30 July 2011


Dress - c/o Annie Greenabelle
Tights - Pretty Polly
Shoes - Vintage America

My Sis thought that Graduation 'looked fun' so hopefully she'll be following in my footsteps

Yet again, I'm a bit behind with all this blogging malarkey after spending far too much time all over the place since I've finished University.  I've seen a few graduation related posts recently so thought that I might as well follow suit and show you mine.  My degree has been such a rollercoaster that it only really dawned on me about the ceremony, gown and all important piece of paper a few days before.  Graduation is one of the days where you're forced to be smart but I still wanted to reflect my personality in all those photos that my Mum unashamedly splashed out on to remember the day.  I had no idea what to wear with the gown due to the colours involved, so decided to debut this white shirt dress sent to me by Annie Greenabelle, an ethical company based in the Midlands.  As ever, the British weather was indecisive so I decided to wear tights (though you can't really see them in the photo) and my trusty brogue-y wedges.  It was quite remarkable to be one graduand amongst a sea of hats and I did feel slightly like a Harry Potter extra in the robes (which were prone to falling off).  However, it was a special day and I wish it hadn't gone so quickly as I feel like I didn't take everything in. 

jacques photoshoot

jacques shoes

jacques popcorn

jacques townhouse cushions
See even more pretty pictures of interiors here

I also managed to make it to this year's Jacques Townhouse set in the delightful Chandos House, situated about 5 minutes away from busy Oxford Circus.  The new location didn't disappoint, with each room adorned with the perfect props and activities (cupcake customisation was my particular fave), sticking to the quintessentially British theme.  The interiors chosen by David Carter really complimented the features of the rooms themselves, which sported candy-coloured ceilings and grand fireplaces; I really wanted to move in there and then. It's crazy to think that this was all in aid of cider, but you've got to admire the brand's ability to think outside of the box and present more of an experience to go alongside that all important drinking.  Although the Townhouse event has finished in London, I believe there should be some tickets for the Liverpool event so I'd highly recommend a visit if you live nearby.

hyper japan tabio

hyper japan stationery

hyper japan shoes

hyper japan collars
More pictures here

Most expo type events are lost on me but last week's Hyper Japan was something I could really get on board with.  I've always wanted to visit Japan but my bank balance hasn't ever been in agreement so this was the next best thing, with stalls selling manga, sushi making kits, stationery and very random accessories, hinting at the kinds of things to be found overseas.  I wish there had been more fashion brands representing (no issues of Fruits to be seen anywhere) but luckily Tabio were there with some of their more unusual hosiery offerings and plenty of deals on the day.  It was a very busy event so hopefully it'll move to a larger part of Olympia next year as the crowds were somewhat off-putting, but it was still an interesting day nonetheless.  I now feel the urge to learn how to cook yaki udon as I'm slightly obsessed with it.

hyper japan knitted food

What have you been up to recently?  As if August is just around the corner!

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Berlin Shopping Expeditions

24 July 2011

humana berlin charity shop vintage

humana berlin charity shop 

Now anyone who's been on holiday with me before (or observed me in New York) knows that I regularly will disappear for a bit of shopping.  It's always interesting to see what the retail offerings they have abroad and I was most excited to see how Berlin might have changed since my last visit seven years ago.  So Feminine got in touch with me about a blogger challenge and donated a much appreciated £50 to the cause to find the ultimate fashion bargain.  Even though time was limited, I'd decided that the sole Weekday store was a must-visit but also heard about the Humana chain of charity shops thanks to a tweet from Melanie.  I managed to visit two different branches, the first at Alexanderplatz was a sprawling single level affair in contrast to the overwhelming four storeys at the Frankfurter Tor location.  I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and pricing of the items, with only a few items seeming rather steep (at first I kept confusing Euros with dollars) at over the €20 mark.  My visits to Weekday were overwhelming as I had such high expectations and wasn't quite sure where to start (most of the store was in sale) so I decided to just get a few basics. I was more drawn to their Autumnal bits and pieces like sweatshirts and wine coloured jeans but the heatwave threw me off somewhat, so I'll wait until their Selfridges concession opens (well Cheap Monday at least). I've decided to count only the vintage items as part of the challenge as they were under £50 in total, so any thing with a '€' counts!

weekday berlin exterior

weekday berlin inside

vintage sunflower and lemon print dress

vintage sunflower and lemon print dress
Used some of Carrie's Photoshop actions for this photo; they're such a quick way to edit!

lemon and sunflower vintage fabric

Sunflower and lemon print dress - Humana €16
Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens for H&M
Sunglasses - c/o Mister Spex
Belt - Angels Sale

I was pretty certain I'd end up shortening this dress but after seeing these photos, I think I'll keep it as it is.  I don't have very many maxi lengths as it's tricky to get the right fit in the body, but I was drawn to this style due to the unusual print (repping Stella McCartney SS11 with the lemon and sunflower combination) and cut-out back detail.  It's very rare that I find decent vintage dresses but Humana seemed to have a few contenders, though due to the slightly higher prices I told myself I could only bring back one.  It is very much a summer dress so I'll have to brave it and get maximum wear for the next couple of months.

grey marl weekday tee spot vintage skirt

Spot midi skirt - Humana €6
Grey marl tee - Weekday
Shoes - Zalando
Belt - Charity Shop
Bracelet - Soho

vintage lace top blur starburst midi skirt

Midi skirt, Lace top - Humana €7, €3

More pleated midi skirts!  It's crazy to think that earlier this year I possessed one and now I have several.  The first style is an interesting take on polka dots and is the only style with those all important belt loops that most skirts seem to lack.  I thought the second number was very Whistles in the way the pleats are formed and couldn't leave it behind.  The lace top has a pretty scalloped-edge detail at the sleeves and hem and reminded me of some of the pricier American Apparel styles. 

vintage navy floral dress, hasbeens

Dress - Humana €6

This isn't my usual dress style as I'm usually a fit and flare kinda gal, but I decided to give this one a chance due to the low price and ease of wear.  Perfect for days when you have no idea what to wear.

weekday top tape yarn cardigan topshop skirt

Cardigan - Humana €6
Striped top - Weekday
Skirt - Topshop
Brogues - Office

Finally some knitwear!  I can rarely find decent vintage cardigans and I'm forever wishing that most jumpers could just somehow mutate and provide the perfect cover up.  This style is knitted with tape yarn, something that I've seen a lot of on the High Street but had never quite got round to trying it out for myself.  Although a few of the stitches have been pulled, it simply adds to the look and keeps it from looking too neat.

vintage lace shirt cranberry a line skirt lace collar

Lace Blouse, Skirt -Humana €3, €4
Lace Collar - Asos

This is more or less what I wore a couple of days ago, deciding to jazz up the lace blouse even further by adding the Asos collar (found in their epic sale).  The skirt is the perfect A-line shape and is one of my favourite colours, cranberry.  I've already worn it so many times that the cost per wear is about 30p.

My total Humana spend was £44.73 for the two dresses, three skirts, two lace tops and cardigan leaving me a few more pennies to go towards my Weekday buys.  I'm glad I had such a successful visit as my 'Summer' wardrobe is pretty much sorted and luckily Ryanair didn't charge me any overweight fees.  I would definitely recommend a visit there though I wouldn't mind seeing some of the more typical vintage stores when I return to see how they differ.  Which is your favourite bargain item?

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Triple B

21 July 2011

miss sixty butterflies

It's crazy to think these pictures are from two weeks ago, how quickly has July gone?!  I mentioned in a previous post that I was off to Berlin for a few days (this trip was actually sandwiched in between a couple of day's at my aunt's place in Wiesbaden) to see the city for the first time in seven years.  It's progressed into infant fashion capital status in comparison to the last visit (all I knew back then was H&M) and houses branches of  the more exciting High Street (Cos/All Saints/Weekday) as well as plenty of independent and vintage boutiques.  As well as observing some of the general fashion week hustle and bustle, I also managed to get a pass to attend Bread and Butter, which is a tradeshow for major fashion brands available to press, buyers and various industry professionals.  Many familiar names are represented such as Diesel, Barbour and even Motel, in the immense ex-airport Tempelhof, situated in the centre of the city.  Not many people are aware of trade events such as these, but they are no doubt important in allowing hundreds of diverse brands to be stocked in some of the best shops worldwide and to be eventually consumed by fashion-hungry folk like you and I.

Flughafen Berlin

bread and butter berlin

M by M
I am yet to find a stockist for MbyM® near me; I need this shade of blue in my life!

Although these Izzue shirts are menswear, I loved the contrast grey collars teamed with a bit of gingham


Prim I am top
Amazing top by Danish label Prim I Am with a new take on draped volume

Vagabond Flatforms

Each brand had it's own designated space, almost like a pop-up shop complete with collections, comfy sofas, photobooths and even bars in some cases!  The atmosphere was definitely a lively one reminiscent of a festival, albeit with cleaner looking revelers and a distinct lack of mud.  I loved how innovative some of the merchandising details were so I've taken a few pictures as per usual.  One of the best things about the show was the chance to find out about some new brands, namely Vagabond.  I was immediately drawn to the flatforms as I've been looking for the perfect pair for what seems like ages now, but finally my wishes have been answered. As much as I like the Prada creepers, I'm not sure that I could settle with the knock off version, and am instead gravitating towards styles that have been loosely inspired by their designer counterparts. Their shop has flatforms in abundance at reasonable prices and I'm pretty sure I will order a pair once my size comes back in stock (whilst stalking the all important sale).

Random chairs

Monkey Genes

Doc Martens SS12

Swedish Hasbeens

Doc Martens SS12

Again, more shoe love!  It was nice to see a few familiar brands such as Swedish Hasbeens and Doc Martens.  As much as I love my H&M collaboration pair, I definitely have my eye on the more typical style with a lower heel.  I hadn't quite realised how diverse their range was at first as I'm not normally a clog devotee, but I was pleasantly surprised to find brogues, Chelsea boosts and loafers all with that distinct wooden heel.  Floral Doc Martens are also on the wishlist.

tote bags r us

Although there is no shopping to be done at Bread and Butter, since all of the clothes displayed are for Spring Summer 2012, most brands tend to give out a free tote bag as a keepsake.  Now my collection wasn't exactly lacking before I went, but now it's certainly been boosted and I shall never need a plastic carrier for any future Tesco or Aldi trips! It was great to get an insight into the trends for next year and to discover some affordable labels to covet beyond the usual High Street fare. 

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The Couples

12 July 2011

victoria and albert museum

There's not many free things to do in London, so whenever it comes around to Fashion In Motion time at the V&A, I always make sure I can try and get a ticket.  It was the turn of Yohji Yamamoto to put on a show to mark the closing of his exhibition and the gimmick was that the clothes would be modelled by real-life couples, allowing the wearers to make the clothes their own and bring personality to his designs. All too often models are a bit of a blank canvas and are meant to purely show off the clothes in their default setting but these participants were certainly memorable and individual.

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion

yohji yamamoto fashion in motion
I also enjoyed this post on the day from a different perspective; how I would've loved to have been backstage!

How cool are these couples?  They all looked so loved up and were chatting with each other as the show progressed or calming the other's nerves.  Each outfit appeared to suit each model perfectly and I could imagine them going for a quick drink or dinner afterwards whilst still wearing the Yamamoto  SS11 pieces.  We managed to get front row seats to see all of the construction details up close and I loved how the black was occasionally broken up with a cheeky slogan or colourful print.

yohji yamamoto exhibit

v&a ceiling

yohji yamamoto exhibit

I also made sure to finally check out some of the satellite exhibits dotted around the museum before the exhibition closes.  If you can't stump up the pennies for the main room, you're still able to get your Yohji fix as his pieces have been placed in areas, which somehow relate to his designs.  It certainly got me exploring the museum and seeing rooms I never knew existed; I definitely need to venture upwards more often.

motel dress asos creepers

polka dot socks and creepers

close up nails and necklace

Dress - c/o Love Clothing
Socks - Topshop
Creepers - Asos
Necklace - Brooklyn 
Sunglasses - c/o Mister Spex
 Photos - Jazmine

Another day out brought about another dress by way of Love Clothing.  I've seen this Motel design on a few bloggers and love it's cut-out detail at the back, allowing for all important support that most shops seem to forget about.  I just wish it had a zip somewhere as it's a bit of a conundrum to get off.  I'm also wearing the creepers I used for my fashion show as much as I can; I love how they give the typical brogue design a bit of an edge.  I've had quite a few trips into central London recently as it's always nice to leave the suburbs; next on the exhibition list are Tracey Emin and Masters of Style.  Which exhibitions have you managed to catch recently?

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