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5 November 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how much outfit inspiration can be found on the interwebs.  It seems that on a daily basis, I'm bombarded with multiple images through all of the blogs I read and ideas for getting dressed on a typical morning.  The way that individuals put their looks together always fascinates me, always expressing their personalities by the innate way their clothing, accessories and footwear is pieced together.  I'm all about the idea of dressing for yourself, whether it be by creating a new character through an outfit each day or presenting a consistent statement of only wearing black (albeit made up of fantastically constructed layers) and it's important for me to reflect my current mindset through the clothes I'm wearing.  The horrific rainy weather has prevented me from taking outfit photos in my preferred spot but here's a few hints towards the looks I've been attempting to channel recently.

perfect coats

It's almost coat time again!  Even though the 'mild' weather would have us believe otherwise, I'm sure that a cold snap will be on the way soon forcing me into thermals and multiple pairs of tights.  I feel that the right coat can complete an outfit if the proportions are correct and I'm trying to build up a collection of my own (I may or may not have bought two coats at 50% off in one of those lethal Asos Sunday sales).  It seems I'm drawn to the more androgynous styles which contrast perfectly with a pretty dress or trouser/brogue combination and I love the addition of the creepers in the last Hel Looks picture.  It seems that most of the coats I like on blogs are second hand and I either need to start trawling more charity shops or hope that a retailer will catch on and start manufacturing these styles sharpish.

jumper plus skirt
Seaweed Tea (check this blog out as it's a new fave of mine), Trini G, Stylesightings

Whenever I get stuck in the mornings, I tend to fall back on the tried and tested jumper+skirt combination. Although I'm quite fussy these days when buying knitwear, I've managed to find a few styles that lend themselves perfectly to this look with the right yarn and amount of stitch detail, which will compliment a more patterned skirt.  I've found the midi skirt combination somewhat trickier to master due to the bulkiness and length of some jumpers, but I'll not give up and may even resort to dusting off my machine and knitting some jumpers of my own.  Have you bought any nice knitwear recently?  It's almost time to make a new scarf

new layering

It's time for layering!  I know the bare legs shown in the pictures are slightly scary at this time of year, but these looks can easily be replicated and even enhanced by tights.  I love how visually exciting each of these outfits are and Yin's dress in the middle reminds me of the Rachel Barrett dress I wore to fashion week and has therefore given me another idea for styling it.  I think the key to layering is to just put logical combinations of different fabrics and textures together first, such as shirts or asymmetric tops over long dresses and perhaps tying it in some way or putting a cardigan over the top.  Then once the perfect coat and scarf are on, you have layered perfection.  This can take a lot more time to figure out but I'm always proud if I manage to achieve something unexpected just by trying a few things out.  How layered can you go?

complete colour

I have yet to try this but I really want to try and make a powerful statement by wearing mostly one colour from head to toe.  It may not be like the green in the first look but I think the shades of grey in Susie Bubble's look is definitely achievable with the white patterned dress and black shoes to break things up slightly.  I might just have to try and work out a combination with my beloved burgundy, as I'm pretty sure I've collected an array of shirts, tops and skirts in this particular colour.

Have you gained any new style inspiration from blogs recently?  If your searching for any outfit inspiration, be sure to check out both of my Tumblrs 'Kristabel Loves' and 'F-yeahfashionknitwear' which I try and regularly update.  Hopefully the early rainy mornings will subside soon so I can take some more pictures of my own!

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  1. well layering is much easier than the rest of the options for me here, i'm already in coats and have been for a week or two. wooly short jackets are a winner for me atm. shirt, lambswool jumper, wooly jacket and scarf

  2. love all of them... might take some inspiration for some outfits :)

  3. I love the jumper and skirt combination the best =), but they all look really nice! That reminds me, I need to buy more sweaters.
    Farrah's Muse

  4. I too have been trying to create different looks through layering. I really like the jumper and skirt look, but there is also something so dramatic and different about the color on color looks.

  5. I am addicted to the jumper + midi skirt combo - Shini's outfit is brilliant :). I feel that I ought to try my hand at knitting a jumper, but I have such a short attention span, I'm not sure how far I would get. I look forward to seeing any jumpers that you make! xx

  6. Of course I am always inspired by other bloggers :) I always thought woman dress for woman ;) People always post such great stuff from charity shops, I hardly find anything :( xx

  7. These looks are amazing - I especially love the one colour outfits - they just look so well put together.

    Every time I have a lazy dressing day and I look at some of the amazing street style websites I feel ashamed - life is too short to dress down!

  8. Love your choices. I'm definitely intrigued by the idea of single colour dressing too! x

  9. i adore the one colour outfits, it's something i'd love to try! i mean i already do it with black, but that doesn't count. haha. ideally i'd love to experiment with green, burgundy or grey!


  10. I have been living in jumpers and skirts recently! I love the l;ayering too :)

    Maria xxx

  11. im really getting into the complete color look, I LOVES IT...I LOVES IT 100%! plus i love Yin from Pangcakes too, her style just hits it on the nose.

    i used to wear more shorts but i think i want to get into more skirts this year. I am inspired as always Kb!

  12. I love them all but the new layering is my favourite :)

  13. I really want to try head the complete colour look (especially that green) but don't think I'd have the confidence to do it in any colour other than black.
    Strut Mode

  14. cute looks and love the blog x


  15. Love this post and the looks you've posted here! I'm still finding my Autumn 'look' (have been a mix of collegiate/Upper East Side preppy and wannabe French coquette lately), but each of these women just make it look so effortless and chic. Must invest in more coats/jumpers!

    Briony xx

  16. Aah i love this post mrs! Really interesting to read! Defo I vote the turquoise look! Hehe loved uour comment earlier :) made me lol x

  17. Love the post Kristabel, i know what you mean about dressing for the rain. It's normally just skinny jeans for me! Was great seeing you last night!! I've put your picture on our blog :) http://www.donnaida.com/blog/everybodys-wearing/grazia-blogger-blag feel free to use it! Amelia X