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18 December 2011

So once more, we've reached the chilly yet festive season and my evenings have been filled with a few parties, get-togethers and stressed moments stuck amongst crowds in various London shopping streets. It's only really just dawned on me that Christmas is in less than a week and there's still mostly unknown presents to be bought.  It's also typical that I've seen a high proportion of items that are probably more suited to myself and have somehow ended up in my virtual shopping basket (PPQ for Office shoes I'm looking at you) and distracted me from the whole giving aspect.  I'm not really the kind of blogger that creates a general gift guide purely because generalisations are rife and I'm rather selfish when it comes to IWYTK, only really wanting to share the bits I'd want for myself.  This post will probably represent some of the items I'll buy with any festive funds this year and save up for in early 2012.

festive fancies christmas wishlist

  1. Yellow was a key colour on the SS12 catwalks and I want to get in there early and embrace the brighter part of the spectrum with this Topshop jumper.
  2. A Tatty Devine name necklace has been on the cards for a while but this would be the perfect reminder for people to spell my name correctly!
  3. These Asos collar tips are the perfect addition for my shirt collection, though as they're out of stock I need to find a suitable replacement.
  4. I've also spotted these grey shorts from Topshop, which are my preferred full shape.
  5. I'm gutted that I missed the Carine Roitfeld book signing a few months ago in Dover Street Market, but still want a delayed copy.
  6. It's time for me to start investing in jeans again and where better to start than my favourite colour of the moment, berry red.
  7. You can never have too many pairs of ankle boots and the unusual heel shape of this Cheap Monday pair has convinced me to add to my collection.
  8. I love wearing the most random jewellery I can find and this Me and Zena pencil sharpener ring is perfect for provoking discussion.
  9. Not sure if this Zara bag still comes in red but I want it anyway!
  10. This bubble blower necklace has also been on the mental wishlist for some time and will probably make my ten-year-old sister envious.
  11. I'd like to think that owning this Brics jacket will make me exude some sort of Danish cool.
  12. This appears to be the perfect book for cluttered wall inspiration.

go in the sale christmas wishlist

I am probably the type of shopper retailers love to hate as I try to buy everything at some sort of discount and only pay full price if the item is special enough (such as my red Zara dress I wore here).  The amount of reductions at the moment are slightly overwhelming and it's important to make the right decisions when buying reduced and having a clear aim in mind, which is why I have a folder named 'go in the sale' in my Internet favourites.  I don't think the student mentality will ever leave me and I'm looking forward to hopefully stumbling across some of these items in the clearance sales, so wish me luck!
  1. This Fairisle A.P.C jumper would be perfect with a corduroy skirt and creepers.
  2. I would also love to own some Kooples jeans in the perfect shade of green.
  3. I'm still searching for a trench coat and this one might just be perfect.
  4. The fantastic Queen Michelle  managed to snag some Burberry shoes in the sale, am hoping I can somehow follow suit with 70% off (if it happens).
  5. Sandro is a recent shopping find of mine and I'm in love with this strikingly patterned jumper.
  6. Another French brand I covert from afar is The Kooples and their ads have taunted me enough - I need an oxblood coloured blazer.
  7. Dahlia has so many pretty dresses on their website but this is my favourite with the much loved polka dot print I always end up buying.
  8. You can't go wrong with a cotton full skirt and I love the minute geometric print on this Sunspel style.
  9. I may have too many brogues but I've been pretty safe when it comes to colour - I really love some of the shades featured here
Which items are you hoping to receive for Christmas or pick up in the sales?  I'll probably be double checking prices online come Boxing Day and I'm sure I'll end up with something interesting, even if it isn't the items featured above.  Until then, I shall focus on buying the perfect presents for people and will hopefully be finished by Thursday!

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  1. LOVE the pencil sharpner ring!! Its so quirky!

    Rianna xx

  2. i love everything u have picked :)

  3. totally saving this post in hopes I get lucky in the sales!

  4. ooh that yellow jumper is gorgeous! It would add a great bright splash to christmas day!

    Good luck with the sales - I'm always terrible at them - I don't have the guts to hang on til the last possible moment to get the best price! Bit like my terrible ebay skills really!

  5. At first I totally thought those collar tips were earrings (would be totally cool too!) and that zara bag is awesome. It would literally fit my whole life in that bag! Fairisle jumpers are perfection...cannot stop thinking about cosy knits at the moment!

  6. Ooh, lots of loveliness! Basically want all the Sandro/Kooples stuff. Realistically though it will be the collar tips (if they come back into stock). x

  7. ah nice picks, i didnt make a list this year I got what I wanted :D

  8. Hi, how are u? I'm from Brazil and I really enjoyed your blog! Very sweet! I have a blog too, and I hope u like it! xxxxx, D

  9. My daughter was looking at your blog over my shoulder and has now updated her Christmas list - not that I have much time to get it now. But her birthday is in January, so maybe the sales?

    Maybe she wishes she was you? She's noted your site address and will be back! Please don't give her too many ideas!

  10. I love these picks, I will definitely be scouring the sales!

    Maria xxx