue often contains stickers and fold out posters almost reminds me of my teenage magazine reading days, where you'd get a little something extra for your money.  I've also bought the 2012 diary ready for a more organised future. 

Now I'd better start my Christmas shopping...

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  1. Oooh I'm loving that tee, definitely worth the wait! Also, that glossy box looks amazing! Nice specs too, I love a chunky frame :)

  2. Loving the image of your nails. Looks so professional :o) Gorgeous colour as well xx

  3. Cute look and love your glasses!! Thanks for the tip on the embellished tights!

  4. Nice glasses! Jen adn Vicki are such inspiring glasses wearers, and if you start too I'll have no choice but to get my specs out and join the cool kids!

  5. That nail varnish is amazing and I can't wait to see how you style the glasses!

    Maria xxx

  6. i never thought of imagined specsavers to carry missoni glasses, all the shops seem to do them all these days it's crazy. i'm in the market for some new glasses (my eyesight is so so, i need them for driving though 100%) so i'll pop in there and have a look. i'm after some slightly rounded ones. the ones you chose are really nice

    i've not been bothering with outfit posts outside, it's too cold up here

  7. Ooooh your glasses are lovely, as is that cosy looking H&M coat. They seem to have had some really nice ones in this winter.
    L x

  8. Oooh, I saw that Fashion Is For Losers tee in Urban Outfitters and was tempted but thought it was maybe a wee bit pricey. It looks ace on though - aaargh, I'm so going to end up buying it on my lunch break tomorrow! xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  9. I love that tee! The coat and fur stole look great together too :) x

  10. Loving the nails!! Very nice :)


  11. Oh no, that's such a shame your cheap magazine store closed! It truly sounded like a dream! <3 P.s. I adore your top!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  12. LOVE your coat!! I bought a fur stole so I can wear it over my coat, makes me feel so lovely and warm!! X

  13. Your blog is amazing :)