Show Me Your Collections: Jazmine

27 April 2011

jazmine's vogue collection

One way to somehow keep up your blogging whilst you have an insane amount of work, is to relate  posts to what's going on in your life.  When thinking of guest posts I could create for some of my favourite blogger friends to help out with, the theme of my final collection immediately sprang to mind.  It's loosely based on some of the themes in my dissertation, the need to collect, curate and share content online and whilst taking things away from their original context. What with all of the closet sharing sites springing up like StyleLikeU, Closet Visit and the infamous Coveteur, I wanted to put my own spin on this theme of looking at the possessions of others.  I am fascinated with collections in any shape or form, whether it's a sequence of outfits sent down the catwalk by a design house or a random selection of crockery at a car boot sale.  I already know the things I like to collect and bankrupt myself over, but the nosey parker in me wanted to know about others.  What are the particular things you love to gather and display?

jazmine's vogue collection

I've not even known Jazmine for a year yet but due to the magic of the blogosphere we've become great friends and I'm forever envious of her bargain wardrobe. I'm always telling her that her 'vision' is what keeps people coming back to her blog, from the cute rounded corners on her photographs, to her innate way of putting items together to form a cohesive look.  I can already tell that she has some fascinating bits and bobs from the few photos she's posted of her room, but I wanted to find out more about her collection of British Vogue issues.

When did you first start to collect Vogue magazines and why?
I first decided to start collecting British Vogue magazines after buying the December 2006 commemorative issue which was celebrating Vogue's 90th birthday. The fold out cover, which features reproductions of the best past covers tiled together, seemed so beautiful and iconic, I just knew it would be worth keeping. Since then, I haven't missed an issue of Vogue and they have been building up in various piles all around my bedroom. I have to say, that I'm not the type of girl who buys Vogue to purposely find and copy the latest trends, I simply buy Vogue as I adore the editorials, it gives me inspiration and even though it's a little pricey, it's lovely to treat myself and collect something once a month. I think everyone should have at least one collection, however small. I have many collections alongside my Vogue magazines, including postcards, jumpers, junk from car boot sales and anything to do with William Morris!

jazmine's vogue collection

jazmine's vogue collection

Which is your most treasured issue?
I wouldn't say it's my most treasured, as I 'treasure' all of my magazines, but the oldest issue I own is one from January 1975 which I bought for just two pounds from my local car boot sale. It's literally falling apart now, but it's wonderful to look through it occasionally to see how Vogue has changed and how pieces have come back into fashion over the years.
I'm a fan of buying magazines out of date and I love the fact that you collect issues out of sequence.  How do you come across yours?  Do you have any interesting stories to tell?
I find my out of date Vogue issues from Battersea car boot sale and in charity shops. Sometimes, depending on how cheap they are, I buy issues I already own as it allows me to have the opportunity to tear out some of my favourite editorials and pages to use in my artwork, as wrapping paper or keep in my scrapbook box. For two years my mum gifted me with a Vogue subscription, but as of late I've been buying them myself, and every now and then my lovely friend, Shana-Kaye, buys me Vogue postcards. No interesting stories, unfortunately, though my mum and I are on the lookout for an inexpensive July 1992 issue (my birthdate) to add to my collection, so if on your travels you find one please let me know!

Oooh I'll keep a lookout for one (plus an August *coughs* 1987 one for myself).  Do you prefer modern issues or those from any decade in particular?
Considering I've only been collecting Vogue issues for the last few years, I'd have to say the last decade, as that's all I've really known. I'd love to have the opportunity to read or own some of the issues from the past though, particularly from the 20s and 90s!

jazmine's vogue collection

jazmine's vogue collection

I'm a major magazine hoarder and I can never bear to throw out my ancient collection of Elle Girl and Teen Vogue issues.   How many Vogue magazines do you think you have in total?

I've just had a quick count around my bedroom and I can currently count fifty-six issues. It actually doesn't sound like an awful lot, but it really does look it, and let me tell you carrying piles of Vogue magazines from one end of my bedroom to another is really quite a challenge! If I were to have kept all of the second-hand issues I've torn my favourite pages out of and then recycled, I would have had much more, but I honestly don't have the space to store so many extra issues!
I tend not to buy as many magazines these days due to a constant stream of inspiration from the internet; is there anything that would stop you from collecting Vogue?

I don't think anything would really stop me from buying Vogue monthly, unless I honestly couldn't afford it or if I was no longer satisfied with the content. Whilst I also gain so much inspiration from the internet, particularly through other peoples blogs, I don't think anything can beat having a hard copy of a magazine to browse through with a cup of tea in bed or on a long train journey, because looking at a computer screen just isn't the same. It's lovely to have something to hold onto, something you know you can keep forever and pass down through generations, and to look through whenever you want. I'll definitely be collecting Vogue magazines for as long as I can.

Thanks to Jazmine for taking the photos and answering the questions so well; I definitely need to pop by and have a read of some of her issues!  Which magazines do you like to collect?

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How do you do Summer?

22 April 2011

It's been a while since we've had a good old Tumblr round up.  Even though the posts for April on this blog are shockingly low, I can always rely on finding a few pictures a day to Tumblr and keep things ticking over nicely on my blog alter ego.  What I find fascinating is that you can easily see the seasons change through the pictures that pop up and my dashboard is now inundated with summer dresses, maxi skirts and sunglasses giving me far more inspiration than any magazine.  I thought I'd share a few of my favourite interpretations of warmer weather dressing I've seen recently.

topshop inside out

the coveted

I spent the earlier part of this week feeling insanely jealous of everyone at Coachella (especially this blogger) and have already been plotting as to how to get myself there next year.  It'd be a great change to go to a festival with guaranteed hot weather and I love how these two looks (from Inside Out and The Coveted) show a bit of creativity within the crazy temperatures.

style bubble


That Prada collection has a lot to answer for what with all the bold stripes and colour blocking around this season, but I think the element of fun has really resonated with people.  Colour can have such a positive effect on your mood and even though I do love my neutrals and greys, there's nothing quite like throwing on a bright dress and feeling happy to stand out.  I love how Susie has worn three skirts together to embrace the trend and I would totally try it, if I weren't afraid of the inevitable falling down scenario.  I need to get hold of the Zara striped top Mayo is wearing, which is most likely sold out and never fated to return again.

a pair and a spare

cinder and skylark


I do love a bit of controlled androgyny, to go against all the typical 'pretty' dresses and skirts.  This is best achieved with separates and a hat it seems. 

I think a slightly eccentric one-off vintage dress is perfect for Summer as this photo shows.  I have a few I need to brave and bring out of hibernation.


I know that knitwear isn't typically associated with summer, but I've still managed to find a few pictures for my knitspiration Tumblr.  With the crazy British weather, you always need another layer shoved in a bag and when the climate is at its indecisive best, a jumper or cardigan is the perfect outerwear.  I really love this chunky cabled jumper and might have to ask some of the more able hand knitters for some pattern advice.
vanessa jackman

The texture of this jumper Vanessa Jackman snapped reminds me of some knitting I once did made from plastic bags, though this looks like a possibly more comfortable ribbon alternative.  Loosely stitched knitwear is also a great Summer staple, though I don't really own much in this weight.  If I'm not too sick of knitting over come July I might try and whip one up using some tape yarn I have!

april archive
See how the archives have changed over the months

How are you interpreting Summer dressing wherever you live?  I don't have much time to take outfit pictures these days (this Easter weekend will be spent in Hermitville again while I figure out collection stuff) but I can't wait to share them with you again!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Yarn Time

17 April 2011

knitwear mugs

knitting machine
1. My new mugs designed by coursemates raising money for the show.  
2. I need to stay on this knitting machine for the foreseeable future; can you spot the packet of Bombay Mix?  Definitely a part of the knitters survival kit.

The warmer weather always seems to coincide with an increased workload, meaning that most e-mails that feature the words 'Hope you are enjoying the sun!' or The Royal Wedding are pretty much lost on me.   I don't really want to write a rant but I just thought I'd let you know that things are a bit hectic for me at the moment and knitting has yet again taken over my life.  I remember writing this post as a second year but now the tables have turned and I'm in the same position and in a situation I hadn't quite anticipated.  Expect a skeleton service on this blog for the next month or so, while I figure out what I need to do.  I pretty much need Bernard's watch!

If anyone is interested in buying any of the mugs, let me know in the comments or via e-mail, more designs can be seen here.
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Lookbook Love

10 April 2011

I do love a good lookbook, though unfortunately it's very rare to hold one in your hands these days and display it somewhere showy like on a coffee table.  All of the pictures end up online on their respective sites before the inevitable blog pinching (like this one) or Tumblr-ing and admiration.  They're pretty useful in suggesting ways in which to wear a single collection whilst channelling the spirit of the season in a consistent way.  I've chosen a few of my favourites that express how I would quite like to dress this Summer, albeit it using pieces that I've collected from all over the place.

jaeger lookbook ss11

Boutique by Jaeger's latest collection caught my eye recently and the styling shares my same outlook on keeping things dressed down nicely and never too smart.  Dresses are teamed with flat white lace up plimsoles (plus there is also my preferred 'fun' t-shirt and printed skirt combo) meaning that looks are practical but with enough interest to show that some sort of effort has been made.  My favourite pieces are of course the numerous fit and flare dresses but they're not really in my price range; I might just have to bring my yellow dress out of hiding!

apc lookbook ss11

Continuing the A.P.C love, I recently stumbled across their SS11 images and fell in love with the colour blocking, easy silhouettes and sensible shoes.  Sometimes the simplest outfit combinations are the best and although I love to overcomplicate things, my mind often goes blank when getting dressed.  What I really love is that these pieces are not too dissimilar from things I already have, so I will definitely consider such fail-safe looks using my infrequently worn trousers, shorts and shirts.

weekday lookbook ss11

I still haven't managed to get myself to Sweden but at least I can admire the latest Weekday collection from afar.  For whatever reason I'm still a massive fan of clothing that doesn't always make you look  typically 'pretty' like a ridiculously baggy top over a midi skirt or a loose shirt and tapered trousers.  All of the loose shapes add an air of mystery and these images have given me a few more ideas for styling both myself and my final collection.  I'm a fan of the unpredictable nature of the brand; polka dots, sheer, brights, stripes and florals are all present and correct and there is something for each multiple fashion personality you might have.  I'm hoping to visit the Weekday store in Berlin this summer to make some of these items (namely the blue shirt) a reality.

Which is your favourite lookbook that I've chosen?  I think I may be able to recreate some of the looks using what I already have but I definitely want to purchase my first trench coat and some bright jumpers as a bit of an update.  Also on a slightly unrelated note, I recently answered a few questions over on the N.E.E.T magazine blog, which was great as I'm a massive fan.  They've highlighted some of my SS11 fashion wants in visual form!

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Home Again

4 April 2011

building near tower bridge

Maybe it was a slightly reckless decision to leave the Nottingham bubble last weekend, but it was definitely needed after a month away from the capital.  It seems the final year has been the year I like to pop back home the most often, which does disrupt the flow of what I'm doing but somehow also gives me a fresh new perspective after seeing what's happening there. 

satchel red pleated skirt leather jacket

st pancras

design musuem at night

car boot sale

can you see the thames?

elisabeth me and jazmine
Elisabeth, me and Jazmine (thanks for the photos of moi); I'm wearing full on Topshop, plus my much loved Tom Brown satchel

I do love the Design Museum, so was really excited to see that the finale event for the Now Project would be held there.  I'm not sure if I went into too much detail, but a while ago Samsung got in touch with a few bloggers about taking photos of 'Now' moments with the brand new Wave 2 phone and uploading them using the Facebook app.  The result was a real mixture of photos from all over the world and some of them were selected to go on large screens at the event.  The start of the project coincided with the start of my own project, so it was great to see some of my research pictures of car boot sales, exhibitions and good old St Pancras blown up from the typical mobile phone screen size.  I hadn't been to the Design Museum at night before but the view of the Thames was beautiful; I can't wait to come back during the Summer months and make the most of what's in the vicinity.

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

yohji yamamoto exhibition v&a

My visits home require some serious multitasking and I made sure to check out the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A after hearing a few questionable reviews about its layout.  A friend also told me that no sketching was allowed, which dumbfounded me somewhat, as it's the only way for me to recollect the exhibits apart from the few sneaky photos I manage to take.  The layout was unlike anything I'd seen before, each mannequin was on the ground in a large bright room and well within touching distance; great for appreciating the details up close but inevitably anything with a long train could easily get trampled on by accident.  Despite the uneasy vibe of the room, I managed to get a few pictures and check out a few of the screens showing the spectacular runway shows and interviews.  It was great to see so much of Yamamoto's work in one room and I'm sure the layout was intended for a reason, I just question its usability on a busy day.  There are also a few pieces scattered around the rest of the museum which are free to view but a bit of a treasure hunt, so I'll have to tackle this way before the July closing date.  Has anyone else been to see this yet?  I need to check out some of the other  Yohji related events happening around town and hope that I get tickets for Fashion in Motion again.

hummingbird bakery box

mustard tights ankle socks
Office brogues, American Apparel socks, Topshop tights

It was also Jazmine's 1st blog birthday, so we celebrated with some Hummingbird bakery goodies on the grass outside.  The Red Velvet cake declined to be photographed as it was demolished so quickly.

love and monki magazines

Another thing I love about popping back home, is seeing what new magazines have been left in my room by my Mum.  We have a great local market that sells out of date magazines for cheap, so this current issue of Love would have been about 75p!  I was also excited to see the latest issue of Monki magazine had been delivered; it's free and hopefully hints at inevitable worldwide domination. 

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