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9 December 2011

It seems that there's a new social networking platform popping up every day and it certainly takes something special to make me become obsessed with anything other than the usual Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr triangle.  Luckily the virtual pinboard that is Pinterest has come back into my life at a time when everything seems to be quite chaotic and hard to keep up with.  I joined a while ago but was never quite sure how to use it and felt a bit overwhelmed having so many things to 'update' in my life.  Recently, I've started using the site again to keep the things I like in a clearer layout, like a visual version of my numerous internet favourites.  Images can be sorted into various boards and displayed for all to see and 'repin' when necessary.

my pinterest pins

my pinterest board
My Pinterest account
I've found a few of the images I've been 'pinning' recently, with all of the original sources shown underneath.  In the few weeks I've spent rediscovering the site, I've found it a useful way of collecting bits and bobs I find on the web and it led me to thinking about the theory behind my graduate collection (the idea of storing items from multiple sources in one place).  Although you can't customise the layout, it actually makes the images stand out more as everything just looks so uniform.  I've also found it intriguing to see what boards other people choose to create with topics covering not just with fashion, but food and art as well reflecting a greater sense of self.  I feel that some things we end up creating on the interest are purely for other people but Pinterest can be something I create for myself, which has no limits or boundaries.

Butterflies by She Loves Mixtapes


fairisle patterns
Fairisle designs by Hilary Grant

charlotte taylor blouse, rag and bone loafers

Have you succumbed to Pinterest yet? I must admit it can be hard to keep track and update everything I've joined online (hello Google+) but I really like the organised nature of the network. Sometimes Tumblr can seem slightly overwhelming with all the closely cropped pictures that have thousands of notes and I'm sure I can end up missing a lot of decent imagery amongst everything.  I'm sure I'll keep using both sites to keep track of all of everything I find, but I can't wait until I really start filling my boards with images that relate to each other in some sort of way.  I feel as if I want to get back to basics and start making real pinboards again!

I believe the site is still invite only, so add your e-mail address in the comments if you need me to help you out!  Also send me links to your accounts if you have them!

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  1. I'm not on Pinterest but it seems like a great way to gather your favourite styles and inspirations! x

  2. welcome to the dark side, girlfriend. ;)

    LOVE the blog!

    love, rach.

  3. I've had pinterest for ages, but not really used it- so inspired by your impressive assemblage here to get going again though. (Totally don't get google +, btw, so far my only experience with it is being added by total randoms all of the time..wonder if I'm missing something...hmmm)

  4. hey girl! looks really great:) I've heard about Pinterest.. haven't been on there yet! My job interview went so so well.. almost perfect! we even hugged at the end of the interview! lol. Waiting for the result this monday.. hope I get it! hope you're having a great weekend:)

  5. I love those burgundy Rag&Bone loafers! This is the first time I've heard of Pinterest, but I'll check it out.

  6. your blog is so lovely by the ways and very inspiring, i will be visiting again very soon hehe :)


  7. followed! this is me: love from Malaysia! x

  8. Those burgundy loafers are beyond perfection <3

  9. Oh I'm having a major pinterest moment currently! Love it - although sometimes there's so much pretty I just get overwhelmed!

    I'm already a follower of yours of course ;)

  10. I am yet to join the wonders of Pinterest. I keep meaning too though but like you say, there are all types of social media platforms popping up everywhere. Oh I'm totally the same when it comes to Google+, I joined ages ago but I'm just not in the habit of using it!

    Also, re your comment. This cocktail place with jam jars sound amazing! The Bar I went to with the teapots do them too...but not with lids!!! take me take me!

  11. Ooh I'd love an invitation please, I registered but heard nothing so far!

    Guessing you need my email address - it's

    Thanks in advance :)

  12. I love pinterest, following you on there now.

  13. love the concept but had issues with pintrest invites (waiting 2 months, not cool) so i went with instead. now i'm addicted to thing. love posting things and sending crafty things to my mom.

  14. haha wow! Pinterest looks awesome! hope u can invite me:)

    thank you