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28 October 2011

I Want You To Know Blog
Who is the person who said this about my blog?  Can we be best mates please?!  Even though I didn't win, this comment made my night!

It's very rare that I get to attend an awards ceremony.  In fact, it's very rare that I get to attend any kind of ceremony (the last perhaps was my graduation back in July) complete with formal proceedings and a celebration at the end.  Luckily as I have previously mentioned (or canvassed for votes depending how you look at things), I was nominated in the best established blog category in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and was able to attend Wednesday's event.  It was held at Bond on Kingly Street and promised to be a glitzy event but what I was most excited about was to see all of the bloggers in attendance.  It's very rare that everyone can travel from their various UK cities and meet up in one place, so it was an event to see familiar faces and meet some new ones as well as stalking the odd canapé.

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Cosmos
Cocktail or Mocktail?  

TBA dress American Apparel tights Office boots
Dress - TBA
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Office
'K' Necklace - Brooklyn Charm

Now anyone that knows me is aware that I am an eternal cheapskate.  Everything I buy has some kind of discount attached or is reduced in some way, even if it's by 1p. Apprentice style  I guess Asos has the right kind of idea by holding all of these 'flash sales' all of the time, getting people like me to buy things unnecessarily when I should otherwise be doing normal early-evening activities.  I spied this TBA dress when it was reduced by 50% and thought that it'd be one of my few chances to own something by the brand I've been coveting for a long time.  In the back of my mind I knew the awards were coming up and I thought it would be a good dress to wear on the evening so lo and behold, my outfit was sorted about 3 weeks before the event.  I attempted to 'glam' myself up even further and halfheartedly followed a make up tutorial by Tanya, until I realised that I owned none of the brushes nor products involved and ended up making up the rest.  You see this is why I'm not a beauty blogger!  I went over my hair with the GHD's I was sent a while ago (I am fully converted and love the way they heat up quickly, handy when you have 10 minutes to sort your hair out) and luckily the rain held off and everything stayed intact.  It's a shame that the pictures had to be taken in the only place with blogger-worthy light (the loos) and in the vicinity of patrons of a local restaurant, but I guess this is what happens when you get ready just as all the natural light starts to fade!

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards goody bag

Awesome goodybag with treats such as a full-size bottle of Moroccan Oil (get in), an intriguing ring by Accessory Freaks and some Jelly Belly beans which were finished long before my sister could get her hands on them...

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards shortlisted
 Carrie, Jazmine, Sarah, Me and Vicki, all posing and filming silly videos.  Photo stolen from the Cosmopolitan Facebook page, because that's how I roll.

Were you following the hashtag on Wednesday night?  It was definitely the most fun I've had at 6pm in the evening and although everything seem to finish early, it was great to have dinner with most of the bloggers in the fashion categories afterwards.  See, no rivalries involved!  Make sure you check out all of the winners and of course all of those shortlisted as there's a lot of great reading material to be found.  Being in the 'fashion blogger' bubble, it's easy to forget that it's only a small corner of the blogosphere and there really is a blog about anything under the sun.  It's an unparalleled way for individuals to express their views to a mass audience and it's really shaped the way I process fashion and various lifestyles.  How has reading blogs (and even writing one yourself) enhanced your life?

Thanks again to everyone who nominated and voted for me!  Cupcakes for everyone!

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This Week

23 October 2011

lulu guinness tea cups

What a busy week I've had in London town! I seem to prefer making the most of my evenings, leaving the weekend free for maximum laziness and lounging around tweeting about various tv singing competitions.  Luckily there's been a few things happening this week and on Tuesday evening I made my way through the crazy crowds at Bond Street to the Lulu Guinness press day. I'd been invited to a few events before, but had been unable to go due to the immense amount of final year work, so I was excited to finally see some beautiful bags up close.

lulu guinness camera bag

Lulu Guinness quilted bag

lulu guinness print

lulu guinness lips clutch
See more photos here

The inspiration for SS12 was all the things we associate with holidays in accessories forms, resulting in camera inspired bags, packing lists on purses and various destinations illustrated on a handy tote.  There was a great selection of colours and finishes for the trademark lips clutch but I particularly loved their take on the quilted bag.  The red version almost made me forget about the one a certain French brand offers with its embroidered lips and golden logo clasp, plus it's far more affordable in comparison. 

knitted oasis sign

oasis collar

oasis balloon

oasis ipad

oasis denim dog

On Wednesday I met up with a few bloggers at the opening of the new Oasis Flagship store on London's Argyll Street.  As expected, I was pleased with the knitting theme they'd expressed throughout the store layout (there was even Huddersfield graduate Claire Nixon knitting in the window) and the high tech iPads allowing you to view lookbooks and handy phrases.  I also fell in love with the perfect little black dress; it's probably just as well it's not on the website yet, as it's £110!

Duo brogues

duo chelsea boots

chelsea boots

Autumn's arrival means that a new pair of boots are in order and as my layout suggests I've been after some Chelsea boots for some time. I may have found the perfect pair at Duo; I'm not really blessed in the feet department, with an awkwardly sized pair that can be anything from a size 7 to a 9 (damn you Topshop). I was invited to try out their fitting service at their flagship Covent Garden store and my brand new pair should be arriving very soon.  I'll let you know how I get on with them; I can already see them going with everything.

Y3 vest

y3 rail

Y3 detail

jeremy scott adidas trainers kids
Jeremy Scott has also collaborated with Adidas and produced the cutest kids trainers!

I always look forward to the Adidas press days each season and challenging my preconceptions of what sportswear can be.  As per, I headed to the Y-3 collection first to admire Yamamoto's pieces in person and to see how the themes of London street style and the Olympics had been combined.  The little details that turn a basic tank into something more considered always manage to amaze me and although there was a lot of black, it particularly suited the utilitarian workwear theme.  My rail photos probably don't express how the pieces can be worn and it's definitely a contrast when you see everything come to life on the runway.  I really want to incorporate a few of the styling tips into my life using whatever asymmetric pieces and tartan I have in my wardrobe and pretend that it's real Yohji.

american apparel skirt and spiral tights

I also made it to the American Apparel flea market over in Brick Lane to see what all of the fuss was about. I could see plenty of people on the Facebook event getting excited about disco pants (shudder) and hoodies but all I had in mind was a nice sheer shirt.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to find one and ended up reverting to tights buying and finding another piece of grey jersey to call my own. It's on for another two days and there's enough t-shirts and skinny cords to dress the whole of Shoreditch; I'm not sure if I'll be going back but there's plenty of stock left if you do.  Has anyone else checked out the sale yet?

I'm please to announce that the winner of my competition is Chuck!  Now all I need is to figure out how best to send everything out...
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Already Festive

20 October 2011

anthropologie usb
Best USB stick ever!

It seems funny that all of the various Christmas paraphernalia seems to come out earlier every year, but the Anthropologie Christmas Preview Party came at just the right time.  With a welcome change in the weather and evenings getting darker earlier, I'm looking forward to all things festive and cosy. I love how Anthropologie presents a total experience in their store layout, transporting you to their idea of a perfect December 25th. The rails of clothes were organised into some thought provoking colour combinations, complete with intricate knitwear and practical duffle coats but I found all of the  various home accessories equally as fascinating. I've seen a few things that are worthy of going on my wishlist **cough these boots cough** and feel inspired enough to buy various stationery bits and bobs to adorn my (non-existent) desk.  What are your thoughts on Anthropologie?  I have some serious saving to do!





st johns wood candle

recipe bookmarks


christmas cupcakes
Delicious cakes from Bea's of Bloomsbury, which I need to pay a visit very soon...


anthropologie christmas


cream ankle boots

pendleton blanket

Are you even remotely excited for Christmas yet?  I'd quite like for my house to look like this!
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Are We There Yet?

16 October 2011

topshop dress

Is it really Autumn yet?  I've been trying to go out enthusiastically layered to the max with my circle scarf and leather jacket, whilst regretfully leaving my sunglasses at home.  The British climate is so unpredictable that working out when the seasons are actually changing can be a task in itself, let alone attempting to dress for it.  From home, to train, tube and office sees multiple changes in temperature, which needs to be served with one sole outfit and the most confusing task of a morning is knowing whether to wear tights or not.  Please tell me I'm not alone in my bewilderment? 

topshop floral midi dress

Dress - Topshop
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - Office
Belt - Charity Shop
Nails - Zoya c/o Boudoir Privé

Don't panic, I wore a cardigan with this dress!  Hopefully if I manage to do some regular outfit posts you'll be able to see how I've managed to stick to my personal style rules and what I might have bought from the wishlist.  I'm rarely a spontaneous shopper and only intended to buy this dress after stalking it online and envisioning possible outfit combinations (through the power of the internet I knew that Elisabeth owned the same dress in a different colourway).  However, we all know the effect that Topshop can have and after wandering into the calm shopping environment of the Knightsbridge store, I managed to pick up several other items which I will later divulge.  This dress isn't the most practical for the colder months of the year, but I intend to wear cropped jumpers and chunky cardigans over the top until Summer rears it's indecisive head again.  I also featured the Office boots previously and although I love them, they aren't quite as comfortable as my Vagabond Grace boots.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get the camera to focus on close-ups, but you can just about see the Zoya nail polish that was in the latest Boudoir Privé box.  It's one of those monthly subscription boxes where you never quite know what you'll end up with, so I was lucky to receive the neutral sort of colour I like.

apc sweater creepers cord skirt

tuk creepers

Top - A.P.C
Lace shirt - Humana 
Corduroy Skirt - M&S
Tights - Calzedonia
Tuk Creepers - c/o Spartoo

I'm glad it's almost cool enough to wear this sweatshirt, a Net a Porter bargain I managed to find a few months ago.  You know how much I love anything striped and when I stumbled across this £30 A.P.C bargain at precisely 2am, I wasn't going to let it go easily.  Keeping with the reduced theme, I also finally found a corduroy skirt from Marks and Spencer for only £15.  I've been trying to search for one since I saw Jen in this Jaeger cord skirt a while ago but at a more reasonable price point.  Although I had to sacrifice my preferred shade of red/rust, this skirt is still really versatile in a dark indigo colour.  In contrast to the previous boots, my new creepers were extremely comfortable on the first wear (hence their inclusion in my new layout) even if getting the right size confused me at first.  I wasn't sure about whether to go for the more extreme platform but luckily the lower style is still well within my comfort zone without making me seem like one of the Spice Girls.

topshop green polka dot pencil skirt

topshop green polka dot pencil skirt

T-shirt - Weekday
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Vagabond
Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I don't tend to wear things after seeing them on celebrities or even royalty (so any 'Steal her Style' e-mails are lost on me I'm afraid). In fact I'm more likely to wear something seen on another blogger, such is how my mind works.  That is how I'm justifying this skirt purchase, known currently as 'The-Topshop-polka-dot-pencil-skirt-bought-by-Kate-Middleton-that-we-haven't-actually-seen-her-wear-yet.' I first saw the skirt on Elisabeth which got the cogs in my mind whirring for general polka dottedness, then saw the trouser version on various blogs. After careful consideration I ordered them but then chickened out and sent them back.  I'm not quite ready for patterned trousers yet.  On the aforementioned trip to Topshop I somehow picked the skirt up from the last chance rail, not really expecting to like it.  I never really thought of myself as a pencil skirt person as they always seemed so unashamedly feminine, especially since Kate Middleton is now associated with this one.  When I tried it on however I saw potential, the polka dots are eye catching without being too in-your-face and the skirt looks lovely dressed down with a cropped jumper or tucked in t-shirt.  I'm hoping to figure out many more ways to may this skirt look new every time I wear it, justifying the unexpected purchase.

simply beach bikini

So now Summer is finally over, I guess it's time to say goodbye to all of the sandals, light dresses and swimwear and retire them for another year.  I was sent a voucher to choose something from Simply Beach a while ago but unfortunately never got the chance to wear it.  At least I know I'm not totally stuck if I ever get whisked away for a surprise beach holiday anytime soon (unlikely).  There are some summery items, which I might try and sneakily wear in a more layered fashion but now I'm very much looking forward to digging out some of last years velvet items and knitting a new scarf.  Are you convinced by the arrival of Autumn?

This is a last push for Cosmopolitan Blog Awards votes as voting ends at 9am tomorrow.  I know that there's a lot of competition so may the best blogger win!

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13 October 2011


There's nothing like a major fashion event to get you to bond with your new 50mm Canon lens.  I guess I was slightly foolish to disregard the manual entirely when trying to get to grips with my camera as I still had no idea about aperture, ISO or any of the other basics of photography.  Luckily I'm one of those people who learns things by doing them over and over again and making plenty of mistakes. Even though some of these pictures are just pot luck, I am starting to understand a rough camera formula for certain situations (such as turning the wheely-thingy until it's under 100 for darkened rooms).  These photos may seem like a bit of a budget version of Tommy Ton, but this lens allows you to take close ups from afar quite easily and catch any detail that might catch your eye.

Admiring the stunning appliqué by Fyodor Golan

Stella's stunning Christopher Kane skirt soon went viral across numerous street style sites

IMG_3342Hairclip envy at Unconditional 





IMG_3559Various show attendees who inspired me with their outfit choices



Being the latecomer I am, I almost missed the Masha Ma show.  Luckily it was running late as per and I was able to witness the exquisite construction and meticulous details from a rare front row seat

Fred Butler is changing the way I perceive jewellery, I love how her pieces are an extension of her character

I spy Louise Gray wearing the shoes from her latest collection

Which photo catches your eye?

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