A Parisian Press Trip

20 November 2011

paris nord

 la redoute ss12

gare du nord paris
Another post, another press day you might be thinking?  It is becoming a challenge to differentiate these posts from one another, though luckily each brand I've seen has had a different way of presenting things.  The perfect example of this was a day in Paris planned by La Redoute.  Now this was a day of firsts; it was my first time on the Eurostar (I thought I knew every nook and cranny of St Pancras, until now) and my first blog-related trip abroad.  I am very much used to getting the train to Nottingham from this station and after waking up at a ridiculously early time to make the 8.02 service, I still thought I might end up somewhere 'up North.'  Fortunately my passport was definitely needed and after roughly two hours I was in the heart of Paris ready to see the new collections in their natural habitat.

rue de montmorency paris

flowers  la redoute ss12

vanessa bruno children's shoes  la redoute ss12
Can you believe these Vannessa Bruno shoes are for kids? They have all the fun...

 la redoute ss12

vanessa bruno la redoute

 la redoute ss12 brights

antik batik la redoute ss12

gallerie paris

 la redoute ss12 boots

skirt and jacket la redoute ss12

 la redoute ss12 lingerie

It might have been daunting to learn that the press day would actually be split into five different small galleries but fortunately they were all nearby and the concept of contrasting art with fashion worked extremely well.  It wasn't necessarily that the pieces related to the collections, but proved a welcome addition amongst all of the typical product shots and hand-outs.  I feel like I know SS12 better than some of my own family at the moment what with watching all of the catwalks religiously and figuring out the main trends from all the press days. However there are always unexpected elements to be seen at every brand and I really liked some of the designer collaborations for next season, allowing us to channel the spirit of Vanessa Bruno and Anthony Vaccarello.  The bright colours were again out in full force and I feel that next year is the time to embrace it wholeheartedly and take some risks.

 la redoute ss12

interiors  la redoute ss12

antik batik la redoute home

 la redoute ss12

 la redoute ss12 cat

Interiors aren't really my forte (if you saw my room, you'd understand) but I enjoyed looking at all the homeware collections almost as much as the clothes and being transported to a more sophisticated way of living.  I love all of the details that make a room unique and the knitted rugs, comfy cushions and random accessories would be in my ideal home (ideally complete with a Parisian postcode).

mini cupcakes

It was great to spend a fleeting day in Paris, so a massive thanks to Ellie and Patricia at La Redoute for arranging a press day with a difference.  I have plenty of photos left over for another post including my outfit, the carbolicious food and the concept store I discovered.  Have you been to Paris recently?  It was fun to discover a different area, though due to being rather disoriented I couldn't tell you where it was!

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  1. That must have been a spectacular outing! Look forward to
    reading Part 2! We used to get the La Redoute catalogue but because we didn't order anything they stopped sending it - major weep! Haha x

  2. Wow, lovely photos!


  3. It all looks so amazing, you lucky thing! For someone who lives in Northern France, I do not spend enough time in Paris - its awful!

  4. A press day in Paris surely has to beat most UK press days regardless of what they're showing off!?
    Rather like the homewares here...
    Penny x

  5. aaaah, you lucky thing! it all looks wonderful.

    i absolutely adore paris, i went a few years ago with a school trip so got to go around all the galleries & to some amazing places, & i'd love to go again if my boyfriend ever stops being mean & refusing to go with me!


  6. What an amazing trip! The collection looks wonderful too - it's been ages since I've looked in a LaRedoute catalogue (do they even still do catalogues or is it all online these days?!)

  7. not bad at all, proper jet setting over the boarder. i've never been. those reddish boots have your name all over them

  8. I went to Paris twice this year. It's amazing how quickly you learn your way around it. I feel so sad I'll never get to see it all! You've made me miss it! x

  9. Oooh I love your photos Kristabel. It must have been such a whirlwind of a day and looks like La Redroute have some awesome collections in for next season! Those mini Vanessa Bruno kids shoes are so cute and er...totally YOU as are those red ankle booties.

  10. Lovely as always! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  11. you have a great blog and your writing is beautiful! :)